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Arizona Aloha Festivals, Inc. P.O. Box Tempe, Arizona Telephone: Fax: Aloha! We are happy to announce the 2018 Arizona Aloha Festival will be held
Arizona Aloha Festivals, Inc. P.O. Box Tempe, Arizona Telephone: Fax: Aloha! We are happy to announce the 2018 Arizona Aloha Festival will be held March 10-11, 2018 at Tempe Beach Park at Tempe Town Lake! Application materials must be completed, mailed to the address on the application, and postmarked by November 4, 2017 to be considered in the first review. We are anticipating great interest and will create our stage schedules from the first batch of on-time applications. Late applications are accepted for a waiting list to fill schedule 'holes' and cancellations as needed. Pay close attention to the application and answer all the questions, INCLUDING the description of your program. (We have added a page to describe and/or draw your anticipated stage setup). Your answers on this application are all we have to go by when making our choices, so please be descriptive. If you have not performed at Arizona Aloha Festival before, please include a video of a performance or practice, or point us to a website or YouTube video. Please read the Guidelines for Performer Participation carefully as these will apply if you and/or your group are selected for the 2018 Festival. Your original signature attests that you have read and will comply with them. If you have a question, please don t hesitate to ask before signing. If you have any questions, please contact Kamalu Tinnell, Performance Chairperson by telephone at or by at You also may leave a message at the Festival office at Other Festival News: *The Arizona Aloha Festival's Discovery areas (the Village displays, presentations in Hale Mana o, and the Keiki Make and Take activities) are always looking for demonstrators, artisans, artists, and those willing to teach about arts, crafts, history, sports, skills, stories, dance - anything that teaches about cultures. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please contact Co-Chairs Ted & Claudia Kaercher at or via phone at *Volunteers are also a big part of Festival as they staff all our program areas. Stage Crew volunteers are always needed, especially the 1 to 5 p.m. shift. We also welcome help with Discoveries, information booth, soda/water sales and more. If you know anyone that may be interested, please our Volunteer Chairperson at Online sign-up will open in January. *Vendor applications have a November 13, 2017 deadline. If anyone is interested in obtaining a vendor booth, those materials are on-line at as of October 1(look under both categories of vendors) and the application materials are downloadable. This page intentionally left blank for printing purposes (in case you want to print the application front and back to save paper and be environmentally friendly.) 2018 Arizona Aloha Festival Guidelines for Performer Participation Page 1 of 3 NOTE: These guidelines are in effect to respect the operation of the park and to comply with city regulations. Please help us respect our hosts and partners. The Festival's mission: To showcase the culture of Hawaii and/or the South Pacific Islands Performances Performance Selection Goals Limited stage time No Fire Dances Audience participation Taualuga or similar Dances Music accompaniment Live music Recorded music: CDs Copyrights Sound equipment needs Performing groups will be selected to provide a well rounded variety of performances in keeping with the mission of the Festival. Groups will be selected based upon the completeness of the information provided on the application materials submitted. Videos and pictures are welcomed. To give the opportunity for as many groups as possible to perform, Groups are limited to no more than 40 minutes performance time on stage starting at the time you're scheduled. This allows 10 minutes to set up the stage for you and 10 minutes to take down the stage from your performance and prepare for the next group. (If you start late, that is deducted.) The Festival must follow the Tempe Fire Department's Safety Regulations and they do not permit performers under 21 to handle fire at a public performance. In addition, the City's Risk Manager requires a total of $5 million additional insurance coverage for fire dancing as he considers it the same as fireworks. We simply can't find a company to write the extra insurance that we can afford. We are as dismayed as you about this and express our deepest regrets. The Festival must follow the Tempe Fire Department's Safety Regulations. If safety needs require the fencing or roping off of the front of the stage, we will not be able to allow audience members to come on stage from the front. Groups wishing to include audience members must then choose their participants before the performance and gain backstage entry for them from the Stage Manager. The Festival no longer requires groups to donate money thrown upon the stage. However, while we respect the tradition, this policy may revert back if there is abuse and performances are observed to change from a celebration of culture to one of obtaining as much money as possible from the performance. The Festival's mission is to provide education and awareness about South Pacific Islander cultures and we must respect that mission. Please contact Kamalu if you have questions or concerns Live musicians are welcomed on Lakeside and Mountain stages (Discovery is too small). A complete sound equipment list and program outline must be turned in on time so we can make sure that proper sound equipment is ordered and on-site. We will work with you as much as is possible at the last minute but may not be able to accommodate. Home- burned CDs do not always work in a variety of equipment. If you want to use one, try it in a variety of CD players to see if it will play. (Remember, professional equipment is very sensitive.) Have the original CDs available at Festival so your performance can still go on. Label the CD case and the CD itself, if possible, with the group's name and the owner's name (first & last). Don't forget to get the CD back at the end of your performance! Cell phones can NOT be