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  CAUSATIVES Causative structures indicate that one thing or person causes another thing or person to do something or be something. Examples of causatives Have  (  give someone the responsibility to do something )    I had John fix the car    I had my hair cut Make  (  force someone to do something )    The teacher made the students work in groups    Our boss made us work extra hours Get  ( convince or trick someone into doing something )    He got the mechanic to repair the machine.    She got him to read more. Let  ( allow someone do something )    Jane let her son go out    They let the children play in the yard HAVE / GET SOMETHING DONE  subject + have / get + direct object + verb3 Examples: Mr. Chaps got his house painted. Gary had his ring polished. He had himself kicked out of school. I had my tooth extracted yesterday. HAVE / MAKE SOMEBODY DO / GET SOMEBODY TO DO SOMETHING  Subject + have / make + somebody + verb (infinitive) Subject - get + somebody + to verb (infinitive) Examples: I had Luis repair my car. I made my little brother say sorry. Fred got his friend to do his homework. Charlie had the carpenter repair the table. Dora had her hairdresser cut her hair.  Choose the right option. 1. Sally made me ---- my shoes before I went into her house. She said she wanted to keep the carpet clean. take off to take off 2. I see that you have no time to clean the house on your own so you had better get somebody ---- it for you. done to do 3. What you should do before an emergency occurs is to get your fire alarm ---- that will also make you feel safer. to fix fixed 4. She had to have her phone number ---- because she was receiving obscene calls from a stranger. change changed 5. Her dress was too long, so she had it ----. shorten shortened 6. You'd better have a plumber ---- the leak in the bathroom. repair repaired 7. Instead of buying a new pair of shoes, I had my old ones ----. repair repaired 8. I got everyone in the family ---- Mary's birthday card before I sent it to her. sign to sign 9. I didn't have any time so I had my sister ---- my paper last night. type to type   10. The teacher got the students ---- the first quatrain of the poem to make it easy to memorize. write to write 11. Regular repetition makes one ---- new words easily. learn to learn 12. I'm going ............ at the new hairdresser's to get my hair cut to cut my hair 13. She needs to ........ have her car repairs have her car repaired 14. I really must get ....... the central heating somebody to fix somebody fix 15. They ought to have ........ replace the broken windows somebody to somebody 16. He ......... while he was away on holiday had his flat burgled burgled his flat 17. I .......... my phone repaired after I dropped it had had to 18. She didn't have time to get to the shops and ....... get her film developed develop her film 19. It took ages to get ........... somebody do it somebody to do it 20. I'll ....... John to do it when he arrives get  have 21. She ......... on the underground last week had her purse stolen got her purse stolen 22. He .......... tickets sent to his home address yesterday has had had 23. You should .......... a long time ago have it fixed have had it fixed 24. They couldn't .......... anyone to fix their burst pipes get have 25. They had it ....... by the same person who decorated their old house to do done 26. After winning a fortune, she ....... her family to do everything for her gets has 27. I ......... the house redecorated if I could afford it would have would have had 28. He got a friend ........ him at the airport meet to meet 29. The teacher ...... him do all the work again had got 30. He ....... his bags loaded onto the train by a porter had get
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