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5th International Conference on Computer & Communication Engineering ICCCE Table of Contents


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5th International Conference on Computer & Communication Engineering ICCCE 2014 Table of Contents Foreword...xiii Organizing Committee...xiv Conference Topics...xv Reviewers...xvi Keynotes...xvii Malaysia-Truly
5th International Conference on Computer & Communication Engineering ICCCE 2014 Table of Contents Foreword...xiii Organizing Committee...xiv Conference Topics...xv Reviewers...xvi Keynotes...xvii Malaysia-Truly Asia...xxii International Islamic University Malaysia...xxiii Kulliyyah of Engineering, IIUM...xxiv Acknowledgement...xxv 1A: Signal and Image Processing Posture Characterization Based on Time and Frequency Domain Parameters for Erector Spine SEMG Signal...1 Mohammed M. Shobaki, Noreha Abdul Malik, Sheroz Khan, Anis Nurashikin Nordin, Samnan Haider, and Khairul Azami Sidek Vision Aided Path Planning for Mobile Robot...5 M.A. Rashidan, Y.M. Mustafah, S.B.A. Hamid, Y.A.M. Shawgi, and N.K.A.M. Rashid Template Matching Techniques for Iris Recognition System...9 Umme T. Tania, Sheikh M.A. Motakabber, and Muhammad I. Ibrahimy Colored Image Encryption Algorithm Using DNA Code and Chaos Theory...12 M. Amr Mokhtar, Sameh N. Gobran, and El-Sayed A-M. El-Badawy Vision-Based Detection and Tracking of Moving Target in Video Surveillance...16 Sabri M.A.A. Ahmed and Ohtman O. Khalifa v 1B: Instrumentation and Control Acquisition of a Very Low Voltage and a Low Frequency Biomedical Signal - Frequency Selective Filter Design...20 M.M. Mohammed Shobaki, Noreha Abdul Malik, Anis Nurashikin Nordin, and Sheroz Khan Energy Harvesting for Back-up Power Supply Using Speed Humps...24 Umair Ahmed Khan, Sheroz Khan, and Amelia Wong Azman Autonomous Navigation of Mobile Robot Using Kinect Sensor...28 N.A. Zainuddin, Y.M. Mustafah, Y.A.M. Shawgi, and N.K.A.M. Rashid Analysis of Power Transfer Efficiency of Inductive Coupled Telemetry System for Wireless Power Transfer...32 Mohammad Shawkat Habib, Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, Atika Arshad, and Sheroz Khan Parameter Optimization for Piezoelectric Micro-energy Harvesting System...36 Mohammad G. Mostafa, S.M.A. Motakabber, Muhammad I. Ibrahimy, and Tawfikur Rahman Development of a Photoplethysmography Signal Processing Method for Oxygen Measurement Concentration...40 Waiz Ahmed, Sheroz Khan, and Khairul Azami Sidek Three Phase Three Layer Phase Synchronous Inverter for Microgrid System...44 Tawfikur Rahman, Muhammad I. Ibrahimy, S.M.A. Motakabber, and Mohammad G. Mostafa 1C: Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks Performance Analysis of DSR Protocol on the Basis of DSSS Rate...48 Saqib Hakak, Suhaimi A. Latif, Farhat Anwar, Gulshan Gilkar, and M.K. Alam A Review on Channel Access Control Mechanism to Improve the Dependability in Body Area Networks...52 M. Akter, Suhaimi A. Latiff, N.F.B. Za'bah, M.K. Alam, M.Y. Arafat, and S.M.S. Bari Impact of Packet Size and Node Mobility Pause Time on Average End to End Delay and Jitter in MANET's...56 Saqib Hakak, Farhat Anwar, Suhaimi A. Latif, Gulshan Gilkar, and M.K. Alam A Secure Authentication Scheme for Bluetooth Connection...60 A.S. Diallo, Wajdi Fawzi M. Al-Khateeb, R.F. Olanrewaju, and F. Sado Vehicular Communication and Cellular Network Integration: Gateway Selection Perspective...64 Amal A. Eltahir, Rashid A. Saeed, and Rania A. Mokhtar vi Investigation of Gateway Placement Optimization Approaches in