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2011 IEEE Symposium on. Industrial Electronics and. Applications (ISIEA) Langkawi, Malaysia September 2011 IEEE ISBN:


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2011 IEEE Symposium on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ISIEA) Langkawi, Malaysia September 2011 IEEE IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1149H-PRT ISBN: TABLE OF CONTENTS Robust Decoupling
2011 IEEE Symposium on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ISIEA) Langkawi, Malaysia September 2011 IEEE IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1149H-PRT ISBN: TABLE OF CONTENTS Robust Decoupling Current Control to Magnetic Saturation for SynRM Using Flux Observer 1 Takafumi Gemma, Masaru Hasegawa Sensorless Control of Non-Salient PMSM using Asymmetric Alternating Carrier Injection 7 Mohammad A. Ghazimoghadam, Farzad Tahami Identification of DC Motor Drive System Model using Radial Basis Function (RBF) Neural Network 13 Ihsan Mohd Yassin, Mohd Nasir Taib, Mohcl Zafran AbdulAziz, Narasmadi Abdul Rahim, Nooritawati Tahir, Aiman Johar Suggesting a DC-DC Buck Converter for Compensating Shaft Induced Voltage and Bearing Current 19 R. Kazemi Golkhandan, M. Tavakoli Bina, M. A. Golkar, M. Jokar Simulink/ModelSim Co-Simulation of Sensorless PMSM Speed Controller 24 Ying-Shieh Kimg, Nguyen Vu Quynh, Chung-Chun Huang, Liang-Chiao Huang Robust Speed Control of a PMSM through Sliding Mode Controller Design 30 Chungil Kim, Taeyeon Kim, Joon Lyon A Decomposition Procedure to Linearize the Nonaffine State Space Average Model of STATCOM 36 M. Moradpour, M. Tavakoli Bina, A. Khaki Sedigh. M. Ayati An Intelligent Actuator Controller for Wireless Sensor/Actuator Networks 42 Zhicheng Deng, Xiaotao Bi, Ming Zhu Realization of an FPGA-based Motion Control System for Electric Standing Wheelchairs 47 Ying-Shieh Kung, Ping-Hang Huang, Fong-Chin Su, Tain-Song Chen Shape-Based Matching: Defect Inspection of Glue Process in Vision System 53 H. M. Haniff, M. Sulaiman, H. N. M. Shah, L. W. Teck Development of Rubber Tire Gantry Crane (Prototype) Obstacles Avoidance Method Using a Single Sensor on Microcontroller Based 58 Mohd Bazli Bin Bahar, Zamani Bin Sani Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Based Controller for Modern Elevator Group 63 M.M. Rashid, Nahrul A. Rashid, Alias Farouq, Ataur Rahman Efficient Test Environment for Multi-level Simulations of Mixed-signal Systems on Chip 69 Tommaso Cecchtni, Tommaso Ba/detti, LucaFanucci,Alessandro Rocchi A CMOS LED Print Head Driver with Compensation Circuits 75 Cheng-Ta Chiang, Chun-Ting Kuo, Yu-Chung Huang Voltage-Mode MISO OTA-C Biquad Filter 79 Moniree Kumngern, Usa Torteanchai Analysis of Configuration Bit Criticality in Designs Implemented with SRAM-based FPGAs 83 J.B. Ferron, L. Anghel, R. Leveugle Design and Implementation ofbpsk Transmitter and Receiver for Software Defined Radio on a Model Based Development Platform 89 Rehan Muzammil, M. Salim Beg, Mohsin M. Jamali Assessment of Non-destructive Test and Hypothesis Techniques in Monitoring Lubricant's Condition 95 N. Khairudin, M.F. Idros, F. N. Osman, H. Hashim, S.A.MAlJunid GHz to 2.48 GHz Multi-standard Low Noise Amplifier using 0.18-p.m CMOS with On-Chip Matching 100 Tan Thiam Loong, AwalifHashim, Mohd Tafir Mustaffa, Norlaili Noh Design of UWB LNA with Interference Rejection using Coupled Inductors 104 E. Abiri, M.R. Salehi, H. Rezaei