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7436 Fw190A-5heavyfighter



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7436 Fw190A-5heavyfighter 1/72 intro The second half of the Second World War saw the Focke-Wulf Fw 190, in its various forms, emerge as the best of what was available to the Luftwaffe. The dedicated fighter
7436 Fw190A-5heavyfighter 1/72 intro The second half of the Second World War saw the Focke-Wulf Fw 190, in its various forms, emerge as the best of what was available to the Luftwaffe. The dedicated fighter version was a high performance, heavily armed machine. Its development had a precarious beginning, against a 1938 specification issued by the Technishes Amt, RLM. The first prototype took to the air on June 1, After a series of improvements and even radical changes, the design culminated in the fall of 1940 in the pre-series version Fw 190A-0 to the tune of twenty-eight pieces. Six of these were retained by the test unit Erprobungsstaffel 190 at Rechlin, which was tasked with conducting service trials. These revealed a wide range of flaws to the point where the RLM halted further development. Despite this, on the basis of urgings from the test unit staff, the aircraft was not shelved. After a series of some fifty modifications, the RLM gave the go ahead for the Fw 190 to be taken into inventory of the Luftwaffe. In June, 1941, the Luftwaffe accepted the first of 100 ordered Fw 190A-1s, armed with four 7.9 mm MG 17s. By September, 1941, II./JG 26 was completely equipped with the type, operating on the Western Front. November saw the production of the next version Fw 190A-2, powered by a BMW 801C-2, and armed with two 7.9 mm MG 17s and two MG 151s of 20 mm caliber in the wings. Part of this series received an additional pair of 20 mm MG FFs, thus attaining an armament standard of later types. A significant advancement to the design came in the spring of 1942, when the BMW 801D-2 became available, who s installation gave birth to the Fw 190A-3. July saw the development of the improved A-4. Both were armed with what became the standard two fuselage mounted MG 17s, two wing mounted MG 151 cannon, and two MG FF cannon, placed inboard of the wheel wells. During 1942, production had intensified, and a production facility was set up under license at Fieseler. Thanks in part to this, production rose in 1942 to 1,878 units as opposed to 224 in Large-scale production of the A-5 was initiated in April, 1943, with an identical wing to the A-4, but with a nose extension that would become standard on all subsequent Fw 190A versions up to the A-9, and also on the corresponding F types. July saw the development of a new, strengthened wing, which incorporated MG 151s instead of the MG FFs in the outer position. The adoption of this wing developed the A-6 version. Further changes developed the A-7, produced during the end of This version came about with the replacement of the fuselage mounted MG 17s with 13. mm MG 131s. Further improvements led to the Fw 190A-8, and this version became the most widely produced with some 1400 units made. The most significant change to this variant was the installation of the GM-1 nitrous-oxide injection system, for temporary power boost in combat. A portion of A-8 production was built as the A-8/R2 and A-8/R8, armed with MK 108 cannon in the outer wing location, and with armoured slabs added to the cockpit sides and a modified canopy. The final production version of the BMW 801 powered fighter was the Fw 190A-9, equipped with the BMW 801TS of 2000 hp (1470kW). There was a parallel development of these fighter optimized aircraft with a dedicated fighter-bomber version, the Fw 190F. These aircraft had reduced wing armament to two MG 151 cannon in the wingroot position. The engine was optimized for low level operation, and the armament options varied to satisfy the ground attack role, including bombs of various weight classes and a variety of anti-tank rockets. This branched into the extended range Fw 190G version. Development of the thoroughbred fighter continued in the guise of the Fw 190D, which began to reach Luftwaffe units in the second half of 1944, and was