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5N:337 HEALTH SURVEY FOR ENGLAND: 1991 co DING INSTRUCTIONS I \ ~ Hc3US51+0Lb SCti=DUL= H-=-hod Person no. lec)~ Check that this has been rnged for each member of the household, If there are more than
5N:337 HEALTH SURVEY FOR ENGLAND: 1991 co DING INSTRUCTIONS I \ ~ Hc3US51+0Lb SCti=DUL= H-=-hod Person no. lec)~ Check that this has been rnged for each member of the household, If there are more than 10 members of the household, extend tha grid and continue the Person Numbers from 11 onwards. Relatlonshlp to HOH Code all members of the household from the following frune: Wlfa (marital status = 1) ~ Cohebltee of HOH - common-law wlfa (incl wlfe, Fiancee, glrlfr~end If marital status = 2) Ch~ldren of either sex (mcl. step or adopted or non-related foster) Son-m-law or daughter-~n-law Parents Parents-m-law (le parants of spouse/cohabltee) Brother or sister (of HOH) Grandchildren (of HOH) Other relatives by blood, marriaga or adoption Non relat~ves (boarder, Fr~end, housekeeper, son s girlfriend etc) Place the code n the OFFUSE box in lme with the relevant person and rng. If e9 relatlves have been legally adopted, code the relatlonsh~p as children. HOH legally adopts grandchildren, code relatlonsh~p as 02 ~ 07. NA = 99 Q3. && GHS CODING FRAME FOR LONGSTANDING ILLNESS LHealth!4J Complaint 01 Cancer (neoplasm) includinq lumps, masses, tumours and qrowths and beniqn Inon-malignant) lumps and cysts incl. leukaemia (cancer of the blood) Hodgkin s disease Lyniphoma acoustic neuroma Neurofibromatosis hereditary cancer Cancers sited in any part of the body or system eg. lung cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, skin cancer, bone cancer All tumours, growths, masses, lumps and cysts whether malignant or benign eg tumour on brain, growth in bowel, growth on spinal cord, lump in breast, cyst on eye, cyst in kidney. Wilms tumour rodent ulcers sarcomas, careinomas mastectomy (nes) hysterectomy for cancer of womb colostomy caused by cancer part of intestines removed (cancer) after affect of cancer(nes) Endocrine/nutritional/metabelic diseases and i.nununitydisorders 02 Diabetes - incl. Hyperglycemia 03 Other endocrinejmetabolic - incl. underactive/overactivethyroid, goitre hormone deficiency, deficiency of growth hormone, dwarfism Beckwith - Wiedem;nn syndrome Addison s disease Cushing s syndrome Gilbert s syndrome Coeliac disease phenylketonuria Cvstic fibrosis AIDS, AIDS carrier, HIV positive rickets obesity[overweight gout water/fluid retention hypopotassaemia, lack of potassium hypercalcemia Malacia Wilson s disease Myxoedema (n.e.s) 3 N Thyroid trouble and tiredness - code 03 only Overactive thyroid and swelling in neck - code 03 only. Health ~ Mental, behav~ourlal and personality disorders 04 Mental ~llness/anxiety/depression/nerves(nes) - mcl. schlzophren~a, manic depress.$ve sen~le dement~a, forgetfulness, gets confused nervous breakdown, neurasthen~a, nervous trouble anxiety, panic attacks stress nerves (nes) depression phobias autlstlc child anorexia nervosa alcohol~sm, recovered not cured alcohollc drug addict spaech ~mpedment, stammer dyslexla hyperactive ch~ld. catalepsy concusslon syndrome NB Alzheuner s d~sease, degenerative brain d~sease = code OB 05 Mental handicap - lnc1. Down s syndrome, mongol mentally retarded, subno~al t ~ 06 L-Health Nervous system (central and peripheral includinq brain).- not mental illness Epilepsy/fits/convulsionsincl. grand real,petit real,jacksonian fit, blackouts, febrile convulsions, fit(nes) Migraine/headaches Other problems of nervous system - incl. Multiple Sclerosis (MS), disseminated sclerosis Cerebral palsy (spastic) Spina bifida Physically handicapped - spasticity of all limbs hydrocaphalus, microcephaly, fluid on brain Parkinson s disaase (paralysis agitans) Motor neurone disaase muscular dystrophy Huntington s chores Alzheiner s disease degenerative brain disease Friedreich s Ata.xia Abscess on brain Brain damage resulting from infection (eg. meningitis, encephalitis) or injury injury