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1. AND DONTS OF A JOBINTERVIEW*Dayra Rodriguez* 2. How should yougo for aninterview 3. . Check out the companycultureWhen first deciding what towear on a job interview,…
  • 1. AND DONTS OF A JOBINTERVIEW*Dayra Rodriguez*
  • 2. How should yougo for aninterview
  • 3. . Check out the companycultureWhen first deciding what towear on a job interview, youshould first take intoconsideration the culture ofthe company you areinterviewing with, and dressaccordingly. Are youinterviewing with a companywhere the employees wearsuits everyday or do theywear t-shirts and jeans?
  • 4. * In a job interview allcounts. Not only whatyouve done, your resumeor your experience. Italso imports theimpression that causesdesprendesqualities, what others seein you. Therefore, it isimportant to devote partof their preparation totake care of theirappearance, how theymove and how to express.
  • 5. *Before you walk into theinterview, its assumedthat you will have done thefollowing: preparedyourself by reading up onthe company and recentcompany news; practicedwhat youll say to some ofthe more common interviewquestions.
  • 6. What You Should NEVERDo in a Job Interview
  • 7. *Please…I beg of you…don’t cometo an interview if you haven’tbathed or brushed your teeth! Ifanyone thinks I’m kidding, I’mnot. While this may seemabsolutely obvious to almosteveryone, I assure you, there aresome folks who may not realizethis matters. And if you are oneof them…it absolutely does! Youdon’t have to come dressed like afashion plate – in fact probably agood idea not to unless it’s somesnazzy high-fashion job – andeven then, less may be more.Tasteful, well-groomed, bathed…
  • 8. Dont:*Rub the back of your head or neck. Evenif you really do just have a cramp in yourneck, these gestures make you lookdisinterested.*Rub or touch your nose. This suggeststhat youre not being completely honest,and its gross.*Sit with your armed folded across yourchest. Youll appear unfriendly anddisengaged.*Cross your legs and idly shake one overthe other. Its distracting and shows howuncomfortable you are.*Lean your body towards the door. Youllappear ready to make a mad dash for thedoor.
  • 9. *Talking about salary and benefits in thefirst interview• Compensation is a very importantissue, do not deny it, but should not beyour main motivation at work. If arecruiter is looking for, is because hewants to make you an interesting offer.• It is important to avoid the interviewerask questions related to the salaryoffered for the position. This is notappropriate to ask in the first or secondinterviews, it may show signs ofanxiety, which does not cause a positiveimage to the interviewer. There is a rulein sales between longer it takes to talkabout a price (salary) gives more time tosell and may be the highest bid.
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