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Comp 2 urban city



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1. By: Nick Bologno Composition 2 April 5th, 2013 2. Can animal habitats bemoved before urbanization? 3. ã In 1920 there were currently 2 billion people living on the…
  • 1. By: Nick Bologno Composition 2 April 5th, 2013
  • 2. Can animal habitats bemoved before urbanization?
  • 3. • In 1920 there were currently 2 billion people living on the planet earth. In 2013, the population level increased dramatically. There are 6.6 billion people living on this earth as we read this. In about 90 years, the earth has tripled their population growth. While many animals habitats are being destroyed by urban city life, it effects both animal and human life around the world.
  • 4. • While this sounds good that the population is increasing, it also has its downs. Since we have more people on the earth, this results for more construction for businesses or houses.
  • 5. • Although there are many great reasons to urbanize Southwest Florida, attention must be paid to the effects of urbanization on animal habitats.
  • 6. • Job opportunities:• Making a new building creates many jobs for people.• While creating new businesses, it creates jobs for landscapers, construction workers, architects, engineers, etc.• While the new business is made, it creates more jobs.• The owner of the business, managers, workers, etc.
  • 7. • Increase the economy around the world:• In my previous slide, I had discussed how urban city life creates new jobs.• New job opportunities for people result in making more money.• In recent years, many people have been laid off their job. But, urban city life creates new businesses, which makes make new jobs for people that were unfortunately laid off.
  • 8. • Destroying animals habitats:• To create more urban city life, we must find land to create more businesses.• Many of times, the land where they want to create more businesses are habitats of animals.• It could be cutting a tree down for land, which for example can result in killing an innocent birds habitat.
  • 9. • Increase in death:• As previously stated before, urban city life destroys animals habitats.• While their habitats are destroyed, they have no where to live or don’t know how to survive.• Sometimes animals have to find new land to live in.• The animals may not know the land very well, which means they don’t know where to find water or food. This is very bad for innocent animals because it can lead to death.
  • 10. • Many deaths can lead to extinction:• While animals are slowly dying because of urban city life, that can lead to other animal death’s.• What if a type of animal became extinct and that animal was a prey for another type of animal? This means that the other animal has no food for his family or even himself.• Many of animals food come from a life cycle.
  • 11. • Moving the animals:
  • 12. • A common ground for this situation would be to have certain large areas of land where its prohibited to destroy and build on. The ground would be only for animals to live safely and breed. Builders can always reuse old buildings and areas to continue urbanization.
  • 13. • A proposal that can resolve this issue while recongzing both sides would be giving speicifc land to cities and to animals.
  • 14. • If each party had guidelines to where and where not to build animals would be less in danger because they could be relocated and still have an ample amount of space to live a good life.
  • 15. • Robert Townsend. Animals in danger. 2004. April 5th, 2013 <>.
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