the result of mounting an in-line Jumo 213A-1 engine into a modified Fw 190A-8 airframe. Although the Fw 190 never achieved the widespread usage of the competing Bf 109, its contribution to the German Air Force was certainly significant through the second half of WWII. Fw 190s saw service on the Western Front as well as in the East. As heavy fighters with imposing firepower, they found themselves integral components, from 1943 onwards, within the units tasked with the protection of the Reich from the ominous clouds of Allied fourengined bombers. This is where the A-8 version was instrumental, along with it s A-8/R2 armoured development. This version, with its firepower, was a very ominous and daunting foe for the bomber crews. From the second half of 1944, their danger was kept in check to a degree by escorting P-47s, and necessitated the development of the P-51 Mustang NAV1 PLASTIC PARTS A A D D G G GUNZE H2 C2 BLACK H12 C33 FLAT BLACK H25 C34 SKY BLUE H33 C81 RUSSET H47 C41 RED BROWN H65 C18 BLACK GREEN RLM70 H68 C36 GRAY GREEN RLM74 H69 C37 GRAY RLM75 GRAY RLM02 H77 C137 TIRE BLACK H312 C312 GREEN H406 CHOCOLATE BROWN H413 C113 YELLOW RLM04 H414 C114 RED RLM23 BLACK GRAY RLM66 H417 C117 LIGHT BLUE RLM76 Mr.COLOR SUPER METALLIC SM06 CHROME SILVER Mr. METAL COLOR MC214 DARK IRON MC213 STAINLESS -Parts not for use. -Teile werden nicht verwendet. -Pieces a ne pas utiliser. -Tyto díly nepoužívejte při stavbě. - ATTENTION UPOZORNENÍ ACHTUNG ATTENTION GB CZ D F Carefully read instruction sheet before assembling. When you use glue or paint, do not use near open flame and use in well ventilated room. Keep out of reach of small children. Children must not be allowed to suck any part, or pull vinyl bag over the head. Před započetím stavby si pečlivě prostudujte stavební návod. Při používání barev a lepidel pracujte v dobře větrané místnosti. Lepidla ani barvy nepoužívejte v blízkosti otevřeného ohně. Model není určen malým dětem, mohlo by dojít k požití drobných dílů. Vor dem Zusammenbau die Bauanleitung gut durchlesen. Kleber und Farben nicht in der Nähe von offenem Feuer verwenden und für eine ausreichende Belüftung sorgen. Den Bausatz von kleinen Kindern fernhalten. Vermeiden Sie, dass Kinder Bauteile in den Mund nehmen oder sich Plastiktüten über den Kopf ziehen. Iire soigneusement la fiche d instructions avant d assembler. Ne pas utiliser de colle ou de peinture a ` proximité d une flamme nue, et aérer la piece de temps en temps. Garder hors de portée des enfants en bas âge. Ne pas laisser les enfants mettre en bouche ou sucer les pièces, ou passer un s achet vinyl s ur l a t ete. INSTRUCTION SIGNS INSTR. SYMBOLY INSTRUKTION SINNBILDEN SYMBOLES 2 OPTIONAL VOLBA BEND OHNOUT OPEN HOLE VYVRTAT OTVOR SYMETRICAL ASSEMBLY SYMETRICKÁ MONTÁŽ REMOVE ODŘÍZNOUT REVERSE SIDE OTOČIT A9 A10 A1 A58 A68 A53 H12 C33 A29 A57 OPTIONAL: decal 6 decal 23 A87 A decal 24 decal 25 decal 26 3 B OPTIONAL: decal 7 D4 A20 G2 H33 C81 A80 B A A33 A34 H33 C81 G1 MC213 A2 H12 C33 A77 A66 A67 G14 4 A50 A62 A90 A63 A49 A71 H33 C81 G13 G13 G15 A30 G15 A71 A59 H33 C81 A59 G14 A43 MC214 MC214 A41 5 A51 G12 MC214 G5 G9 G8 G6 G10 A3 G7 A4 6 7 A69 A70 A22 A21 L R A28 A26 A17 A27 C2 H2 C137 H77 C2 H2 A22 A73 SM06 A72 A21 SM06 A23 A70 A69 C2 H2 C137 H77 A17 A26 A28 A27 C2 H2 C2 H2 C137 H77 MC214 A40 A38 A36 A35 A38 MC214 A40 A42 A37 8 C A14 D8 A24 D3 - open D7 - closed decal X H47 C41 A11 A25 A76 H12 C33 H65 C18 H65 C18 C open 9 A W. Nr. 7334, Oblt. Josef Wurmheller, 9./JG 2, Vannes, July 1943 RLM H68 36 RLM 75 H69 37 RLM 76 H RLM 70 H65 18 RLM 04 H RLM 23 H eduard B W. Nr. 5868, Oblt. Max Stotz, 5./JG 54, RLM 61 H406 RLM 62 H RLM 76 H RLM 70 H65 18 RLM 04 Eastern Front, Summer 1943 H RLM 23 H eduard 11 Hier aufholen 292l 292l 232l 232l Hier aufholen Nicht Verstellen Fw 190A-5 heavy fighter STENCILING POSITIONS U D Hier aufholen G B1 B2 B3 B4 C L L I I Hier aufbocken J M N1 N2 N2 N1 A7b A7a B1 B2 B3 B4 A7d A7c A7c A7d B1 B2 B3 B4 0 P B1 B1 B2 B2 B3 B3 B4 B4 R Q K K N1 N2 R Q N1 N2 D V F H1 H2 Hier aufholen S E1 E2 T B1 B2 B3 B4 Nicht Verstellen C Hier aufbocken eduard 12 EDUARD M.A Made in Czech Republic
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