Wireless Mesh Networks Using Genetic Algorithms...68 Awadallah M. Ahmed, Aisha Hassan A. Hashim, and Wan Haslina Hassan RSS Based Localization Techniques for ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network...72 Mohamed Hadi Habaebi, Rashid Omar Khamis, Alhareth Zyoud, and Md. Rafiqul Islam 2A: Signal and Image Processing Analysis and Classification of Airborne Radar Signal Types Using Time-Frequency Analysis...76 Ashraf Adamu Ahmad and Ahmad Zuri Sha'ameri Underwater Acoustic Noise Characteristics of Shallow Water in Tropical Seas...80 Ahmad Zuri Sha'ameri, Yasin Yousif Al-Aboosi, and Nor Hisham Haji Khamis Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) Based Orthogonal Transform Approach for Earth's Electric Field Signal Processing...84 W. Astuti, M.J.E. Salami, R. Akmeliawati, and W. Sediono Multi-stereo Camera System to Enhance the Position Accuracy of Image-Guided Surgery Markers...88 Fahed Elsamnah, Wahju Sediono, Othman O. Khalifa, and Amir A. Shafie Classification of Retinal Images Based on Statistical Moments and Principal Component Analysis...92 Momoh J.E. Salami, A. Khorshidtalab, A. Baali, and A.M. Aibinu Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Pulmonary Nodules from Chest X-Rays Using Rotation Forest...96 Zaw Zaw Htike, Wai Yan Nyein Naing, Shoon Lei Win, and Sheroz Khan Qualitative Analysis on Watermarking Algorithm for Large Resolution Camera Phone Image Nazmus Saquib, Teddy S. Gunawan, Rashidah F. Olanrewaju, S. Islam, and M.K. Hasan Human Gait Recognition: Viewing Angle Effect on Normal Walking Pattern Nahid A. Makhdoomi, Teddy S. Gunawan, Mohamed H. Habaebi, and Rosminazuin Ab. Rahim 2B: Instrumentation and Control Wireless Power Transmission System Based on Magnetic Inductive Resonance of Couple Circuit Rounakul I. Boby, Hasmah B. Mansor, Teddy S. Gunawan, Sheroz Khan, and Mohammad G. Mostafa Investigation on Grid Synchronization for Grid-Tied DC-AC Single Phase Inverters Zeeshan Shahid, Sheroz Khan, Ahm Zahirul Alam, and Musse Mohamud Ahmed vii Independent Joint Control of a 3-DOF Robotic System Using PI Controller F. Sado, Shahrul Na'im Sidek, and Hazlina M. Yusuf Self-Tuning Dead Beat PD Controller for Pitch Angle Control of a Bench-Top Helicopter Hasmah Mansor, Teddy S. Gunawan, Sheroz Khan, N.I. Othman, N. Tazali, R.I. Boby, and S.B. Mohd-Noor Analysis of Electrical Responses of MEMS Piezoresistive Microcantilever Rosminazuin Ab Rahim, Sheik Fareed Ookar Abubakkar, Badariah Bais, and Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis 2C: Data Mining and Database Applications Big Data Analysis Solutions Using MapReduce Framework Sara B. Elagib, Atahur Rahman Najeeb, Aisha H. Hashim, and Rashidah F. Olanrewaju A Novel Positioning Technique for Context Awareness Ahmad F. Abdul Matin, M.M. Hafizur Rahman, and Media A. Ayu Complexity Algorithm Analysis for Edit Distance H.A. Maarif, R. Akmeliawati, Z.Z. Htike, and Teddy S. Gunawan Online Recognition System for Handwritten Arabic Chemical Symbols Mustafa Ali Abuzaraida, Akram M. Zeki, Ahmed M. Zeki, and Nor Farahidah Za'bah Integrating ZigBee Modem into Android Platform Akmal Nurhananie Abd Rahman, Mohamed Hadi Habaebi, Musse M. Ahmad, Sheroz Khan, and Mahamod Ismail 3A: High Performance Networks and Protocols Multiple Routing Configurations for Datacenter Disaster Recovery Applicability and Challenges Mohamed A. El-Serafy, Ahmed M. Elsayed, Moustafa H. Aly, El-Sayed A. El-Badawy, and Ibrahim A. Ghaleb Effect of Mobility Model and Packet Size on Throughput in MANET's Saqib Hakak, Suhaimi A. Latif, Farhat Anwar, M.K. Alam, and Gulshan Gilkar Bandwidth Conservation Framework for Mobile Cloud Computing: Challenges and Solutions Rashidah Funke Olanrewaju, Abdullah Egal, and Othman O. Khalifa 3B: 3G & 4G Mobile Communications LTE Network Virtualization Feasibility Study Suzan M. Sayed, Shawky E. Shaaban, and El-Sayed A.