An Ultra-Low Energy Digital Filter for Smart Dust Using STSCL 109 MuradKabir Nipim, Sajib Roy, Abdulah Korishe, Hasan Maruf, Arifur Rahman Prediction of Interface Conductivity of Cement Slurry during Early Hydration Considering the Effect of Curing Temperature and Pressure 114 S. Ridha, S. Irawan, B. Ariwahjoedi A 0.13nm Inductively Degenerated Cascode CMOS LNA at 2.14GHz 120 MMuhamad, N.Soin, H.Ramiah, N.M.Noh, C. W.Keat A CMOS Retinal Rotational Sensor for Clockwise/Counterclockwise Detecting and Velocity Measuring 124 Cheng-Ta Chiang Bypassing Ehsan EsfandiaH, Norman Bin Mariun the Short-Circuit Faults in the Switch- Ladder Multi-Level Inverter 128 Simulation of Grid Connected THIPWM-Three-Phase Inverter Using SIMULINK 133 M.A.A. Yoimis, N. A. Rahim, S. Mekhitef DC Power Supply Based on Single-Phase Matrix Converter with Reduced Number of Switches 138 R. Baharom, N.R. Hamzah, M.K. Hamzah Simulation of Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverter for Liquid Food Sterilization with Various Distance of the Electrodes Gap 144 Hanifah Jambari, Mohamed Afendi Mohamed Piah, NazihaAhmadAzli A Comparative Study of Proportional Integral Derivative Controller and Fuzzy Logic Controller on DC/DC Buck-Boost Converter 149 NikFasdi Nik Ismail, Norazlan Hashim, Rahimi Baharom A Novel Method of Implementing Real-Time Buck Boost Converter with Improved Transient Response for Low Power Applications 155 K. Boopathy.K. Bhoopathy Bagan Controlling and Modeling Power-Electronic Interface DERs in Islanding Mode Operation Micro Grid 161 M. HAshourian, A. A Mohd Zin, A. S. Mokhtar, S.J Mirazimi, Z. Muda Comparison Between Transformer-Based Vs. Transformer-Less UPS Systems 167 Faisal AlDubaikel Passive Damping Network for a Single Phase Matrix Converter (SPMC) Operating As a Rectifier 173 Puteri Nor Ashikin Megat Yumts, Awang Jusoh, MustafarKamal Hamzah Minimum Power Loss for High-Side Power MOSFETs in DC-DC Converter with TBO and High Cell Density 178 Jeong YongHun, Bong Bui Ngo, Chai Sian Han Fuzzy Logic Controller for MPPT SEPIC Converter and PV Single-Phase Inverter 182 Ahmad El Khateb, Nasrudin A bdul Rahim, Jeyraj Selvaraj Multi-output ZCS-SR Inverter Fed Voltage Multiplier Based High Voltage DC-DC Converter 188 Shahid Iqbal, Sze Sing Lee, MohamadKamarol Energy Level Performance of Error Control Schemes in WSN over Rayleigh Fading Channel 194 Arnab Nandi, Sumit Kundu Investigation of Indoor Wireless-N Radio Frequency Signal Strength 200 Abdul HalimAli Synthesis of Linear Array Antenna with Uniform Side Lobe Level and Fixed Dynamic Range Ratio Using Iterative Fast Fourier Transform, B.C.Mahato, O.K.Mahanti, A.K.Panda 204 Outage and Energy Level Performance of Layered CDMA Wireless Sensor Networks with Space Diversity 207 U, Datta, S. Kimdu Implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard on GPUs with the NVIDIA CUDA Framework 213 Paolo Maistri, Florian Massort, Regis Levevgle Spectral Efficiency of Unipolar SAC-OCDMA System Considering Noise Effects 218 Hamza M, R. Al-Khafaji, S. A, Aljunid, Hilal A. Fadhil Third Order Intermediation Distortion Effect on the Constellation Error in RF Transmitter of IEEE a WLAN System 223 N, N. A. Shairi, I. M. Ibrahim, T. A, Rahman Hybrid OCDMAAVDM System Using Complementary Detetection Technique for FTTH Access Networks 227 JV, Ahmed, S. A. Aljunid, A. Fadil, R. B. Ahmad, M. A. Rashid Craziness Particle Swarm Optimization Based Synthesis of Concentric