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Cc 3 User Manual



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CC3 User Manual
    Campaign Cartographer 3+    User Manual       2   W ELCOME   Welcome to the wonderful world of fantasy map-making. Campaign Cartographer is all about helping you take the maps from your imagination and creating a visual representation of them. This manual is the guide to get you started with that process. During these pages I will try to give to the skills and knowledge to successfully use CC3+ for that purpose. Credits and Acknowledgements Manual: written and laid out by Remy Monsen, based on the CC3 manual and additional work by Allyn Bowker Original CC3 Manual: written and laid out by Allyn Bowker with contributions from Simon Rogers, Mark Fulford, Linda Kekumu, Ralf Schemmann, and Joe Slayton Some documentation based on past works by L Lee Sauders, Allyn Bowker, Ralf Schemmann, Kevin Thomas, Morgan Olden, Tony Marker, et al Images by: Ralf Schemman, Allyn Bowker, Aaron Stubbs, Steve Townshend, Erik Nolander and an unknown artist CC3+ concept and design: Simon Rogers, Mark Fulford CAD Source Code and CC3+ Engine: Mike Riddle Programming: Peter Olsson, Joe Slayton Additional programming: L Lee Saunders Additional Effects Filters: Joe Slayton CC3+ PNG Symbols: Dave Allsop, Mike Schley Varicolour Symbols: Linda Kekumu Trade Dress: Peter Gifford Thanks to: The CC3 Users' List and ProFantasy forum members, and the CC3 Beta Test list. Software and manual ©Copyright 2018 ProFantasy Software, Ltd with the exception of those images whose copyright is held by the artist Campaign Cartographer 3+ ™ and CC3 + ™ are trademarks of Pro Fantasy Software Ltd. Fractal Terrains 3 ™ is a trademark of Pro Fantasy Software, Ltd. Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. TrueType® is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. CC3PUG-12-17      3   T ABLE OF C ONTENTS   WELCOME 2   TABLE OF CONTENTS 3   INTRODUCTION 5   How to use this Manual 5    Not interested in Overland Maps? 5   Your Copyright 5   Getting More and Getting Help 6   WHAT ’ S NEW IN CC3+ 7   New Style 7   Print Wizard 7   Drawing Tools in Symbol Catalog Window 7   Floating Prompt 7   New Data Directory 7   Large Toolbar Icons 8   Other Improvements 8   INSTALLATION 9   Installation Wizard 9   GETTING STARTED 13   Learning Tips for New Campaign Cartographer Users 13   CC3+ Interface Overview 15   File Locations and Formats 18   Paths 18   File Types 18   The Autosave Feature 18   Getting Started Review 19   VIEWING AND NAVIGATING 20   File Manager 20   Viewing the Drawing 21   Effects Settings 21   Hidden Sheets and Layers 21   Changing Views 22   Find Text in the Drawing 22   Viewing and Navigating Review 23   OUR FIRST MAP 24   Defining the Map 24   Drawing a Map 25   Landmasses 25   Terrain Features 26   Adding Symbols 27   Symbol Scale 27   Rivers 29   Vegetation 30   Structures and Roads 30   Final Tweaks 31   Effects 34   Adding Text 35   Our First Map Review 35   THE INS AND OUTS OF TEXT 36   Placing Text 36   Selecting Fonts 37   Taming Text 37   Text Along a Curve 38   Number Labels 39   Completing our Map 39   The Map Title 40   Ins and Outs of Text Review 40   PRINTING AND EXPORTING 41   Printing Your Drawing 41   Printing using the Print Wizard 41   Printing using the Classic Dialog 45    No Fuss Printing 45   Printing with Options 45   Printing Battlemats for Miniatures 47   Common printing errors 47   Exporting Your Drawing 47   Settings 47   Pixel Size 48   Options 48   Printing and Exporting review 50   EDITING 51   Selection menu 51   Select by Color 51   Select by Fill Style 52   By Entity Tag# 52   Selection by Not 53   Node Editing 54    Node Edit 54   Insert Node 55   Delete Node 55   Editing Polygons 55   Trimming 56   Trim to Entity 56   Trim to Intersect 56   Break 57   Split 57   Trim 57   Editing with Drawing Tools 58   Edit 58   Trace 58   Editing Review 59   SHEETS AND EFFECTS 60   Sheets 60   Sheet Order 60      4   Managing Sheets 61   Effects 65   About Units 65   Global Sun 65   Adjust Hue/Saturation 65   Bevel 65   Bevel, Lighted 66   Blend Mode 66   Blur 67   Blur, Alpha 67   Color Key 67   Displace 68   Drop Shadow 68   Edge Fade 68   Edge Fade, Inner 69   Edge Striping 69   Glow 69   Inner Glow 69   Outer Glow 70   RGB Matrix Process 70   Screen Border 70   Spatial Matrix Process (SMP) 71   Texture Overblend 71   Texturize 72   Transparency 72   Wall Shadow 72   Wall Shadow, Directional 73   Wall Shadow, Point Light Finalize 73   Wall Shadow, Point Light Setup 73   Working with Effects 73   Effects Speed Tips 74   Sheets and Effects Review 74   SYMBOLS AND SYMBOL MANAGEMENT 75   Symbols 75   Creating a Symbol Definition 75   Importing PNGs as Symbols 76   Symbol Options 77   Symbol Parameters 79   Align to edge 80   Smart Tracking 80   Symbol Manager 80   Edit 81   Symbol Catalog Settings and Filters 83   Master Filter 83   Symbol Catalog Settings 84   Symbols and Symbol Management Review 85   DRAWING TOOLS 86   Selecting a Drawing Tool 86   Select Drawing Tool 86   Custom Drawing Tools 86   Sample Width 87   Editing a Drawing Tool 88   Creating a Custom Drawing Tool 88   Creating a Macro Drawing Tool 88   Creating a New Set of Drawing Tools 89   Drawing Tools Review 89   OTHER TOOLS 90   Symbols Along 90   Examples 90   Symbols in Area 91   Fill with Symbols 91   CREATING A FLOORPLAN 92   Creating a Floorplan Review 93   CONVERTING YOUR OLD MAPS 94   Converting CC2, CC2 Pro and CC3 maps to CC3+ 94   Getting Hand Drawn Maps into CC3+ 94   Converting Your Old Maps Review 96   WHERE TO GO FROM HERE 97   The Help System 97   Campaign Cartographer Community 97   The Tome of Ultimate Mapping 97   Resources 97   INDEX 98   Mountain Pass This map depicting a mountain pass was created by Pär Lindström using the CC3+ Mike Schley style.
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