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Behavioral Health Information Exchange Overview Jeff Chang


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1. Behavioral Health Information Exchange Overview Jeff Chang, PCE Systems 2. The “Problem” of Behavioral Health Information Exchange ã Physical Health Focus of the…
  • 1. Behavioral Health Information Exchange Overview Jeff Chang, PCE Systems
  • 2. The “Problem” of Behavioral Health Information Exchange • Physical Health Focus of the Industry • Privacy Laws and Regulations – Mental Health Code and 42 C.F.R. Part 2 • Party-Specific Consents • Redisclosure • Expiration • The “Risk of Being Wrong” • Engaging Stakeholders • Software Vendors
  • 3. The Real Problem • Integration of Behavioral Health and Physical Health is really, really important! • Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorders affect Physical Health outcomes, and vice versa • High Utilizers • Increased Rate of Inpatient Readmission • Decreased Mortality Age HIE Must Support Integrated Health Initiatives
  • 4. Why not just change the laws? • Privacy laws and regulations aren’t just annoying hurdles to overcome. • We must serve the healthcare consumer • The laws have a purpose • Stigma • Fear of disclosure and dissemination • There’s no time.
  • 5. Behavioral Health VQO Solution • Engagement from Two Levels • Grassroots • Top-Down • Establishment of the Virtual Qualified Organization (VQO) for Behavioral Health Exchange • Consent Management Platform serves as a buffer between Physical Health and Behavioral Health communities • Balance of technology, legal, business process, and customer service
  • 6. Behavioral Health VQO Solution
  • 7. Behavioral Health VQO Solution
  • 8. Technologies in Use • Industry Standards (where possible) • Service-Oriented-Architecture / SOAP Web Services • HL7 Transactions • NwIN Standards / IHE Profiles using CONNECT 4.1 • Available Data:  Laboratory Test Results  Medication List  Diagnosis List / Problem List  Allergies and Adverse Reactions  Vital Signs  Treatment Plan (IPOS)  Clinical Documents (PDF and/or structured)  CCR / CCD / CDA  Appointments / Schedule  Care Team / Secure Messaging  Staff Service Activity Log  Demographics (MDCH QI)  Insurance Information  Admissions  Consents
  • 9. Current Projects • MiHIN CCD Gateway Pilot • MiHIN (Nitor), NorthCare Network (PCE), and UPHIE (ICA) • Policy Recommendation Workgroup • Metro-Region Integrated Care Collaboration • Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne County CMH Boards + Medicaid Health Plans • Washtenaw Community Health Organization Integrated Care projects • Other BH-to-BH Projects
  • 10. Q&A Thank you! Jeff Chang PCE Systems Tel: (248) 932-4888 jchang@pcesystems.com
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