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African Tribal Masks



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For centuries, the African tribal masks played an important role in the culture of its indigenous communities. Major collection of tribal masks, statues, sculptures and bronzes at Afridesia.net! Visit their website to browse their collection. http://afridesia.net/
  • 1. Afridesia/JKM Ventures
  • 2. African Sculptures – The Variety AvailableTraditional African art comes from the central and western regions of this amazing continent. It includes figures,jewelry, domestic articles, masks, paraphernalia, and regalia. African masks and figurines mostly have a ritualisticsignificance besides their spiritual and aesthetic appeal, which adds to their value and allure. On delving deep, thetrue meaning of these African sculptures comes to the fore, making these articles some of the most wonderfuladditions to the look of any home. Websites like http://afridesia.net/ offer an amazing variety of these art pieces foryou to choose from. Therefore, if you wish to buy African sculptures for use in the décor of your space, use this guideto discover their types and significance.Abstract representationsWhen one considers abstract representations in traditional African art, the first name that comes to the mind is theNok Sculpture. These terracotta figurines from North-West Nigeria can range from small 10 cm works of wonder tolife-sized pieces. They have a specific appearance with a comparatively large and conical head, simplified faces, andtubular, short bodies. The mouth of the figurine contains wide lips with flattened noses. Initially their use was forplacement in shrines and graves as a part of burial rituals. The original Nok figurines date back to 1stCentury! In thecontemporary setting too, sculptors continue to make terracotta figures in this style for use in home décor.Metal sculpturesAfrican tribal art sometimes uses a metal base, a popular form of which is bronze casting. The oldest types ofAfrican sculptures of this kind are from the 9thCentury. During 12th- 15th,Century, brass became a popular raw materialfor designing and creating figurines. Artisans used to melt down Portuguese ornaments in order to find brass forfashioning art forms. One can find relief panels from this period that depict Portuguese militia in their full battleregalia. Modern artists continue to use this art form and create contemporary figures and other items that are verypopular amongst aficionados of this art form.
  • 3. Art on ivoryAfrican tribal art using glamorous ivory is a result of European influence in this part of the world. Breathtaking ivoryAfrican sculptures and figurines found in Nigeria and Congo date back to the 1490s and include everything fromforks, saltcellars, spoons, and dagger handles. These beautiful pieces of art combine African and Europeaninfluences that make them unique and special. You can also find ivory artwork designed as a part of scepter handleornamentation for tribal chiefs or African kings and pendant masks for personal use. In the modern day, the use ofivory for making figures has decreased considerably owning to legalities associated with it and their inordinateprices.Wooden sculptureAfrican sculptures made from wood are much in demand all over the world. One of the reasons for this is that thespiritual and mystic qualities of such figures come out much prominently in wood compared to any other material.African art is unique and alluring. Modern artists continue to use traditional means along with contemporary trendsto create something worth possessing. Visit http://afridesia.mybigcommerce.com/ to buy the best of these!
  • 4. Find the Best in African Tribal Art Only on Afridesia.netAre you looking for African sculptures or figurines for use in the décor of your home? You can now get the very best ofAfrican Tribal Art at the one stop destination for all lovers of this art form! Afridesia.net is the website where you canfind everything from outdoor sculptures and paintings to stone artwork, woodwork and even textiles. Those who loveAfrica and its mysticism will surely find an ideal representation of their requirements in a variety of unique items thatthis website offers.Afridesia.net continuously strives to add more information as well as items relating to the beautiful traditional andcontemporary African tribal art form to the public domain. The store has made these items easily accessible forinterested buyers and collectors. High quality carvings, masks, statues, bronzes, ritualistic objects, figurines, textilesand animal figures are only some of the things available with them.Jeff Morris, owner of Afridesia.net explains, “There is little need of speculation about whether or not Africansculptures were for magic or religion. One really does not require any reason to appreciate the beauty in this art form.Our company is trying its best to promote African culture and traditions, while giving local artists a chance to showcasetheir products to a global audience. We are trying to take African tribal art to people across the world, offeringinformation as well as products, so that they come in a better position to appreciate the inherent qualities of thesearticles.”Afridesia.net brings only the best for their customers. Fall in love with the stone sculptures on display or makeselections from a variety of woodcarvings with each piece designed to garner maximum attention. Those who wish toget a whiff of this great continent and find the best of African tribal art are not going to be disappointed witheverything on offer here.For more information about the online store or to browse through their huge collection of African tribal art pieces,please visit the website http://afridesia.mybigcommerce.com/ .
  • 5. Afridesia/JKM Ventures353 Paoli Pike,Malvern, PA 19355Phone: 610-228-4144Email: info@afridesia.netWebsite: http://afridesia.net/
  • 6. Afridesia/JKM Ventures353 Paoli Pike,Malvern, PA 19355Phone: 610-228-4144Email: info@afridesia.netWebsite: http://afridesia.net/
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