used to provide your music. If a call comes through, the show stops. Ipods and MP3 players can be plugged into the sound equipment and is recommended. The Festival obtains a license from ASCAP that covers use of copyrighted music at the Festival. If your selected music is not covered by ASCAP, you are responsible to obtain any copyright permission needed for music used in your performance. The Festival contracts with one of the Valley's best sound companies. They provide a professional sound quality to enhance your performance and the audience's listening pleasure. We do not provide wireless mikes - but you can bring your own. You will get an in early February and asked for your sound needs list. We provide the sound techs with a list of your sound equipment needs based on this information. We will monitor sound levels in respect to other program areas, other stages, and the 2018 Arizona Aloha Festival Guidelines for Performer Participation Page 2 of 3 Sound equipment needs, cont'd Selection Process Notification of acceptance Roster of performers/ releases Description of stage set up needed Logistics Check-In Backstage help neighborhoods around the Park. Please contact Kamalu Tinnell by telephone at or by at if you have sound equipment questions. Once selections have been made and tentative performance schedules made, notifications will go out by (or phone if no ). This will go out approximately the first week of December. You must confirm acceptance of your time slot with a return or phone call by the end of December! A Group Roster form will be sent to you in February and has a deadline for completion (refer to the form). List all performers, musicians and backstage assistants that are planning to be with the group at Festival. You may update this list any time until March 1st. NOTE: People 'hanging out' are not allowed back stage and will be asked to leave. Anyone not in a group teeshirt or other identifying clothing will be asked to leave unless they are on your roster. If you have a live musician, chanter, drummer(s) or equipment needing to be placed on stage, you must include a separate page with a drawing of where chairs, microphones or other equipment must be placed. If this changes from the time of application, you can update the drawing any time up until February 28. This is so we can have chairs, mics or other equipment there for you. Check in with the Stage Manager at your assigned stage at LEAST one half hour before your scheduled performance time. You should be able to put your costumes or equipment in your dressing room at that time. If you have difficulty locating your stage, go to the Information Booth. In addition to the Stage and Assistant Stage Managers, each stage will have one or more Performer Stage Support volunteers available to help with check-in and performance needs. Only performers, musicians, and designated assistants will be allowed backstage. NOTE: People 'hanging out' are not allowed back stage and will be asked to leave. Inform your group members that friends or acquaintances ( I'm with the group ) will be asked to leave unless they are on your roster. This is a safety issue. It is helpful to have identifying teeshirts on those to be allowed backstage. Unloading/loading of equipment Stage sizes & dressing room locations You may drop off items at the designated area and walk them to the Stage. This is a drop-off point only - do NOT leave your vehicle unattended! This is a Fire Lane and any vehicles left without an attending driver will be promptly ticketed and towed. Allow at least 15 minutes for finding the area and unloading plus time for helpers to carry to your stage. See below for information by stage: Lakeside - The dressing rooms are located behind the stage. Stairs are located on both sides of the stage. The stage dimensions are planned to be 30'wide by 36'deep, approximately 30 high. Mountain - The dressing rooms are located behind the stage. Stairs are located on both sides of the stage. Stage dimensions are planned to be 30' wide by 36' deep, approximately 30 high. The Discovery Stage is for individuals and small groups. It is primarily an educational stage where the audience is able to learn about what they are seeing in the performance. It is 20x20 (about 3 high) with one 10x20 dressing room. This stage is not designed for large groups. The number of live musicians are restricted as it has limited sound hookups. 2018 Arizona Aloha Festival Guidelines for Performer Participation Page 3 of 3 Dressing room sizes Dressing Rooms are a 10' x 20' divided tent near each Stage. You will have access roughly 1/2 hour before and 20 minutes after each performance. Each tent will have at least one hanging bar on which to hang costumes. Each group will be assigned only one dressing room for use during their scheduled performance time (10x20 tents will have an adjustable divider tarp to separate sides for men and women, if needed). Your Stage Manager will show you the dressing room and the sign with your group or name posted. Sign-in the time you arrive and sign-out the time that you left. All performing groups are required to leave their dressing rooms clean and free of personal items after their performance. Trash bags will be available at each stage. Lost items are kept and held for 60 days. Oiling BRING TOWELS. For performers who apply oil to body or costume, we are providing an oiling area outside of the dressing rooms signs will be posted at each oiling area. Oil can not be applied inside dressing rooms, restrooms, or public walkways. After your performance, towel oil off body as much as possible and remove as much oily costuming as you can before entering dressing rooms. Oil bottles are to be left outside the dressing rooms at all times. Parking Cultural presentations at Hale Mana'o Volunteer Opportunities There is parking available for performing groups in area 'pay' garages and lots. The Festival is not able to furnish free parking for performers. Please check our website for information about parking in Tempe. Would you or a group member like to teach a dance? Or do they have a special knowledge of cultural arts, crafts, history...any topic really...to share at Hale Mana'o? We're always looking