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ActiveGuard Mattress Liners Boost Your Revenues with ActiveGuard Mattress Liners Boost Your Revenues with ActiveGuard Mattress Liners The emergence of bed bugs throughout the country continues to escalate
ActiveGuard Mattress Liners Boost Your Revenues with ActiveGuard Mattress Liners Boost Your Revenues with ActiveGuard Mattress Liners The emergence of bed bugs throughout the country continues to escalate with relatively few new products or strategies to combat the problem Until Now! As a pest professional who adheres to the best management practices of IPM, wouldn t you embrace a bed bug product that was well-researched; widely-published; and, supported by both national renowned research entomologists and leading Top 100 PMPs? Consider an EPA-registered product that has the following set of label claims, unrivaled in the industry: Kills bed bugs for up to two years Kills bed bugs in bedding (mattress, air mattress, box spring, sofa bed) Helps prevent new bed bug infestations Use as a bed bug preventative tool as part of an integrated control program Useful as a long term control of adult bed bugs and their juvenile instars Helps stop a bed bug infestation before it is established when used as part of an integrated control program And can you imagine a product that is labeled without any restrictions in use or cautionary signal words, consistent with a Category IV product? FINALLY a bed bug product that improves your existing program and prevents future infestations!!! WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW before you can start increasing treatment revenues and considering novel preventative strategies? ActiveGuard Mattress Liners are the perfect complement to any existing bed bug remediation program for active infestations; including, heat, chemical, freezing, mixed thermal/chemical approaches and physical methods to reduce bed bug burdens (vacuuming and steam). These liners are not intended as a standalone front line tool but rather the LAST STEP after the mattress and box spring have been cleared of bed bugs. Simply installed as a fitted sheet, provides unique and unparalleled value to every bed bug program by killing those few bed bugs that remain after initial treatment as well as controlling bed bugs that re-emerge or newly re-enter subsequent to the completion of your program. Cutting edge research demonstrates that after ONLY 10 minutes of contact with ActiveGuard bed bugs tend not to feed and females do not drop their eggs. Real world consequences include reduced biting and significant population control! No maintenance is required for two years! Effortlessly, any program (including heat with zero residual activity and chemical with ~ days residual activity) will now enjoy up to two years of continuous prevention and control as a result of simply adding ActiveGuard!!! 2 JUST IMAGINE the revenue opportunities now afforded by incorporating ActiveGuard : Enhance your present program s effectiveness with an opportunity to extend your bed bug program s guarantee period; increase treatment revenues Increase client confidence; increase word-of-mouth referrals Reduce the number of call backs; retain a greater percentage of revenues by reducing labor costs involved with re-treatments Reduces the incidence of re-infestations due to rips and tears, common with encasements Lower inventory carrying costs, four ActiveGuard SKU s cover 99% of available beds Easy, one-technician installation saves time and money Carrying only four SKUs on service vehicles allows for installation at the initial service, saving the cost of returning while increasing initial treatment effectiveness Kill any bed bugs missed during cleanout service; reduce manpower costs by lowering requirement for excessive client return visits Two-year residual sale opportunities; renewable income stream Dust mite abatement through placement on mattress generates a hypoallergenic sleeping environment; a novel selling feature BUT WAIT have you been looking to create a pro-active preventative program that wasn t solely service-based? While passive and active monitors are integral to surveillance, they are not control measures. Canine detection is a superior method to detection, but once again, a reactionary approach to at least a low level presence of bed bugs. ActiveGuard Mattress Liners are the only EPA-registered product labeled for bed bug control and prevention as part of an integrated control program.* Now you have a device that actively kills bed bugs at the two main sites where bed bugs seek harborage for two years; mattresses and box springs. Use ActiveGuard as the centerpiece of your pro-active preventative program the options are endless as well as the potential profits! CONSIDER the following IPM-based Preventative Program: Awareness and Surveillance; prepare a manual to instruct and guide customers on: What does a bed bug look like? Where are the most common sites bed bugs reside? When to seek professional assistance? Why a bed bug problem can happen to anyone? Who should be notified if you have a problem? *There are other preventative programs including the use of synthetic pyrethrins, halogenated pyrroles and neonicotinoids; these require reapplication every 6-12 months and have significant restrictions regarding application to bedding. 