Circular Antenna Array with Non-isotropic Elements 231 Durbadal Mandal, Debanjali Sadhu.Rajib Kar, Sakti Prasad Ghoshal Performance Analysis of Transparent and Non-transparent Relays in MMR WiMAX Networks 237 Rohaiza Yusoff, MohdDani Baba, RuhaniAbd Rahman, Muhammad Ibrahim, Naimah Mat Isa Extending Wireless Sensor Network Lifetime with Base Station Repositioning 241 Nurul Adilah Abdul Latiff, Nunil Muazzah Abdullatiff, R Badlishah Ahmad Minimization of Side Lobe Level and Side Band Radiation of a Uniformly Excited Time Modulated Linear Antenna Array by Using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm 247 S. K. Mandal, Rowdra Ghatak, G. K. Mahanti Voltage-Mode Montree Kumngern, Jimlee Sarasri, Boonying Knobnob SIMO OTA-C Universal Filter 251 Asynchronous to Synchronous: A Design Methodology 255 C.K.Ong, M.T.Mustaffa, L.H.Goh Multiple Polynomial Regression for Modeling a MOSFET in Saturation to Validate the Early Voltage: Channel Length Modulation Approximation Establishes The Early Voltage, Where A Numerical Approach Shows Its Consistency 261 Arafat Hossain Khan, A, S. M. Zahidur Rahman, Tanvir Mimtasir, UzzalKumar Acharjee, Abu Layek Cone Extraction Technique for Incremental Static Timing Analysis 267 Lay Sean Ang, Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi, Kok Tiong Tee A Methodology For Automation Structured Datapath Placement In VLSI Design 273 Liew Yian Mei, Bakhtiar Affendi Bin Rosdi, Lee Cheen Kok Composite Video Transmission As Current Overlay Using The Powerline Concept Of FAMPLC In The Remotely Operated Vehicle 279 MohdRizal Arshad, Alireza Nazem CAD Automation Module Based on Cell Moving Algorithm for ECO Timing Optimization 284 Kan Mei War, Bakhtiar Affendi Bin Rosdi, Chew Eik Wee An Improved Interconnect Noise Methodology For Reduced Pessimism Using dap Model 289 Wong Wai Mun A Digitally Programmable Folded Cascode OTA with Variable Load Applications 295 Ashis Kumar Mai, Rishi Todani A CMOS Retinal Computational Sensor for 2-D Image Tracking and Velocity Measuring 300 Cheng-Ta Chiang Performance Analysis of a Power Line Communication System Over a Non-white Additive Gaussian Noise Channel 304 MMahbubur Rahman, S P Majumder Relationship Between Acoustic Emission Signal Strength And Damage Evaluation Of Reinforced Concrete Structure: Case Studies 308 Noorsuhada Nor, Norazura MiihamadBunnori, Azmi Ibrahim, Shahiron Shahidan, Sqffian Noor Mat Saliah Linear Phase FIR High Pass Filter Design using PSO-CFIWA with Least Square Approach 314 Vasundhara, Rajib Kar, Ditrbadal Mandal, Sakti Prasad Ghoshal A Scaled Experiment for Verificaton of SPLINE Interpolation Technique for Sea Bed Logging Method 320 Hanita Daud, Noorhana Yahya, M Yiinus Nayan, Vijanth Sagayan, Muizzuddin Talib Optimization of Linear Phase FIR Band Pass Filter using Particle Swarm Optimization with Constriction Factor and Inertia Weight Approach 326 Rajib Kar, Durbadal Mandal, Soumi Bardhan, S. P. Ghoshal A Modified Structural Method for Shape Recognition 332 Ehsan Moomivand, Erfan Aboifazli Damage Severity Evaluation on Reinforced Concrete Beam by means of Acoustic Emission Signal and Intensity Analysis 337 Shahiron Shahidan, Norazura MiihamadBunnori, Noorshuhada Nor, SitiRamziah Basri Navigation and Surveillance using Night Vision and Image Fusion 342 Gaurav Bhatnagar, Q.M. Jonathan Wit, Baiasubramanian Raman Time-Frequency based Signal Restoration for Laser- Ultrasound signals with Applications in