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Advaita The three main ontological terms JIVA ATMAN BRAHMAN ã Jiva is atman limited or individuated by the upadhies Jiva ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã The psychophysical organism Empirical self or ego Many in number Anthakarana or Internal organ is the adjunct of atman A construction of maya or avidya Jiva is atman limited by avidya Knower, enjoyer and active agent Acquires merits and demerits Subject to transmigration Lives an embodied life Subject to causality ã Capable of bondage and liberation
  Advaita  The three main ontological terms ã Jiva is atman limited or individuated by theupadhies JIVAATMAN BRAHMAN  Jiva ã The psychophysical organism   ã Empirical self or ego   ã Many in number   ã Anthakarana or Internal organis the adjunct of atman   ã A construction of maya oravidya   ã Jiva is atman limited by avidya   ã Knower, enjoyer and activeagent   ã Acquires merits and demerits   ã Subject to transmigration   ã Lives an embodied life ã Subject to causality ã Capable of bondage andliberation   ã Mortality is attributed to it owingto its actions motivated bydesires due to avidya   ã Not an ontological reality   ã An imaginary construction ofthe adjunct buddhi   ã No existence apart from thebuddhi which is theindividuating principle.  Atman ã The universal self   ã Identical with Brahman   ã Atman istranscendental   ã The supreme reality   ã Can never deny itsexistence   ã Even its denial asserts its existence ã Atman limited by the body and the upadhies is the jiva   ã Jiva is empirical andphenomenal   ã Basically false  
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