to spine resulting in paralysis paraplegia (paralysis of lower limbs) partially paralysed (nes) metachromatic leucodystrophy Myotonic dystrophy Guillain - Barre syndrome Myasthenia gravis syringomyelia myalgic encephalomyelitis (NIS) post viral syndrome (ME) Bell s palsy trigeminal neuralgia neuralgia, neuritis carpal tunnel syndrome sciatica trapped nerve numbnesslloss of pins and needles removal of nerve shingles restless legs feeling in fingers, hand, leg etc in arm in arm 5 y& Eye complaints LHealth 09 Cataract/par eye sight/bllndness - mcl. operation for cataracts, now need glasses bad eyeglghtfnearly blind because of cataracts hsrdenlng of lens lens replants m both eyes bad eyea~ght, restrxted v~slon, partially sighted short s~ghted, long sighted, myopia trouble with eyes (nes), eyes not good (nes) bind in one eye, loss of one eye blmdnesa caused by diabetes detached/scarred retina tunnel vlslon blurred v~s~on 10 Other eye compla~nts - lncl. glaucoma buphthal.m-as lr~tla retmltls plgmentosa night bl~ndness astigmatism double vlslon colour blind sgumt, lazy eye scarred cornea, corneal ulcers hemorrhage behind eye &y eye syndrome, trouble w~th tear ducts, watery eyes eyes are l~ght sensltlve In]ury to eye eye lnfectlon, con]unctlvltls. Sty on eye floater In eye Lḻiealth ~ Ear complaints 11 Poor hearing/deafness - incl. hard of hearing, slightly deaf conductive/ne~e/noise induced deafness deaf and dumb otosclerosis poor hearing after mastoid operation 12 Tinnitus/noises in the ear - incl. pulsing in the ear 13 Meniere s disease/ear complaints causing balance problems - incl. labyrinthitis, loss of balance - inner ear vertigo 14 Other ear complaints - incl. otitis media glue ear disorders of Eustachian tube perforated ear drum (nes) middle/inner ear problems mastoiditis ear trouble (nes), ear problem (wax) ear aches and discharges ear infection 7 ~ k Complaints of heart, blood vessels and circulatory svstem Stroke/cerebral hae~rrhage/cerebral thrombosis - mcl. stroke vxtm - part~ally paralysed and speech d~ffxulty hamlplegla, apoplexy, cerebral embollsm, cerebro - vascular accident Heart attack/angina - Inc1. coronary thrombos~s, myocardial lnfarctlon. 17 Hypertens~on/high blwd pressure/blood pressure (nes) 18 Other heart problems - ncl. heart disease, heart complalnt cardiac problems, heart trouble (nes) weak heart because of rheumatic fever hole ~n the heart valv-ularheart d~sease Wolff- Parkinson-White syndrome Aortlc stenos~s, aorta replacement pacemaker Implant perlcardltls Ischaemlc heart disease mitral stenosis cardiac d~ffuslon cardiac asthma heart murmur, palpitations tachycardla, sick sinus syndrome hardening of arter~es In heart tired heart pains m chest (nes) dizziness, g~ddness, balance problems (nes) tw much cholesterol In blood heart fa~lure St Vltus dance m Balance problems due to ear complalnt = code P~les/haemcmrholds ncl. Varicose Veins m anus. 20 Varicose veins/phlebltls In lowerextremities - Incl. varicose ulcers, varicose eczema 21 Other blood vessels/embolic - lncl. arter~osclerosis, hardening of arteries (nes) artlflclal arteries (nes) arterial thrombosis thrombosis (nes) Wright s syndrome blocked arteries In leg Varicose veins m Raynaud s disease Ossophagus pulmonary embollsm Polyarterltls Nodosa intermittent clzu?.lcatlon telanglectasla (nes) blood clots (nes) Swollen lags and feet low blcod pressure/hypertension h~ersens~tlve to the cold. poor circulation NB tlacmorrhaqebehind eye = code \ 10 8 MC Complaints of respiratory system k 22 Bronchitis/emphysema - incl. chronic bronchitis bronchiectasis 23 Asthma - incl. bronchial asthma, allergic asthma asthma - allergy to house dust/grass/cat fur NB Exclude cardiac asthma - code Hayfever - incl. allergic rhinitis 25 Other respiratory complaints - incl. bronchial trouble, chest trouble (nes) bad chest (nes), weak chest - wheezy breathlessness pneumoconiosis, byssinosis, asbestosis and other industrial, respiratory diseases, pigeon fanciers s lung lung complaint (nes), lung problems (nes) damaged lung (nes), lost lower