Nondestructive Testing 348 Uvais Qidwai, Mohammed Maqbool, MahmoudAlain, Safwan Kserawi Two-Class Classifier Cellular Automata 354 Jetsada Ponkaew, Sartra Wongthanavasu, Chidchanok Lursinsap Subjective Assessment of 3D Visual Sensation and Preference 360 LiqinXue, Lianfang Tian Dynamic Path Planning Algorithm in Mobile Robot Navigation 364 Soh Chin Yun, S. Parasuraman, Velappa Ganapathy Feedback Control Schemes for Gantry Crane System Incorporating Payload 370 M.A. Zawawi, W.M.S. Wan Zamani, M.A. Ahmad, M.S. Saealal, R.E. Samin Design and Analysis ofwireless Controller Panel using RF Module's for Robotic Wheelchair 376 M. Thamrin, R. Rosman, D.S. Sarmawi Experimental Evaluation of Active Vibration Control of a Flexible Plate using Proportional Gain Controller T. A. Zahidi Rahman, I. Z. M. Darus TriBot: Dragging Locomotion Three-finger Robot 387 Khairul Shariman Kalid, Patrick Sebastian, Abu Bakar Sayuti Soman Neural Network Based Model Reference Adaptive Control (NMRAC) for Steam Temperature Regulation in Steam Distillation Process 393 Mohd Khairul Azli Azmi, Nurhani Kasuan, Mohd Hezri Fazalul Rahman, MohdNaslr Taib Advanced Container Transportation Equipment using Transfer Robot and Alignment System 399 Young Jin Lee, Dong Seop Han, Kwon Soon Lee An Investigation of Color Based Marker Recognition for 3D Instrument Localization in Surgical Applications 405 Nurdiana binli Nordin, Nazrin bin Muhammad 3WD Omni-Wheeled Mobile Robot using ARM Processor for Line Following Application 410 MohammadAfifBin Ayob, Mohamad Fanzi Zakaria Protection Unit Design and Simulation for Synchronous Generator Based FPGA Technology 415 RaadSalih Hamad Transmission Loss Minimization Using SVC Based on Particle Swarm Optimization 419 Siti Amely Jumaat, Ismail Musirin, Muhammad Murtadha Othman, Hazlie Mokhlis Scalable Storage Architecture in Modular Hardware Accelerators 425 KhaiLik, Khoo, Fadzil Ain, CheeHak, Teh Weng, Effect ofnitrogen Doping on Electrical Properties of Amorphous Carbon Thin Film Prepared by Aerosol-Assisted Thermal CVD 431 A.N. Fadzilah, M. Rusop Optical Characterization of Different LED Packages At Various Biasing Current 436 Zhi-Yin Lee, Mutharasu Devarqjan Effect of the Precursor Solution Concentration of Copper (I) Iodide (Cul) Thin Film Deposited By Mister Atomizer Method 440 M.N. Amalina, M.Rusop Scalable Host Controller for Modular Hardware Accelerator 445 Chen Kah Yee, Othman bin Sidek, Teh Chee Hak*. Leow Weng Li* Effect of Thickness on the Electrical and Optical Properties of MEH-PPV:Ti02 Nanocomposite for Organic Solar Cell Application 449 F.S.S. Zahid, M.S.P. Sarah, M. Rusop An Automated Clock Distribution Topology in SoC Designs 453 Lai Yit Siang, Bakhtiar Affendi Bin Rosdi, EngKeong, Chai Forng, Christiana Loh SzeXying Effect of Deposition Time Sn02 Thin Film Deposited using Thermal CVD for Humidity Sensor Application 458 N. D. Md Sin, S.A. Kamaruddin, M.Z Musa, M. Rusop Characteristics of Aligned Aluminum-Doped Zinc Oxide Nanorod Arrays via a Novel Sonicated Sol- Gel Immersion 462 M. H. Mamat, M. Z. Musa, N.D.M. Sin, M. Rusop, Z. Khusaimi, M. Rusop Molar Concentration Effect on MgO Thin Films Properties 467 Habibah Zulkefle, Lyly Nyl Ismail, Raudah Abu Bakar, Mohamad Rusop Mahmood Design, Simulation and Fabrication of a Fuel Efficient Urban Class Series Hybrid Vehicle 471 SyedHassaan AH, Humza Akhtar, Shuja Munir, Umair bin Ikram Optimization of Tesla Turbine Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Approach 