-M. El-Badawy viii Performance Analysis on Location Update Cost of Multihoming-Based Scheme in NEMO Shayla Islam, Aisha H. Abdalla, Mohamed Hadi Habaebi, Suhaimi A. Latif, H.A.M. Ramli, and M.K. Hasan Design of Embedded Parallel Resonant Circuit Multiband Microstrip Patch Antenna for Tablet PC Mohammad Shawkat Habib, Md. Rafiqul Islam, and Khaizuran Abdullah 3C: Antennas and Propagation Availability Analysis of Terrestrial Free Space Optical Link under the Impact of Rain Condition Ahmed Basahel, Wajdi Al-Khateeb, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Khalid Al-Khateeb, and A.Z. Suriza Prediction of Rain-Induced Cross Polarization at Millimeter Wave Bands in Guinea M.F. Camara, S.O. Bashir, Farah Nadia Mohd Isa, and Abdulwaheed Musa Investigation of Forces Affecting Dust Particle Alignment in Cross Polarization Abdulwaheed Musa, M.F. Camara, and S.O. Bashir Rain Induced Scintillation Measurement on Satellite Link in Tropical Climate Md. Rafiqul Islam, K. Al-Khateeb, F.N. Mohd Isa, H. Dao, H.M. Salleh, and M.A.M. Ghazali 4A: High Performance Networks and Protocols Two Dimensional Array Based Overlay Network for Reducing Delay of Peer-to-Peer Live Video Streaming Abdullah Faruq Ibn Ibrahimy, Farhat Anwar, Muhammad Ibn Ibrahimy, and Md. Rafiqul Islam Evaluation of Nested Network Mobility Approaches Mohammed Babiker Ali, Aisha Hassan A. Hashim, and Wan Haslina Hassan Performance Analysis of Spectrum Sensing Methods: A Numerical Approach M.K. Hasan, A.F. Ismail, A.H. Abdalla, H.A. Mohd Ramli, S. Islam, and W. Hashim Analysis of Free Space Optics Link Availability with Real Data Measurement in Tropical Weather Suriza A. Zabidi, Md. Rafiqul Islam, and Wajdi F. Al-Khateeb ix 4B: 3G & 4G Mobile Communications An Improved Component Carrier Selection Algorithm for Downlink Long Term Evolution-Advanced Huda Adibah Mohd Ramli, Farah Nadia Mohd Isa, and Ani Liza Asnawi Generalized Discrete Fourier Transform Based Minimization of PAPR in OFDM Systems Ahmed Mohamed Elshirkasi, Mohammad Umar Siddiqi, and Mohamed Hadi Habaebi Application of UWB Wireless MIMO Connectivity Inside Ships Khalid A.S. Al-Khateeb, Saqib Hakak, and A.H.M. Zahirul Alam Novel Packet Scheduling Algorithm Based on Cross Component Carrier in LTE-Advanced Network with Carrier Aggregation Mohammed A.M. Al-Shibly, Mohamed Hadi Habaebi, and Md. Rafiqul Islam 4C: Antennas and Propagation Rain Attenuation Prediction for Higher Frequencies in Microwave Communication Using Frequency Scaling Technique U. Kesavan, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Khaizuran Abdullah, and A.R. Tharek Analysis of the Synthetic Storm Technique Using Rain Height Models to Predict Rain Attenuation in Tropical Regions Ali K. Lwas, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Mohamed Hadi Habaebi, A.F. Ismail, K. Abdullah, Alhareth Zyoud, Jalel Chebil, and Mandeep Singh Development of an Empirical Dust Storm Attenuation Prediction Model for Microwave Links in Arid Area - A Proposed Framework Md. Rafiqul Islam, Elfatih A.A. Elsheikh, Ahmad F. Ismail, Saad O. Bashir, and Jalel Chebil Dual-Band Microstrip Patch Antenna Design Using C-Slot for WiFi and WiMax Applications Alaa A. Yassin, Rashid A. Saeed, and Rania A. Mokhtar 5A: Neural Networks and Intelligent Systems Adaptive