for presenters that would like to talk about or demonstrate a favorite topic or skill for about minutes. Please for ideas and information about doing presentations/sessions. The Arizona Aloha Festival is totally planned and staffed by volunteers. Hundreds of wonderful volunteers assist over the weekend, the days before and after, and in preparation. Some of your students or parents might like to help for fun or for service hour credits. If you or someone in your group is interested in volunteering, please contact the Volunteer Committee Chairperson by at or visit our website at for the link to the information and application. Volunteers that pre-register for a full shift will receive free parking and a t-shirt. Our volunteer sign-up process is all online now and each volunteer can choose the place and time they wish to volunteer. All communication is done via . Descriptions of volunteer positions and sign ups are posted in January at azalohafest.volunteerhub.com Publicity, Website, Facebook, etc. Please provide information for a Press and publicity packet. The media (newspaper, TV, magazines) requests information and photographs of the various performing groups at the Festival. If you have not already done so in the past, please include the group information or history with your application, a website address if you have one, and include (or ) any photos that we can use. Please note that the items may not be returned to you. This page intentionally left blank for printing purposes (in case you want to print the application front and back to save paper and be environmentally friendly.) 2018 PERFORMANCE APPLICATION Group name: Contact Person: Address: City, state, zip Telephone: Home Group Leader (if different) Other 1) Number of participants in my group: Dancers Musicians Other 2) We will be accompanied by: (please check all that apply) # Live musicians # Live voice: chanting # Singing # Narration or announcing Recorded music: CD MP3 or IPod None Other: 3) If selected to perform, I prefer the following performance time periods. I have put a 1 at my most preferred, 2 for second choice, and 3 for least preferred choice I understand that if I/we are selected to perform, and my preferred performance times are not available, I will not be included in this year s schedule. Sat. 10:00-12:00 Sat. 12:00-03:00 Sat. 03:00-05:00 Sun. 10:00-12:00 Sun. 12:00-03:00 Sun. 03:00-05:00 (mark an X for time slot you are absolutely not available) 6) Members of my group have or have not been asked to perform in: Opening Closing and/or Recognition Ceremonies or with the following other group(s). 7) I do or do not plan to include audience participation numbers in my performance: a Taualuga dance an audience participation dance # of participation dances planned 8) Press and publicity if selected to perform: I can supply the following materials to be used only to promote the Arizona Aloha Festival (no commercial use): photographs (individual or group) video brochure/flyer about group As group leader, I am am not available for interviews or personal appearances to promote the Festival in the weeks preceding the event. (Usual media requests (newspaper or TV) range from late February to the event) The group is is not available for publicity appearances to promote the Festival the weeks preceding Festival. The group would would not like to be included on the Festival website as Hawaiian /Polynesian performers available for shows at other times of the year. 9) The best descriptor(s) to use for our program is: Polynesian review Hawaiian Maori Samoan Tahitian Tongan Kupuna (senior) Keiki (children) Other 10) ATTACH an outline of your performance proposal: please list your number of songs and the timing for each, including the time for the MC. Applications without an outline will be considered incomplete and returned. 11) ATTACH a description of your proposed performance to be used for stage introductions and the program. (please limit to approximately 25 words or less and highlight at least one number or dance that you wish to be spotlighted for the public.) This is also used to 'promo' your performance in times leading up to your actual time on stage. If you do not include a description, we will create one for you. I have received a copy of the 2018 Arizona Aloha Festival Guidelines for Performer Participation and agree to abide by them if selected to perform. I understand that the Festival, in trying to accommodate the majority of groups that apply, limits performances to no more than 40 minutes in length and will abide within that time limit if selected to perform. I understand that the group is applying to perform at the Arizona Aloha Festival for free, with no promise of payment if selected to perform. I understand that involvement in the Arizona Aloha Festival is at my/our own risk. Arizona Aloha Festivals, Inc, the City of Tempe, or other sponsoring organizations are not responsible for theft, loss, damage, or injury. I understand that late submission of this application could mean that the group may not be able to be considered for inclusion in the 2018 Festival. I understand that neither Arizona Aloha Festivals, Inc., the City of Tempe, nor any sponsoring or supporting organization carry accident insurance to cover performing groups or their employees/helpers and that participation in the 2018 Arizona Aloha Festival is at your own risk! I agree to hold harmless and indemnify Arizona Aloha Festivals, Inc., its Board of Directors, Officers, Planning Committee and volunteers, the City of Tempe, and any sponsoring and supporting organizations from any liability, claim or demand due to injury to any person or property which may arise from my participation in the 2018 Arizona Aloha Festival. Signature of Responsible Party Printed name Date Please return original signed application to: Arizona Aloha Festival P.O. Box Tempe Arizona Or fax to: You can also to: Application must be postmarked, fax date-stamped, or date-stamped by November 4, 2017 to be considered in the first round of scheduling. Applications postmarked or date-stamped after November 4 will only be considered if openings remain or cancellations occur.
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