lobe of left lung lung damage by viral pneumonia fibrosis of lung ulcer on lung, fluid on lung furred up airways, collapsed lung chest infections, get a lot of colds recurrent pleurisy sinus trouble, sinusitis rhinitis (nes) catarrh adenoid problems, nasal polyps sore throat, pharyngitis throat trouble (nes), throat irritation throat infection tonsillitis abscess on larynx coughing fits allergy to dust/cat fur paralysis of vocal cords Croup ~ TB (pulmonary tuberculosis) - code 37 Cystic fibrosis - code 03 Skin allergy - code 39 Food allergy - code 27 Allergy (nes) - code 41 Pilonidal sinus - code 39 Sick sinus syndrome - code 18 Whooping cough - code 37 7 If complaint is breathlessness with the cause also stated, code the cause: eg breathlessness as a result of anaemia (code 38) breathlessness due to hole in heart (code 18) breathlessness due to angina (code 16) # I Health I ~ Complaints of the dlgestlve system 26 Stomach ulcer/ulcar (nes)/sbdommal hernla/rupture - incl. gastric/duodenal/peptic ulcer ulcer (nes) double/ngu~nal/dmphragm/hiatus/umbll~cal hern~a hernia (nes), rupture (nes). 27 Other d~gestlve complamts (stomach, liver, pancraas, bile ducts, small ntestne - duodenum, ]e3unum and Ileum) - mcl. stomach trouble (nes), sbdomnal trouble (nes) nd~gest~on, heart burn, dyspepsia nervous stomach, ac~d stomach inflamed duodenum weakness In intestines lleostomy pancreas problems throat trouble - d~fficulty In swallowing atone m gallbladder, gallbladder problems l~ver disease, b~liary artesla clrrhosls of tha llver, l~ver problems food allergles. 28 Complamts of bowel/colon (large lntestne, caecum, bowel, colon, rectum) - Lncl. colltls, colon trouble, ulcerative colltls Spastic colon enterltls dlvert~culltls mrlteble bowel, In flanmatlonof bowel pcilypon bowel colostomy (nes) Crohn s disease Hlrschsprung s disease frequent dlarrhoea, constipation faacal lncontlnence/encopresls. grumbl~ng append~x ~ exclude piles - code 19 Cancer of stomach/kwel - code Complaints of teathlmouth/tongue - lncl. mpacted wisdom tcoth, gmgavltls ulcers on tongue, mouth ulcers cleft palate, hare 11P no sense of taste /0 ~ Complaints of qenito-urinary system 30 Kidney complaints - incl. kidney trouble, tube damage, stone in the kidney nephritis, pyelonephritis chronic renal failure uraemia renal TB horseshoe kidney, cystic kidney only one kidney, double kidney on right side 31 Urinary tract infection - incl. cystitis, urine infection 32 Other bladder problems/incontinence - incl. weak bladder, bladder complaint (nes) bladder restriction bed wetting, enuresis water trouble (nes). NB Prostate trouble - code Reproductive system disorders - incl. endometriosis prolapsed womb prolapse (nes) if female vaginitis, vulvitis, dysmenorrhea gynecological problems menopause b~sterectomy (nes) period problems, flcoding, premenstrual tension abscess on breast, mastitis, cracked nipple damaged testicles prostate gland trouble impotence, infertility. Turner s syndrome pelvic inflammatory disease (female) I Health ~ Musculoskeletal - complamts of bones/]ontsfmuscles 34 ArthrltIs/rheumatism/flbrosLtls - lncl. arthritis/rheumatism m any part of the body os.teoarthrltis, rheumato~d arthrltis, polynyalgla rheumatica psorlasls arthr~tls (also code psorlasls) -- StIll s d~sease rheumatic symptoms arthr~tls as result of broken lmb 35 Back problems/sl~pped d~sc/spine/neck - incl. back trouble, lower back problems, back ache spondylltis, spondylosis prolapsed ~nvertebral discs worn d~scs In spine - affects legs dsmage,fracture or ln]ury to back/spine/neck curvature of aplne lumbago, Inflanrnatlonof spinal joint disc trouble Schuermann s dlseaae ~ Exclude If dsmage/~n]ury to spine results m paralysls - code 08 Sc~atIca - code 08 Trapped nerve In spne - code 08 /2- I liealth MC 36 Other problems of bones/joints/muscles - incl. osteomyelitis brittle bones, osteoporosis Pierre Robin syndrome Paget s disease Perthe s disease Schlatter s disease Sever s disease dislocations eg dislocation of hip, clicky hip, dislocated knee/finger fracture, damage