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Emergency guide for business building



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Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching helps clients reach their vision through the creation of small, gentle, imaginative steps ... Marketing isn't always everyone's favorite activity. Small steps and a few other simple ideas can make it easier.
  • 1. From Jill Badonsky
  • 2. Obstacle #1 You’d Rather Chew on Your Foot Than Have to Do Business or Marketing
  • 3. Define Your Core Motivators
  • 4. What Else? Ask these questions and let the answers percolate over time: Make an I get to list . (Put “I get to …” in front of your small marketing steps. Consider those you admire in this arena and use them as a role-models to inspire you. Act as if you love it and you’re good at what you do. Invent your own rules and believe they are AMAZING.
  • 5. “The individual who says it is not possible should move out of the way of those doing it.” ―Tricia Cunningham
  • 6. Obstacle #2 Your Belief Systems Aren’t Serving You
  • 7. Gently and with Patience Cultivate a New Belief System That Will Better Serve You. • • • • Start with awareness. Look at your current belief system: Do you feel you deserve success? Do you believe asking for money is “hard”? Do you avoid rejection? (rejection is just a reality in some of the business realms) Some of the above may be happening subconsciously. Where might awareness shed some light for you?
  • 8. Where IS Your Belief System Serving You? • Where DO you believe in yourself? • How has that made a difference?
  • 9. • How will you remember to ask those questions?
  • 10. Obstacle #3
  • 11. Get down, get down! • • • • • Lower expectations just to unfreeze yourself. What if you went for 75% instead of 100% of your best at least to get started? What you’re doing doesn’t have to be perfect but once you lower the pressure, you actually might do better. Write it down. Everything seems worse when fear’s imagination blows it out of proportion. Writing it down starts putting you in control. Start with really, really small steps. Just choose anything that intuitively feels right to do, but just start it for 5 minutes. Take a break and then continue another 5, if you’re in a hurry. Create a system that makes the process of marketing easier for you. Start with how the client will find you and follow the system through the course of coaching.
  • 12. DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE! • More Solutions • WHAT’S YOUR NEXT REALLY TINY STEP? • Can you break it down even further? • Take breaks from business every now and then and trust they will restore clarity.
  • 13. Obstacle #4
  • 14. Be Kind to Yourself • Breaking your tasks down to tiny steps also helps with procrastination. Fear, overwhelm and unrealistic expectations cause procrastination. • All those go away with small steps. Team-up: If you keep putting things off, find someone else who keeps putting things off and declare a sacred time when the two of you shall work at the same time, with no distractions.
  • 16. 1. Unless you are seeking inspiration, comparison is toxic. Gently tell yourself to stop-it. 2. Give yourself permission to find a little bit of inspiration in someone else’s work. Turn it into a smallstep that you infuse with your own uniqueness. 3. Give yourself credit for all YOU’VE done. Comparison puts us in amnesia about our accomplishments. Remembering how far you’ve come helps to neutralize it.
  • 17. And Make a Ta-Da List Regularly. Pump up your self-confidence by Giving yourself credit at the end of each day. And then say “TA_DAH!!!!) Marketing requires perseverance. Acknowledging yourself feels good and will help you show-up more.
  • 18. One More Solution
  • 19. In Conclusion Following a creative call to run a business you love is worth it. Use your creativity to: Persevere Conspire Joy Exude Passion and Believe You Deserve it. Take Care, Jill Badonsky Founder Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching www.kaizenmuse.com
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