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  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chess Music: Benny Andersson + Bj?rn Ulvaeus Lyrics: Tim Rice Book: Tim Rice Premiere: Wednesday, May 14, 1986 London record: 1984 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHESSScript as per performances in the Prince Edward Theatre in June 1986.*indicates spoken line or speechNB: Chess commentaries by William Hartston are not included in this script, neit her are counterpoint/backing lyrics in some scenes, e.g. the Prologue.© 1986 by Tim Rice PROLOGUE: THE STORY OF CHESS(NB: The Chorus portray at various times characters in the lyric of the Prologue .)ARBITER Each game of chess means there's one less Variation left to be played Each day got through means one or two Less mistakes remain to be madechorus Each game of chess means there's one less  Variation left to be played Each day got through means one or two Less mistakes remain to be madeNot much is known Of early days of chess beyond a fairly vague report That fifteen hundred years ago two princes fought Though brothers, for a Hindu throneTheir mother cried For no-one really likes their offspring fighting to the death She begged them stop the slaughter with her every breath But sure enough one brother diedSad beyond belief She told her winning son You have caused such grief I can't forgive this evil thing you've doneHe tried to explain How things had really been But he tried in vain No words of his could mollify the queenAnd so he asked the wisest men he knew The way to lessen her distress They told him he'd be pretty certain to impress By using model soldiers on  A chequered board to show it was his brother's fault They thus invented chessChess displayed no inertia Soon spread to Persia, then west Next the Arabs refined it, Thus redesigned, it progressed Still further yet And when Constantinople fell in 1453 One would have noticed every other refugee Included in his bags a setOnce in the hands And in the minds of leading figures of the Renaissance The spirit and the speed of chess made swift advance Through all of Europe's vital landsWhere we must record The game was further changed Right across the board The western touch upon the pieces rangedKing and queen and rook And bishop, knight and pawn All took on the look We know today, the modern game was bornWith such success We see a game that started by mistake in Hindustan And boosted in the main by what is now Iran  Reach every corner of the globe with nation Squaring up to nation to determine, no holds barred, Who owns, who made, who will parade The champion of chess*arbiter The international chess federation of which I have the honor of being president announces that the next world championship will take place in Merano, Italy.The current world champion, Anatoly Sergievsky of the Soviet Union, will defend his title against Frederick Trumper of the United States of America.The first player to achieve six victories will be declared champion. The first g ame will begin on March 27th.ACT ONEScene One : The Main Square of Merano, Italy.Is this The Sound of Music? Tirolean hats, leather pants, yodels and dancing. Sn owcapped mountain peaks and icy rivers. Narrow, crowded, colourful streets of shop s. Grapes and the benefits of the spa. The MAYOR and CITIZENS are waiting for an important arrival at the station.ciTIzens of merano (including MAYOR) O light the heart That lingers in Merano Merano! The spa no Connoisseur of spas would miss
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