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DRUG ORDER (Generic name, Dosage, Route, Frequency, etc.) Simvastatin 10mg tab HS TRADE/ BRAND NAME Zocor PHARMACOLOGIC ACTION OF DRUG INDICATIONS AND CONTRAINDICATIONS ADVERSE EFFECTS OF THE DRUG DESIRED ACTION ON THE CLIENT NURSING RESPONSIBILITIES/ PRECAUTIONS Belongs to a group of drugs called HMG CoA reductase inhibitors, or statins. It reduces levels of bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein, or LDL) and triglycerides in the blood, while increasing levels of good cholesterol
  DRUG ORDER(Generic name,Dosage, Route,Frequency, etc.)TRADE/BRANDNAMEPHARMACOLOGIC ACTIONOF DRUGINDICATIONS ANDCONTRAINDICATIONSADVERSE EFFECTSOF THE DRUGDESIRED ACTIONON THE CLIENTNURSING RESPONSIBILITIES/PRECAUTIONS Simvastatin 10mgtab HSAmlodipine 10mgtab ODZocorNorvascBelongs to a group of drugscalled HMG CoA reductaseinhibitors, or statins. Itreduces levels of bad cholesterol (low-densitylipoprotein, or LDL) andtriglycerides in the blood,while increasing levels of  good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein, orHDL).Calcium channel blockers,also called calciumantagonists and calciumblockers, block the calciumchannel in the vascularsmooth muscle, promotingvasodilation.I: Primaryhypercholesteremia,heterozygous familialhypercholesterolemiaor combinedhyperlipidemiaC: Active liver disease,pregnancy, lactation,childrenI: Hypertension,angina pectorisC: Severehypotension, liverdisease, heart failure,aortic stenosis,pregnancy, lactationSE: Abdominal pain,constipation,flatulence, pepticulcer.AE: Rhabdomyolysis(serious skeletalmuscle adverseeffect)SE: Peripheraledema, headache,flushing, dizziness,nauseaAE: Reflextachycardia, markedhypotensionLowercholesterol andLDL levelsAntihypertensiveand treatment of angina pestorisObtain baseline liver enzymestudies and monitor liverenzymes as client takesmedication.Do not stop taking themedication because it is alifetime therapy.Increase fluid intake and takewith mealsMonitor vital signs (bloodpressure, pulse rate)Take with meals.Report irregular heartbeat,shortness of breath,pronounced dizziness andconstipation.   Indapamidetab ODFurosemide loopdiuretic40mg tab TIDLozideLasixInhibits reabsorption of sodium and chloride indistal renal tubule,increasing excretion of sodium chloride and waterby the kidney maydecrease peripheralresistance.Furosemide is used toreduce extra fluid in thebody (edema) caused byconditions such as heartfailure, liver disease, andkidney disease. This canlessen symptoms such asshortness of breath andswelling in your arms,legs,abdomen.I: Edema of heartfailure andHypertensionC: Use with cautionon patients withsevere renal disease,impaired hepaticfunction orprogressive hepaticdisease.I: Lasix (furosemide) isindicated in adults andpediatric patients forthe treatment of edema associatedwith congestive heartfailure cirrhosis of the liver and renaldisease, including thenephrotic syndrome.C: Contraindicated topatient with anuria,use cautiously withpatient hepaticcirrhosis and in thoseallergic tosulfonamidesEnhancesexcretion of sodium chlorideand water byinterfering withsodium transportin the distaltube.Inhibits sodiumand chloridereabsorption atthe proximal anddistal tubulesand theascending loopof Henle.Give with food or milk if GIupset occurs.Give early in the day soincreased urination will notdisturb sleep.Monitor weightAdminister with food and milkto prevent GI upset.Monitor serum electrolytes,hydration, liver and renalfunction.Monitor weight changes.   Insulin Glargine15u SQ @ HSMetropololTartrate150mg ODLantusLopressorInsulin is a hormonesecreted by beta cells of the pancreas that, byreceptor mediated effects,promotes the storage of  the body’s fuels, facilitating the transport of metabolites and ionsthrough cell membranesand stimulating thesynthesis of glycogen fromglucose, of fats from lipidsand proteins from aminoacidsBlocks beta-adrenergicreceptors in heart and juxtaglomerular apparatus,decreasing the influence of the sympathetic nervoussystem on these tissuesand the excitability of theheart, decreasing cardiacoutput and release reninand lowering BP; acts inthe CNS to reducesympathetic outflow andvasoconstrictor tone.I:   Treatment of type 1diabetes mellitusTreatment of type 2diabetes mellitus thatcannot be controlledby diet or oral drugsC: Hypoglycemia,contraindicatedduring hypoglycemicepisodes and inpatients with renal orhepatic function.I: Hypertension,alone or with otherdiuretics.Immediate releasetablets and injectionprevention of reinfarction in MIpatients who arehemodynamicallystable or within 3-10days of acute MILong-term treatmentof acute MIC: Contraindicated inpatients with sinusbradycardia, greaterLowers glucoselevel byincreasingperipheralglucose uptakeand decreasinghepatic glucoseproduction.When drug isgiven SQ, onsetof action is rapidand duration of action shorterthan those of regular humaninsulin.A selective betablocker thatselectively blocksbeta, receptors;decreasescardiac output,peripheralresistance andcardiac oxygenconsumptionand depressesrenin secretion.Give maintenance dosessubcutaneously, rotatinginjection sites regularly todecrease incidence of lipodystrophy.Use caution when mixing twotypes of insulin; always drawthe regular insulin into thesyringe first, if mixing withlipsro draw the lispro first; usemixtures of regular and NPHMonitor BG level.Monitor for sinus bradycardia(HR <45bpm), cardiogenicshock,Systolic BP <100mmHgDo not discontinue abruptlyafter long-term therapy.Continual cardiac monitoring.    ClonidineHydrochloride75mcg SLCatapresthan first-degreeheart block,cardiogenic shock orovert cardiac failure.Contraindicated withpatient less than45bpm with PRinterval of .25 secondor longer.I: Essential and renalhypertension, severecancer pain that isunresponsive toepidural or spinalopiate.C: Use cautiously inpatients with severecoronary insufficiency,conductiondisturbances, recentMI andcerebrovasculardiseaseUsed in inpatient withhypertensionalone or as apart of combinationtherapy.Do not discontinue abruptly,discontinue therapy byreducing dosage graduallyover 2-4 days to avoidrebound hypertension,tachycardia, flushing, nausea,vomiting, cardiac arrhythmiasDo not discontinue prior tosurgery. Monitor BP carefully.
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