476 Tan Wee Choon, Rahman. A. A., Foo Shy Jer, Lim EngAik Behaviour of Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems 480 Azuki Abdul Salam, Ismail Adam, Fatimah Zaharah Hamidon, AhmedM. A. Haidar An Iterative Method for Designing High Reliable Standalone PV Systems at Minimum Cost for, Malaysia 485 Tamer Khatib, A. Mohamed, K. Sopian, M. Mahmoud The Numerical Estimation Method of Series FACTS Compensator Based on Injection Model of Voltage Source Inverter 489 Amidaddin Shahartari, Hazlie Mokhlies, Halim Bin Abu Bakar, Mazaher Karimi A Very Fast Power Factor Calculation Method 494 AH Al-Khalid, Development of Intellectual Property for Brushless DC Motor Drives 498 Wei-Chih Chen, Ming-Yang Cheng, Tai-HaurKuo, Cheng-Lin Li Sizing Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System Using Genetic Algorithm 504 Shahril Irwan Sulaiman, Titik Khawa Abdul Rahman, Ismail Musirin, Sulaiman Shaari Implementation of a Internet-based Power Quality Monitoring System by Dual Microprocessors 509 Ming-Tang Chen, Sheng-Jen Hsiao, Chen-Wen Lu, Che-Min Lin, Cong-Jim Han Integration of Pitch Regulated Fixed Speed Wind Turbine in a Radial Distribution System 514 S. J. Mirazimi, A. B, Khaimdin, M. H.Asharian, M. Fathi Transient Stability Analysis on Sarawak's Grid using Power System Simulator for Engineering (PSS/E) 520 Arfah Marini Mohamad, Norazlan Hashim, Noraliza Hamzah. NikFasdiNik Ismail, Fuad Abdul Latip Input-Input Relationship Constraints in T-Way Testing 526 Rozmie R. Othman, Kamal Z. Zamli Developing Land Use Scenario Dynamics Using Cellular Automata and Agent Integrated Model 531 Lim EngAik, Tan Wee Choon Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Shelland- double Concentric-tube Heat Exchanger 534 Tan Wee Choon, Shahril Shariff, Matthew Law, Lim EngAik Developing E-market Model using Social Networks 538 Nael Kabbany, Shen Si Ming, AnasRadwan Multi-User Navigation: A 3D Mobile Device Interactive Support 544 Teddy Mantoro, Adamu Abubakar, Media A. Ayu Comparison of Metahuristic Test Generation Strategies Based on Interaction Elements Coverage Criterion '. 549 Bestoun S. Ahmed, Kamal Z. Zamli Effects of Traffic Speed Level on Frustration Index in Cellular Automata Traffic Simulation 554 Lim EngAik, Tan Wee Choon Interaction Test Data Generation Using Harmony Search Algorithm 558 Abdul Rahman, A. Alsewari, Kamal Z. Zamli The Implementation of Crossover Factor, ftig in the Finite Persisting Sphere Genetic Algorithm 564 K. Kamil, KM. Chong, S.K. Tiong, KMYeap An Example-Based Machine Translation Approach for Bahasa Indonesia to English: An Experiment Using MOSES 569 Media A. Ayu, Teddy Mantoro Attitudes Toward Dysfunctional Audit Behaviour: The Effect Of Budget Emphasis, Leadership Behaviour, And Effectiveness Of Audit Review 573 HalilPaino, Azlan Thani, Syedlskandar, HaitiPaino, Azlan Thani, SyedIskandarn Comparative Analysis of Simplified and Standard Fuzzy Logic Controller in Vector Controlled PMSM Drive 578 Siti Noormiza Mat Isa, Zulkijilie Ibrahim, Jurifa Mat Lazi CMOS Image Sensor Binning Circuit for Low-Light Imaging 584 Hong-Yi Huang, Patrick Adrian Conge, Li-Wei Huang Side-Coupled Single-Mode Ring Resonator with Transmission Zeros 588 N. Ab Wahab, M. K, MohdSalleh, OM. Hassan, Z. Awang A Novel Approach of Feeding, Impedance Matching and Frequency Tuning of Microstrip Patch Antenna by Single Microstrip line 591 Nazifa Tahir, Graham Brooker Circuit Diagram of