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CYCLE FOR SCIENCE LESSON PLAN INTRODUCTION Hell! We're s glad yu're interested in bringing the Sl Cycle int yur classrm. The Sl Cycle is a miniature, 3D-printable bicycle that uses slar pwer t run a small
CYCLE FOR SCIENCE LESSON PLAN INTRODUCTION Hell! We're s glad yu're interested in bringing the Sl Cycle int yur classrm. The Sl Cycle is a miniature, 3D-printable bicycle that uses slar pwer t run a small mtr that turns the wheels. We cver three brad subjects in this lessn: renewable energy (slar), physics (including speed, distance, Ohm's law), and engineering design (3D mdeling and printing). This lessn plan can be tailred t yur needs and the interests f yur students. The gal is t invlve the students as much as pssible -- t have them learn science by ding, rather than hearing abut it. If there is nly time fr ne minute lessn, the Sl Cycles shuld be preprinted and pre-assembled ahead f time. There is als rm fr mre in-depth lessns n basic CAD design using Tinkercad, a free nline sftware develped by Autdesk, and 3D-printing. The Sl Cycle emerged ut f a crss-cuntry bicycle trip taken by Elizabeth Case and Rachel Wds- Rbinsn in the spring and summer f As tw female scientists, they designed the Sl Cycle t be a hands-n, creative and engaging science demnstratin fr students aged Find ut mre abut the riginal trip at This lessn was designed arund the middle schl Next Generatin Science Standards (NGSS) and cvers the fllwing standards: MS-PS3-2: Develp a mdel t describe that when the arrangement f bjects interacting at a distance changes, different amunts f ptential energy are stred in the system MS-PS3-5: Cnstruct, use, and present arguments t supprt the claim that when the kinetic energy f an bject changes, energy is transferred t r frm the bject. MS-ETS1-1: Define the criteria and cnstraints f a design prblem with sufficient precisin t ensure a successful slutin, taking int accunt relevant scientific principles and ptential impacts n peple and the natural envirnment that may limit pssible slutins. PARTS 3D-printable file can be fund at: https://tinkercad.cm/things/7bjwcumnalb 1. Bicycle parts (1) frame (1) frnt wheel (1) back wheel with hub (2) training wheels (2) training wheel frks (1) mtr-stp (fr keeping the rubber band chain n the mtr) (1) handlebars 2. Nuts and blts (1) 1.75 back wheel blt (1) 3/4 frnt wheel blt (2) 2 5/8 training wheel blts (3) lck nuts (4-8) washers (2-4) lck washers (2) nuts 3. Miscellaneus (1) set 5-inch velcr (hk and snag) (1) thin rubber band, e.g. (2) thick rubber bands, e.g. (1) 6V, 1.5W RadiShack slar panel (2) small alligatr clips, e.g. (1) high efficiency mtr, e.g. Heat shrink wrap, e.g. (ptinal) 4. Tls (1) pair f pliers (1) pair f mini scissrs r Swiss Army knife (1)Phillips screwdriver 5. Other materials that might be useful during the lessn a. Starbursts ( phtns ) r ther energetic prp SOL CYCLE ASSEMBLY T be added LEARNING GOALS After this lessn, students shuld be able t: 1. List the three parts f an atm. 2. Explain hw a slar panel wrks (briefly). 3. Give ne r mre examples f renewable energy, and explain why it is imprtant. 4. Be able t calculate speed frm distance and time. 5. Have a basic verview f prttyping, especially in regards t 3D printing. LESSON This lessn is flexible, and can be run in multiple ways. Here is a sample f hw we wuld run a lessn, with sme suggestins fr ther activities r tpics that are interchangeable. (5-10 MIN) INTRODUCTION A few tried and tested questins include: Hw many kids ride their bicycles t schl? (bicycles, mechanics, physics) *Hw many knw where plants get their energy? (slar panel, renewable energy, circuits) The sun! Every mrning, sunlight streams frm the furnace f the sun's surface t the surface f the earth Hw lng des it take light t travel frm the sun t the earth? (8 min) Depending n the age grup, ask if anyne knws what light is Intrduce the idea f atms Light is made f phtns, which are little packets f energy that dn't weigh anything at all and speed reeallllly fast thrugh the universe What are the really tiny things that make up everything? What are the three parts f an atm? Electrn, neutrn