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Mission: The Dallas Farmers Market exists to cultivate a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for all of North Texas through the promotion, availability and appreciation for locally produced quality food.
Mission: The Dallas Farmers Market exists to cultivate a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for all of North Texas through the promotion, availability and appreciation for locally produced quality food. The Dallas Farmers Market is the largest farmers market in Texas. It also hosts the Regional Wholesale Produce Market (Sunday and Thursday all night) and a Local Food Hub. The Dallas Farmers Market supports farmers and ranchers with farm direct policies. It is also an incubator for small batch food artisan and business entrepreneur s start-up. It is a farmers market for the growing residential neighborhood, a downtown farmers market for Dallas and surrounding cities and also a destination for DFW visitors. The Shed is a 30,000 sq ft. covered open-air pavilion with a truck dock on the south side. The rafters have bird netting and large, quiet fans. There are 107 vendor spaces (10x10) under the main area of the shed with additional 57 spaces on the north plaza. The Shed has 110 and 220 electrical outlets for vendors to use with a daily fee. There is also water available at no charge along with public Wi-Fi. Public restrooms are available for both vendors (locked with code and close to The Shed) and customers. Seating is available for the public. The Dallas Farmers Market, located in a new residential area on the southeastern cusp of Downtown, is bringing urban living to new heights with its focus on Texas-farmed and organic vegetables and fruits. National Geographic, Intelligent Travel, December 2015 The Market is a 26,000 square foot food hall and artisanal vendor market containing four anchor restaurants, a mixture of local specialty foods, artisanal food vendors, and seating areas both inside and out where you can grab a bite to eat or enjoy a cup of coffee while taking in a view of the Dallas skyline or observing the market-goers. The Market is open 7 days a week 10am to 6pm with some opening earlier and some staying open later. These spaces are contracted through the leasing agency, CBRE. The Market is a direct benefit for The Shed vendors with: Seven day a week presence at the Dallas Farmers Market Increased vendor booth sales by customers and restaurants Awareness of products when carried or served in The Market shops/restaurants Preorders for pickup at Market Provisions Co. in The Market EBT cards accepted for DFM tokens to use with farmers/ranchers/packaged foods/vegetable seeds and plant transplants. Market Provisions Co. manages the SNAP program 7 days a week. Management The DFM is a public/private partnership established per city of Dallas ordinances in The Shed is leased from the city of Dallas but is managed by the DFMarket Holding Group. Dallas Farmers Market The Shed staff includes Amanda Vanhoozier, Director of Market Operations and Nick Hammett, Assistant Market Manager and Orlando Taylor, Custodial Services. A summer intern is sponsored by the Mayors Summer Intern Program to mentor local high school students. This coming year there is a new position which will be working with the special events, live music and programming. Security The DFM has 24-hour security on site for The Shed and The Market. Security has scan points and checklist for each hour throughout the day and night to ensure safety and security of the property. Security can also be of assistance in unlocking the water, breaker boxes, and restrooms when staff is unavailable. Loitering is not permitted to deter proselytizing, hawking and/or peddling. Custodial There is always courteous, custodial staff to assist in the shopping experience; clean up spills, sweep the market floors, wipe public tables and chairs, and clean restrooms throughout the market day. Volunteers from the DFM Friends and local community assist with market days and customer service. Partnership with GROW North Texas for the implementation of a Local Food Hub. Chad Julka, farm coordinator, has been instrumental in establishing relationships with local agriculture groups, farms and ranchers. Ease for setting up Vendors can pull to edge of the shed to unload and park their car within a block away. Vendors with trailers/freezers will be allowed to keep their equipment on the backside of their vendor space. Vendors selling the next day are allowed to leave their displays/tables onsite overnight. The Shed - Days and Hours Year Round Fridays 10am to 5pm Saturdays 9am to 5pm Sundays 10am to 5pm Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day. Some Friday nights, The Shed vendors are invited to set up booths outside The Market on the Pearl St. side. Customers: Downtown Residents over 1,000 within a few blocks year round Downtown Businesses Employees Convention Center/Visitors Dallas- Social-Economic, Diverse Mix Parking for the public Taylor Street and Marilla Street (no meters) Free Parking Lots: LOOK FOR PARKING SIGNS! The Harvest Parking Garage -OPEN!!! Enter on the far southside of the new building off ---- Harwood Street. Look for the Parking Flags! Walk up stairs and exit East side at Shed The Market north side Harwood Rd. across from The Market Farmers Way and Pearl St. North Texas Food Bank Parking on the weekends Transportation: Free DFM Shuttle M-F, 11am - 2pm, Pickup at Akard and Main & Akard and Commerce. DART- Free to Ride on D-Link from Convention Center, Dart St. Paul Station and Uptown! Zipcar - Located on north side of The Shed on Taylor St. DFM Events and Activities The Market is an attraction with the Dallas Farmers Market. It is an enclosed pavilion that has leased shops, restaurants, bars, and a variety of eating spaces both indoors and outdoors. The Market is open daily from 10am to 6pm (some open earlier and some open later) for increased customer activity in the area. There is also two independent restaurants, Mudhen Meat and Greens and Green Door Public House and a large garden center (Ruibal s) within two blocks of the DFM. The American Heart Association Teaching Garden was built by the DFM Friends in 2015 and named, Mama Ida s Teaching Garden. An instructor and volunteers provide activities in the garden during school field trips on weekdays and family activities on weekends. AgriLife Wellness holds a monthly booth to demo healthy eating to the customers. This will feature seasonal produce and hands-on demonstrations. Free to all customers. Busker Performers There is an application process for becoming a busker at the Dallas Farmers Market. Acoustical performers are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays midday in The Shed and in The Market. Walkabout with a Chef Monthly guest chefs hold an impromptu culinary experience for the public at the market. Many enjoy watching a chef shop the market and prepare a dish or two from what is available. Sponsored events at The Shed that incorporate the DFM vendors. Cesar Chavez Day in May, BoHo Market in September, Downtown Hoedown in October and CBS Tamale Fest in December. DFM Friends and the International Wine and Food Association hosts the DFM Cooking Classes during 6 week periods throughout four seasons. These are fee-based classes with high publicity in Dallas. Marketing Capacity The Dallas Farmers Market is voted best farmers market in the metroplex by D Magazine. Frequently featured in articles in the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Observer, Culture Map and other Dallas guides. Ads in local papers, Culture Map and on The Ticket streaming. Website - Weekly newsletter sent on Thursdays 7200 subscribers- 89% increase since June 2015 Social Media: Facebook 41,957page likes since February 2017 Twitter 12.6k followers since February 2017 Instagram 42.1K followers since February 2017 Pinterest 314 followers since February 2017
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