3 Basic Program: Install ActiveGuard on box springs of high-risk rooms or facilities Install passive monitors under bed legs Enhanced Program: Consider adding an active monitor (including a semiochemical lure, heat and/or CO 2) for higher levels of monitoring Consider adding quarterly canine monitoring Consider placement of silica desiccant around switch plate and outlet covers, and basement molding Value Proposition: ActiveGuard as the flagship device within an IPM program has evidenced reductions in bed bug infestations 90% in hotels and other transient facilities. The bed bug treatment-related cost reduction is enormous while preservation of brand reputation is immeasurable. For example - Assume Basic Preventative Program Approach: Nursing Home Client with 100 rooms and bed bug incident frequency of 2/month 2 Year Program Charge to the client - $125 per annum (x 2 years) $ 250. PMP cost of the program is $140 annum/room/2 years (assume 2 beds) 140. (incl. 2 ActiveGuard liners; eight passive monitors; quarterly inspection) Net PMP profit/rm. (2 years) 110. Net PMP profit (100 rms. 2 years) 11,000. From the perspective of the Nursing Home: Preventative Program Cost (100 rms. at $250/2 yrs.) 25,000. No. of prevented bed bug incidents (2/mo. x 12 mo. x 2 yrs.) 48 incidents (75% prevention rate for Program with ActiveGuard * ~36 incidents) Cost reduction (36 x $2000 remediation cost per incident) 72,000. Savings to Nursing Home $ 47,000. FOR THE FIRST TIME you have the ability to offer your high risk clients a pro-active preventative program that will sustain, in a cost-effective manner, the highest likelihood of a bed bug-free environment. Further, in the event of a bed bug incident, the bed bug will be killed as a result of ActiveGuard or captured in a monitoring device. In either event, you will be alerted to investigate and intercede BEFORE an infestation establishes. Your client will have saved thousands of dollars in remediation costs if the incident had been left undetected; preserved brand reputation; and, expressed heightened satisfaction and confidence in the service offered. * Approximate 75% degree of prevention for illustration; data to date suggests even more dramatic reductions in incident/infestation reduction frequency 4 From the PMP s perspective, a preventative program provides: New income stream Renewable income (based on the two year residual lifespan of ActiveGuard ) Enhanced client confidence in a pro-active strategy If necessary, an ability to intercede at the incident rather than infestation level YOU SHOULD BE TARGETING YOUR HIGH RISK CLIENTS FOR PREVENTION not every client is a candidate for a preventative program. Consider their behaviors, including work habits, in selecting the most likely clients that may be challenged by a bed bug incident. Hotels/Motels including their workers Universities/Colleges and dormitory-based academic institutions; this includes administrators and staff o Parents of students away at school Multi-occupant dwelling occupants Visiting nurse, occupational health and other visiting caregivers Federal, state and local civil service providers with sleeping accommodations Prisons Cruise lines Families with frequently traveling executives WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED RECAP ActiveGuard Mattress Liners now provide the PMP with a tool to enhance and complement every bed bug treatment strategy they presently employ or are considering these liners extend the scope of your service approach to treating bed bugs for TWO YEARS. ActiveGuard is EPA- registered and labeled without use restrictions, and does not carry any cautionary signal words, consistent with a Category IV product. Highly characterized and widely-published in both lab and field trials, these liners provide a unique and unrivaled ability to prevent bed bug infestations when used in concert with an IPM program. As a perfect complement to every bed bug control strategy, PMPs can now extend their bed bug remediation programs for two years, while enjoying a new and renewable income stream. And now as a result of the long term preventative and control ActiveGuard provides, PMPs can implement a pro-active preventative program that may be tailored to the needs of their individual clients. ActiveGuard Stop the Bites. Prevent the Infestation! Ver. 2.1 July 2016 Your Pathway to Recurring Bed Bug Revenue & Profits Continues Final Step in Active Control Begins Continues Continues Kills bed bugs 24/7 continuously for two years Used in the control and prevention of bed bug infestations Maintenance-Free Easy to Install User-Friendly Label Perfect complement to thermal, chemical and mixed-treatment strategies Since adding ActiveGuard Mattress Liners to our standard bed bug treatment protocol our re-infestation percentage went from 3% to 1%. I truly believe in the value that ActiveGuard has added to our bed bug treatment services. Thank you for a product that truly delivers on its promises. Bill Hastings, Rose Pest Solutions Become an ActiveGuard VIP! Learn more at
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