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Design and tech
    MATERIALS GCSE RESISTANT MATERIALS @PENYRHEOLDT RESISTANT MATERIALS   WOODS   METALS   POLYMERS   HARDWOOD   SOFTWOODS   MAN MADE   WOODS   ZINC   FERROUS   METALS   ACRYLONITRILE - BUTADIENE - STYRENE (ABS)   THERMOSET   PINE   PLYWOOD   HARDBOARD   ASH   OAK   BEECH   MAHOGANY   CHIPBOARD   MDF   MILD STEEL   STAINLESS   STEEL   CARBON STEEL   NON - FERROUS   METALS   COPPER   ALUMINIUM   BRASS (ALLOY)   POLYVINYL   CHLORIDE (PVC)   HIGH - IMPACT POLYSTYRENE (HIPS)   POLYETHENE   THERMOPLASTICS   ACRYLIC   POLYESTER RESIN   UREA FORMALDEHYDE      MATERIALS GCSE RESISTANT MATERIALS @PENYRHEOLDT MATERIALS FACTSHEET Hardwood  Deciduous (leaf losing) trees.    Slower growing.    Expensive to buy.    Colour varies enormously.    Aesthecally pleasing grain paerns which vary depending on the wood.    Denser.    Greater strength and hardness than so-woods.    Examples of Hardwoods—Oak, Mahogany, Beech and Ash.      MATERIALS GCSE RESISTANT MATERIALS @PENYRHEOLDT MATERIALS FACTSHEET Oak Properes    Hard    Tough    Durable    High density   Uses    High quality furniture    Garden benches    Boat building    Veneers   Advantages    Finishes well   Disadvantages    Contains an acid which corrodes steel      MATERIALS GCSE RESISTANT MATERIALS @PENYRHEOLDT MATERIALS FACTSHEET Mahogany Properes    Durable    Medium density   Uses    Indoor furniture    Interior woodwork    Window frames    veneers   Advantages    Finishes well    Relavely easy to work   Disadvantages    Prone to warping    Some tropical types can be a bit so and brous
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