or injury to extremities, ribs, collarbone, pelvis, skull, eg. knee injury, broken leg, gun shot wounds in leg and shoulder, Can t hold left arm out flat - broke it as a child, broken nose, deviated septum absence or lossof limb eg lost leg in war, finger amputated, born without arms deformity of limbs eg club foot, clawhand, malformed jaw walk with limp as a result of polio, polio (nes), after affects of polio (nes) Systemic sclerosis, myotonia (nes) disseminated lupus hip replacement (nes) hip infection, TB hip torn muscle in leg, torn ligsments, tendinitis bad shoulder, bad leg, collapsed knee cap, knee cap removed cartilage problems frozen shoulder aching arm, stiff a.mn,sore arm muscle strained leg muscles, pain in thigh muscles stiff joints, joint pains, contraction of sinews, muscle wastage Dupuytren s contraction bursitis, housemaid s knee, tennis elbow delayed healing of bones or badly set fractures weak legs, leg trouble, pain in legs lags won t go, clifficulty in walking crsmp in hand physically handicapped (nes) flat feet, bunions. chondrodystrophia tenosynovitis NB Muscular dystrophy - code 08 I Health 37 Infectious and parasltlc disease ncl. pulmonary tubarculosls (TB) tuberculosis of abdomen sarco~dos~s toxoplasms IS (nes) vn-al hepatltls glandular fever malarla typho~d fever tetanus venereal d~seases thrush, candlda athlete s foot,fungal lnfectlon of na~l rlngworm who~plng cough ~ After effect of Pol~omyelltls, menmgltls, encephalitis - code to site/system Ear/throat nfect~ons etc - code to site 38 Disorders of blood and blood formma oraans incl anaemla, pernicious anaemla sickle cell anaemla/d~sease thalassaemla haemophll~a purpura (nes) blood candltlon (nes), blood deficlency polycthaemla (bload thickening), blood tao thick removal af spleen. ~ Leukaemla - code Health ~ 39 skin complaints iricl.eczema psoriasis, psoriasis arthritis (also code arthritis) dermatitis epidermolysis, bulosa pilonidal sinusitis impetigo acne skin rashes and irritations skin allergies, Leaf rash, angio-oedema skin ulcer, ulcer on Lirrb(nes) birth mark burned arm (nes) cellulitis (nes ) carbuncles, boils, warts, verruca corns, callouses ingrown toenail chilblains abscess in groin NE Rodent ulcer - code 01 varicose ulcer, varicose eczema - code other complaints incl. insomnia sleepwalking fainting adhesions hair failing out, alopecia travel sickness nose bleeds no sense of smell duinh,no speech NB Deaf and dumb - code 11 only. l-p k 41 Unclasslf~sble (no other codable compla~nt) ncl. old age/weak w~th old age general nfu-suty allergy (nes), allerglc reaction to some drugs (nes) war wound (nes), road accident Ln]ury (nes ) t~redness (nes) generally mn down (nes) weight loss (nes) after affects of menmgltls (nes) had men~nglt~s - left ma suscept~ble to to other things (nes) alectrlcal treatment on cheek (nes) swollen glands (nes) embarrass~ng Itch (nes) glass m head - too near temple to be removed (nes) 42 Complalnt no longer present m Only usa th~s code ~f Lt ~s actually stated that the complamt no longer affects the mf ormant. Exclude If complamt sltejsystem. kept under control by med~catlon - code to 99 NA/Refusal USE OF SERVICES Prwz 15 Is, Q2(a ) Ring the no. Include - Doctor at DHA clinic, eg femily planning clinic; - Doctor abroad Exclude - social chat with doctor who happens to be a friend. 16. Q.3(a) New SC Inft. had high B.P. when pregnant only Q.4 Include - visits made as a day patient - eg for psychiatric treatment or for a minor 0p. visits to private hospitals and clinics. - doctors seen abroad. Q.5. An in-patient stay is any stay in hospital for at least one night. 18. Q.8. Include - doctor or nurse ONLY. Exclude - other people, eg physiotherapist; fitness assessor at a gym; machine at the chemist. 18. Q.8(b) Include answers where the informant had to ask. Include in code 1 - normal; OK; nothing to worry about. Include in code 2 - high; raised; mildly raised; moderately raised; severely raised. Q.9 Inclusions and exclusions as Q.8 above. If informant had a blind test but did not know what blood was tested for, precede 3 should be ringed. Q.10(b) - as Q.8(b) [5 MEDICAL DIET ~f)=?