a Single-Mode Microwave Ring Resonator 596 N. Ab Wahab, M. K. MohdSalleh, OM. Hassan, Z. Awang Internal Ringing Effect in Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer 599 M.S. Salim, M.F. Abd Malek, R.B. W. Heng, N. Sabri Salim Thermal Measurements of Two Layered Thin Films of Different Orders on Copper 604 K. Dinash, D. Mutharasu, Y.TLee GalnNAs QW with GaNAs Intermediate Layer for Long Wavelength Laser 608 F. Maskuriy, M. S. Alias, S. M. Mitani, A. A. Manqf Safe Operating Condition and Lifetime Estimation in p-mosfet Device Due To Negative Bias Temperature Instability 612 H. Hussin, N.Soin Paper Study on Thermal Conductivity of A1203 Thin Film of Different Thicknesses on Copper Substrate under Different Contact Pressures 618 K. Dinash, D. Mutharasu, Y.T. Lee Integration of Scalar Control in Space Vector Pulse-Width Modulation for Robust Motion Controller 622 A. MohdNazlee, N. H. Hamid, F. A. Hussin, N. B. ZainAli Prototype of Channel Coding Algorithms for Digital Signal Processing Board 627 Roslina Mohamad, Yuslinda Wati, Mohamad Yusof, AhmadShaflq Razelan Surgical and Non-surgical Prosthetic Hands Control: A Review 632 HanifMohd Zaini, Siti A. Ahmad The Importance of the Very Low Frequency Power of Heart Rate Variability in Screening of Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea 636 Abdulnasir Hossen, BaderAl Ghunaimi, Mohammed Hassan Screening ofbone Marrow Slide Images for Leukemia Using Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) 641 E.U. Francis, M.Y. Mashor, R. Hassan, A.A. Abdullah Study On The Stability Of Nanodrugs Using Particulate Growth Technique 647 R. Radzuan, A.B. AbdulMajeed, MX. MohdSalleh, MX. Hamzah Characterizing Autistic Disorder based on Principle Component Analysis 651 Wqfaa Khazaal Shams, Abdul Wahab, Abdul Rahman Development of PI Controller for Disc Speed 656 NurHuda MohdAmin, Hyreil Anuar Kasdirin, MohamadRiduwan Nawawi, MohdRitddin Ab. Ghani Contextual Classification of Cropcam UAV High Resolution Images Using Frequency-Based Approach for Land Use/Land Cover Mapping: Case Study: Pinang Island 661 Faez M. Hassan, M.Z. MatJafri, H.S.Lim The Effect of Anomaly Detection Accuracy in Varying the Angular Resolution of Sonar Using Repetitive Observation Strategy 667 MohdNurui Al-Hafiz Sha'abani, MuhamadFahmi Miskon Design and Development of Electrical Powered Wheelchair Model for Navigation Control 673 Rafidah Rosman, Aftqah Yaacob, Norashikin M.Thamrin, Jamilah Karim Z-Source Inverter With Improved Performance for Photovoltaic Applications 679 U. Shqjilh AIL V. Kamaraj Design of Long Range MIMO Wireless Data Acquisition System 685 Abdullah Eroglu, Ersin Gose, Anish Matthew, ToddHauter An Automatic Biomedical Acquisition System for Hospital Registration 690 Somphong Kittipiyakul, Sarot Charoenkul, WuthipongPornsukjantra, Phubate Udomsaph Outsource Bond Pad Reliability Methodology Setup for Foundry Process Changes 694 Hong Seng Design and Development of MY 2nd EYE for Visually Impaired Person 698 A, M. Kassim, M, H. Jamaluddin, M. R. Yaacob, JV. S, N. Anwar, Z. M. Sani, A. Noordin Towards Smart Wireless Sensor Actor Networks: Design Factors and Applications 702 Naseer Sabri, S.A. Aljunid, R, B. Ahmad, M.F.Malik, Abid Yahya, R. Kamaruddin, M.S.Salim Minimizing Torque Ripple and Copper Losses in Variable Speed Tarun Maandi, Farshad Fahimi, David Brown Brushless DC Motor 707 XILINXFPGA Design for
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