Background Reconstruction for Street Surveillance N.A. Zainuddin, Y.M. Mustafah, A.A. Shafie, M.A. Rashidan, and N.N.A. Aziz Analysis on Background Subtraction for Street Surveillance N.A. Zainuddin, Y.M. Mustafah, A.W. Azman, M.A. Rashidan, and N.N.A. Aziz Detection of Different Classes Moving Object in Public Surveillance Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) M.A. Rashidan, Y.M. Mustafah, S.B.A. Hamid, N.A. Zainuddin, and N.N.A. Aziz Features Selection for Multi-camera Tracking N.N.A. Aziz, Y.M. Mustafah, A.W. Azman, N.A. Zainuddin, and M.A. Rashidan x Real-Time Tracking Using Edge and Color Feature N.N.A. Aziz, Y.M. Mustafah, A.A. Shafie, M.A. Rashidan, and N.A. Zainuddin Analysis of Artificial Neural Network and Viola-Jones Algorithm Based Moving Object Detection M.A. Rashidan, Y.M. Mustafah, Z.Z. Abidin, N.A. Zainuddin, and N.N.A. Aziz Classification of Multichannel EEG Signal by Single Layer Perceptron Learning Algorithm M.R. Hasan, M.I. Ibrahimy, S.M.A. Motakabber, and Shahjahan Shahid Identification of Vessel Anomaly Behavior Using Support Vector Machines and Bayesian Networks Dini Oktarina Dwi Handayani, Wahju Sediono, and Asadullah Shah 5B: VLSI Design CNTFET SPICE Model: Design of a Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor Soheli Farhana, A.H.M. Zahirul Alam, Sheroz Khan, and S.M.A. Motakabber Simulation of Electrical Characterization on Lateral Silicon-on-Insulator PIN Diode for Space Radiation Detector Z. Zainudin, A.F. Ismail, N.F. Hasbullah, and S.F. Sabri Evaluation of Various Leakage Current Paths with Different Switching Conditions M.N.H. Khan, Teddy S. Gunawan, M.T. Rahman, and Sheroz Khan 3MeV-Electron Beam Induced Threshold Voltage Shifts and Drain Current Degradation on ZVN3320FTA & ZVP3310FTA Commercial MOSFETs Sheik Fareed Ookar Abubakkar, Nurul Fadzlin Hasbullah, Nor Farahidah Zabah, and Yusof Abdullah Hardware Implementation of ANFIS Controller for Gas-Particle Separations in Wet Scrubber System Bashir Ahmed Danzomo, Momoh Jimoh E. Salami, and Md. Raisuddin Khan Spiral Resonator for Ultra Wide Band Chipless RFID Tag Abul K.M.Z. Hossain, Muhammad I. Ibrahimy, and Sheikh M.A. Motakabber Integrated Si Lens Antenna with Planar Log Spiral Feed for THz Band Abul K.M.Z. Hossain, Muhammad I. Ibrahimy, and Sheikh M.A. Motakabber 5C: Computer Networks and Security Robust and Secure Image Steganography Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography Diaa E.M. Ahmed and Othman O. Khalifa r-tola: An Architecture for Real Time Open Learning Application for Universities Rashidah Funke Olanrewaju, Thouhedul Islam, and Ajayi Binyamin Adeniyi xi Development of an Enhanced Scheme for NEMO Environment Mohamed Geaiger, Aisha Hassan, Othman Khalifa, and Elsheikh Elsheikh An Investigation of Cryptographically Generated Address (CGA) Based Authentication for Mobile IPv Sana Qadir and Mohammad Umar Siddiqi A Cryptographic One-to-Many Reversible Mapping and Its Applications Nashrul Hakiem and Mohammad Umar Siddiqi Simplified Channel Authentication Algorithm for Secure Quantum Key Distribution Mohamed Youssef Khalaf Elwadeya, Khalid A.S. Al-Khateeb, and Nurul Fadzlin Hasbullah Traffic Aware Wireless Sensor Networks MAC Protocol for Smart Grid Applications Using Spiral Backoff Mechanism Musse Mohamud Ahmed, S.M. Sadakatul Bari, Mohamed Hadi Habaebi, Sheroz Khan, and Farhat Anwar Robust Image Watermarking Scheme by Discrete Wavelet Transform Mohammad Abdullatif, Othman O. Khalifa, R.F. Olanrewaju, and Akram M. Zeki Author Index xii
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