-l 21. Include d~ets recommended by doctor, nurse or d~etxlan only, also by e nutrltlonlst. Exclude slnmnng diets unless reconm!endedby a doctor... Q.2 Include in precede 3 - low saturated fat diet; avoidance of whole-fat m~lk; whole-fat cheese; cream; butter; hard margarlnes, fat buttar, fatty meat. Include In precede 4 - eat more of bread, chappattls, pltta bread (particularly wholemeal), cereals; frult, vegetables; peas, beans, lent~ls; potatoes; - rice (particularly brown) pasta (particularly wholewheat). Other diet answers - leave in precede 5. eg high protein; commonsense eating; sens~ble eating, cut out acid food; cut down on everything, avoid dairy products; low sugar diet; low carbohydrate diet; to put we~ght on, eat lots of bananas for potassium ACTIVITY AND EXERCISE (4+?GE 22-) 25 Q.9. Include - sports done akxoad. - training, practicing, refereeing, coaching Exclude - sports done on a professional basis. Code 01 - include cycling as a means - include racing. - exclude motor cycling. of transport ===JQ - differentiation between the 2 groups is not important, but make sure that one exercise is not double counted (eg - press-ups included in both code 02 and 03) Other sports as exercise (specify~ Examine answers recorded, and code from the following frame, entering the single digit code in the OFF USE bex and ring. Page 25 Q9 Code kact2?fity SXERCISE Code Absadlng 01 Kickboxlng 03 Adventure playground 01 Lacrosse 02 Aguaroblcs Archery Marathon running... Martial arts Assault Course 02 Motor sports.. 01 Sack packing.. 02 Netball Baseball/softball. 01 Post Natal exerc~se Basketball 02 Power Boat 01 Battle re-enactment Ram.bllng Bowls - Indoor, outdoor, Rld~ng ) crown, green.. Box~ng Roller skating.... Rounders Canal crulsmg (lf lnft is Rowng, lncl machne. 02 responstile for workng locks 01 Sail~ng, incl dingy.. 01 Canoemg Scubafsubaqua diving. 01 Clrcult traln~ng 02 Shoot~ng Cllmblng 02 Sk~pplng 03 Cr;cket 01 Sku_nush~ng (war games) 02 Croquet 01 Sklttles Darts 01 Snooker 01 Dlvlng 01 Snorkellmg Fell walklng.,.. 01 Sumo wresting. 01 Fencng.. 02 Swing ball Field hthlet~cs 02 Table tennis. 01 Flshlng Tenpln bowling. 01 Golf 01 Tonng table/bed 01 Hang Gl~dlng.. 02 Trampollnlng.. 03 H~kmg. 02 Volley ball Hlttmg punch sack Hockey Walklng on ]ogglng machine,! II treadnull Ice Skat~ng.. 02 Weight l~ft~ng Juggl~ng.. 01 Yoga 01 Kabadl :. M ?age 26. SMOKING The interest lies in ordinary tobacco which is smoked. tobacco products which are chewed or sucked, snuff, or should be ignored. Amend the coding as necessary. Q.1. Tobacco or herbal tobaccos By aver smoked a cigarette, a cigar,or a pipe, we mean just one ever in their life. Q.2. This is the informant s interpretation of nowadays. Q.4. Check that 2 digits have been entered Ring the digits. Use code 98 for those who smoke 99 cigarettes or more a day. Notes 1. Ranges - code the midpoint. Tske half to the nearest even number. 2. Hand rolled cigarettes - count 1 oz of tobacco as 40 cigarettes count 12.5gr of tobacco as 18 cigarettes count 25gr of tobacco as 36 cigarettes Only convert ounces to cigarettes if the informant has not given the number of cigarettes smoked Weekly amounts - if the informant can only give an answer in weekly terms, code l/7th of the total at Q.4. Q.9 and 9(a) Exclude - informants who gave conditions (ie lung up because of a fear of future health cancer) informants who gave pressures. up for reasons of expense, social informants who gave up because they did not want to become addicted to cigarettes. Page 28 Q.IO(a) Include in code 1 Include in code 2 GPs, consultants, nurses, health visitors, midwives dentists, physiotherapists. Staff at fitness clubs, gyms etc.. DRINKING ( PIWC 2+ Page 30 f+f&jmqt-.\cd-dil&n= --k -~ +J~as &\\c4js Any other This WL11 not be punched. It is necessary to recode alcohollc answers into the appropriate drink category eg Ccmparl drinks apec~fled
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