and prtn (10 MIN) ACTIVITY: HOW A SOLAR PANEL WORKS Hld up the Sl Cycle. Ask everyne what it is (a bicycle!) Pint r hld up a separate slar panel - d any f the students knw what it is? Hw abut hw it wrks? Sun emits phtns, phtns transmit energy t electrns, electrns get excited and mve thrugh the surface f the panel, dwn the red wire and int the mtr, which steals the phtn/energy, and the electrn returns t its nucleus t repeat the pathway Ask fr fur vlunteers - a sun, an atm f the slar panel represented by an electrn and a nucleus, and a mtr The sun is given a starburst -- this is a phtn! A tiny packet f energy. Psitin the fur students in a line. The sun at ne end f the space, the electrn, walking slwly, sleepily, arund the nucleus abut 5-10 feet away, and the mtr stands inert at the far end. If desired, lay dwn red and black tape/paper befrehand t represent the wires. Set up the scenari: at night, the electrn is sleepy and has n energy t mve away frm its nucleus. The sun rises and wakes up and tsses the starburst/phtn t the electrn. The electrn nw has lts f energy. The student runs arund the rm, then dwn the red wire t the mtr. The mtr is hungry -- it's breakfast time -- and steals the starburst frm the electrn and starts spinning. The electrn returns, exhausted, t the nucleus and slwly spins. (5-10 MIN) SOL CYCLE ASSEMBLY Students get in grups f 3-5 One student is invited t cllect a Sl Cycle kit: a sl cycle (fully assembled), a mtr, a slar panel, and sme rubberbands (tw fat, ne thin fr the wheel tire and chain respectively. Grup assembles ne cycle tgether. Walk arund the rm and help any that are stuck by asking leading questins (think abut a real bike. What happens when yu pedal? What's mving? Are the tires plastic/metal r d they have smething (e.g. a tire) arund the edges?) (15 MIN) SOL CYCLE ACTIVITY Each grup receives a wrksheet, a meter stick, and a timer Each grup takes five trials f hw lng it takes fr their Sl Cycle t travel a meter Calculate speed, translate int miles per hur (frm feet per secnd) and cmpare t: walking example, car example, bicycling example Observatin and experimentatin Qualitative and quantitative questins Sl Cycle races Des the angle f the slar panel matter? Hw clse r far frm a building? The texture f the grund? The angle f the grund? Students race their Sl cycles feet r s is usually enugh t make it really exciting (5-10 MIN OPTIONAL) RENEWABLE ENERGY Slar panels are an example f renewable energy What is renewable energy? An actin that creates electricity using What are sme ther examples f renewable energy? Wind, tidal, gethermal What are sme examples f nn-renewable energy? Oil, gas, ethanl Why is renewable energy imprtant? What is climate change? The natural patterns and gelgic ages f the earth are changing because f the pllutin we emit int the atmsphere, and put int the cean and the grund Oil and gas release greenhuse gasses when they are burned This traps heat in the atmsphere, and/r has trn a hle in ur atmsphere, which means mre radiatin can reach the earth Animals and ther species ging extinct Healthy bidiversity = healthy humans (5-10 MIN OPTIONAL) 3D PRINTING Students are intrduced t 3D printing If a student has dne any 3D printing, ask them t explain the prcess Machine is given a design Melts plastic and extrudes it nt the drawing bard in layers ~micrns t millimeters thick Cl examples f 3D printing Medical (practice surgery n 3D printed skull) Family (blind mthers receive a 3D printed statue r plate f the ultrasund image f their baby) 3D printers that can print the parts fr ther 3D printers Other? Resurces they can use t design their wn bicycles (r anything they can dream f) Tinkercad (free nline sftware) 3D hubs fr printing ( amazn turk fr 3D printing -- smene des it fr yu n their wn machine) (5 MIN) WRAP UP Variety f students are asked t review: hw slar panels wrk, what the smallest element f matter is, hw fast their Sl Cycle went, and hw it was made Take hme questin: hw wuld they make the Sl Cycle better, r what wuld they like t 3D print? Have them draw ut all the individual pieces that make up their design
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