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Reliance Two Wheeler Vehicle Certificate cum Package Policy Schedule Name of Insured : MR DARISA SHRAVAN KUMAR Policy / Certificate No. : 9202532312008516 Proposal /Covernote No : W07161304634 Period of Insurance : From 00:00:00 Hrs on 27/07/2013 to 26/07/2014 on 23:59 Address : VISHANU SIVA ENCLAVE VISHANU SIVA ENCLAVE FLAT NO 303 BALKAMPETSANATH NAGAR HYDERABAD 500038 ANDHRA PRADESH Contact details : 9966220668 Hypothecated with : Email ID : smile.shravan@gmail.com Zone A Busi
  Reliance Two Wheeler Vehicle Certificate cum Package Policy Schedule Policy / Certificate No. : 9202532312008516 Proposal /Covernote No : W07161304634 Business/Occupation: Others Name of Insured : MR DARISA SHRAVAN KUMAR Period of Insurance : From 00:00:00 Hrs on 27/07/2013 to 26/07/2014 on 23:59 Address : VISHANU SIVA ENCLAVE VISHANU SIVA ENCLAVE FLAT NO 303 BALKAMPETSANATH NAGAR HYDERABAD 500038 ANDHRA PRADESH Contact details : 9966220668 Hypothecated with : Email ID : smile.shravan@gmail.com Zone AGeographical Area India Particulars of vehicle Insured :Own Damage Basic OD693.00 Basic Own Damage Premium693.00 Deduct 20% for NCB -138.51 TOTAL OWN DAMAGE PREMIUM554.02Liability Basic Liability420.00 Basic Liability Premium 420.00 PA Benifits Compulsory PA cover to Owner Driver of CSI 100000(IMT-15)50.00 Total PA Premium50.00 Legal LiabilityTotal Liability Premium470.00 Package Premium1,024.02 Add:Service Tax (12% of Net Premium)122.88Add:Education Cess (2% of Service Tax)2.46Add:Secondary & Higher Education Cess(1% of Service Tax)1.23 FINAL PREMIUM1,150.59 Subject to I.M.T. Endt.Nos. & Memorandum printed/herein/attached hereto. IMT22, Service Tax Reg.No. AABCR6747BST001Category-General Insurance Business Service 00440005 The policy has been issued based on the information provided by you and the policy is not valid if any of the information provided is incorrect. Subject otherwise to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the Reliance Two Wheeler Package Policy. In Witness whereof this Policy has been signed at Mumbai on 07/08/2013 in lieu of Cover Note No:W07161304634 dated NA In the unfortunate event of a claim,Please call along with your Policy No.on 1800 103 1999 (toll free) or 022 41112600 (Standard STD Rates Apply) and register your claim immediately within 7 days from the date of loss.For Customer service, Please call along with your Policy No. on 1800 300 28282(toll free) or 39898282(local charges apply)|www.reliancegeneral.co.in IMPORTANT NOTICE :The insured is not indemnified if the vehicle is used or driven otherwise than in accordance with this Schedule.Any payment made by the Company by reason of wider terms appealing in the Certificate in order to comply with the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 is For Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd. recoverable from the Insured.See the clause headed 'AVOIDANCE OF CERTAIN TERMS AND RIGHT OF RECOVERY'. For legal interpretation,English version will hold good.NOTE: Kindly acknowledge receipt of this policy. In case you find any variations against your proposal or anydiscrepancy in the policy,kindly contact us immediatelyReliance General Insurance Co. Ltd. Duly Constituted Attorney(s) Registered Office: Reliance Centre, 19, Walchand Hirachand Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai - 400 001 Policy Issuing Office : 570, Naigaum Cross Road, Next to Royal Industrial Estate, Wadala (W), Mumbai - 400 031 Policy servicing office :Reliance General Insurance Co Ltd 570- Rectifier House, Naigaum Cross Road,Wadala(W), MUMBAI,MAHARASHTRA - 400031 Intermediary Code\Name: Direct / DIRECT Intermediary Contact No: Premium Schedule Registration Number and PlaceMake / ModelEngine / Chassis No.VehicleType of bodyCubic CapacityYear of ManufactureSeating Capacity of side car (if any) including driverNet Premium Rs.IDV (Insured's Declared Value) RsAP09CM0176KHAIRATABAD YAMAHASZ R1PM3017234ME11PM033C2017233 153201221,024.0245,440.00 Limitations As To Use The Policy covers use for any purpose other than: a. Hire or Reward, b. Carriage of goods (other than samples or personal luggage), c. Organized racing, d. Pace making, e. Speed testing, f. Reliability trials, g. Any purpose in connection with Motor Trade Persons/Classes of Persons entitled to drive : Any person including the Insured provided that a person driving holds an effective driving license at the time of the accident and is not disqualified from holding or obtaining such a license. Provided also that the person holding an effective Learner's License may also drive the vehicle and that such a person satisfies the requirements of Rule 3 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. Limits of Liability : a. Under Section II-1(i) of the Policy-Death of or bodily injury to any person so far as it is necessary to meet the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. b. Under Section II (1)(ii) of the Policy-Damage to property other than property belonging to the insured or held in trust or in the custody of control of the insured up to the limits specified Rs.1 lakhs . Deductible under Section-I (i)Compulsory deductible Rs. 100/-(ii) Additional compulsory deductible Rs. 0/-(iii) Voluntary deductible Rs. 0 /-(iv) PA Cover for owner-driver under section III CSI Rs. 100000/- Special Conditions: NA It is hereby declared and agreed that all pre-existing damages to the vehicle having occurred prior to the commencement of cover are excluded from the scope of the policy.The policy wording with detailed terms, conditions and exclusions are available on our website www.reliancegeneral.co.in Consolidated stamp duty paid vides Receipt No. MH000023890201314E dated 10/04/2013 Not applicable for the State of Jammu and Kashmir.I/We hereby certify that the Policy to which the certificate relates as well as this certificate of insurance are issued in accordance with the provision of Chapter X and Chapter XI of M.V. Act, 1988. Note: In the event of dishonor of cheque, this policy document automatically stands cancelled from inception irrespective of whether a separate communication is sent or not. No Claim Bonus will only be allowed, provided the policy is renewed within 90 days of the expiry of the previous policy. Insured's Declared Value For the Vehicle (Rs)For Trailers (Rs)Non Elec. Accessories (Rs)Elec./Electronic Accessories (Rs) Value of CNG/LPG Kit (Rs)Total Cover SI (Rs)Total IDV (Rs)45,440.,440.00 Registered Office: Reliance Centre, 19, Walchand Hirachand Marg,Ballard Estate ,Mumbai - 400 001  Some Important Insurance Terms for your understanding of the Motor Insurance CoverOwn Damage Cover: Own Damage or OD means Loss/Damage to your motor vehicle and/or accessories due to specified PERILS (risks/hazards) Fire *Self Ignition *Explosion *Lightning *Theft * Burglary *Housebreaking *Riot *Strike *Earthquake *Flood and allied perils *Accidental external means *Malicious acts *Terrorist activity *Transit *Landslide / rockslideOwn Damage cover is available in Package Policy or a Comprehensive Policy but would not be available under Act only or Third Party Policy.It is recommended to essentially go in for Package cover as it is a Comprehensive cover for your vehicle Third Party Liability Cover: Means protection against any legal liability towards third party in case your vehicle accidentally causes either *Death of or bodily injury to any “Third Party” or “damage to property belonging to “Third Party” as per the provisions of Motor Vehicle Act. Third Party Property Damage is available up to a limit of Rs 7, 50, 000/-Third Party Liability cover is a mandatory part of any Motor Vehicle Policy, either Package or Comprehensive Policy or Third Party Policy.We are pleased to inform you that Comprehensive Policy can also provide the following against additional premium:ã Compulsory Personal Accident cover to owner driver (Individual Insured) up to a value of Rs 200000.ã Legal liability towards the paid driver.ã PA cover for Un-named passengers Major Exclusions: Every Insurance policy has certain areas which are excluded. Major exclusion under this policy are: Consequential loss, depreciation, normal wear and tear, mechanical or electrical breakdown failures or breakages. Vehicles insured under Private Car category is not covered if used for commercial purposes or if driven by an unauthorized driver. Note: The above exclusions are indicative. For complete details, please refer to the policy wordings on our website www.reliancegeneral.co.in. Insurance being a contract of Utmost Good Faith requires the customer to disclose all information correctly. If you feel any information is not captured correctly or is incomplete, we request you to approach us. Other suitable Products of Reliance General Insurance Company Limited ã Reliance Health Wise Policy – Excellent Health Insurance Solution for your entire familyã Reliance Critical Illness Policy – Get Cushioned against financial adversity as a result of critical illness.ã Reliance Personal Accident Policy – Financial Compensation against accidentsã Reliance Householders Insurance policy – Package cover for entire Household items including buildingã Reliance Overseas Travel Care – Covers Medical Expenses, accident & others during overseas travel……. Lot more visit http://www.reliancegeneral.co.in/insurance/index.aspx Registered Office: Reliance Centre, 19, Walchand Hirachand Marg,Ballard Estate ,Mumbai - 400 001
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