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Hierarchy of IP Controllers (HIC) Zhenbin Li, Dhruv Dhody, Huaimo Chen - Huawei


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Hierarchy of IP Controllers (HIC) draft-li- teas-hierarchy -ip-controllers - 00 Zhenbin Li, Dhruv Dhody, Huaimo Chen - Huawei Introduction This I-D describes how multiple IP controllers work in a hierarchical
Hierarchy of IP Controllers (HIC) draft-li- teas-hierarchy -ip-controllers - 00 Zhenbin Li, Dhruv Dhody, Huaimo Chen - Huawei Introduction This I-D describes how multiple IP controllers work in a hierarchical fashion How the ACTN framework is applied to IP controllers Interactions between TE and non-te components Control Plane and Management Plane considerations IP Realization Seamless MPLS L3VPN L2VPN/EVPN Scope for possible new extensions TEAS IETF 101 2 Hierarchy of IP controllers (HIC) The Super Controller receives request from the network/service orchestrator to setup dynamic services spanning multiple domains. Super Controller The Super Controller breaks down and assigns tasks to the domain controllers, responsible for communicating to network devices in the domain. It further coordinates between the controller to provide a unified view of the multi-domain network. Domain Controller TEAS IETF 101 3 Mapping to ACTN Interface b/w controllers TE & non-te Control Plane Protocol PCEP, BGP Management Protocol RESTCONF/NETCONF/gRPC Main Functions in ACTN Multi-domain Coordination MDSC Parent PCE Super Controller Virtualization/Abstraction MPI Other non-te interactions Customer mapping/translation Virtual Service Coordination PNC Child PCE Domain Controller TEAS IETF 101 4 Topology Domain Controller / PNC Super Controller / MDSC Learn Domain Topology IGP, BGP-LS, PCEP-LS, Yang based Learn abstract topology from Domain Controller Level of abstraction BGP-LS, PCEP-LS, Yang based interface Manage E2E topology TEAS IETF 101 5 Path Compute/Instantiate Domain Controller computes/setup per-domain paths Super Controller responsible for E2E inter-domain paths PCEP Based Stateful H-PCE framework on how E2E path computation, setup, stitching etc YANG Based Path Computation Yang Model (via RPC) TE Tunnel Yang Model Same as ACTN framework! TEAS IETF 101 6 Seamless MPLS Extend MPLS to the edge mobile backhaul. The super controller is aware of the E2E topology Super Controller is responsible to setup the seamless MPLS service from the service model The super controller selects the right ABR and create corresponding per-domain tunnels Based on the service model, the Super Controller translates to the network configuration model for the domain controller. The domain controller further breaks into the device configuration model to the PE/ABR to make E2E services. Routes can also be learned via the BGP sessions between Domain Controller and Super Controller for intelligent decisions Super Controller IGP-X1 (MBH) IGP-Y (Core) IGP-X2 (MBH) Per Domain LSP E2E BGP LSP Domain Controller TEAS IETF 101 7 L3VPN L3SM The Super-controller implements the L3SM model and translate it to network models towards the domain controller, which in turn translate it to the device model. Based on QoS/Policy, the Super Controller may - Set the tunnel selection policy at the PE/ASBR routers so that they could select the existing tunnels Select an existing tunnels at the controller level and bind it to the VPN service Initiate the process of creating a new tunnel based on the QoS requirement and bind it the VPN service Initiate the process of creating a new tunnel based on the policy Apart from Management Plane, control plane interface between controllers can also be used to setup and maintain the L3VPN service! Super Controller Domain Controller * -- applicable to L2VPN/EVPN in similar fashion! TEAS IETF 101 8 PCE / PCEP Stateful PCE PCE Initiation Stateful H- PCE Applicability to ACTN PCE H-PCE and other interdomain procedures PCE / PCEP well positioned to meet the requirements for HIC / ACTN! TEAS IETF 101 9 YANG Models Service Models (L3SM, L2SM) Network Configuration Models (?) Device Configuration Models Topology Related Tunnel related VN and Service- Mapping related OAM? TEAS IETF Possible Features/Extensions Initial Configurations between controllers Initial Session Establishments Discovery via other protocols Service Discovery (DNS) Relationship / Role of controllers Learning the mutual capabilities of controllers Handling of multiple instances of controller for reliability? TEAS IETF Next Steps Get Feedback What is missing? What else can be added / removed? Is such an informational document useful? Identified Gaps Need to add more details about other Yang Models that are useful between controllers Need to add more details about usage of BGP between controllers Need to add more details about OAM If you have expertise in these areas please provide help Call for collaboration! TEAS IETF Thank you! TEAS IETF
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