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How to beat the economic system



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How to beat the economic system. And change America’s health . The Bedrock of Leadership:. VISION . Leaders see into the future Clearer, Farther and Bigger . Yes—Greater than Penicillin!.
How to beat the economic systemAnd change America’s health The Bedrock of Leadership:VISION Leaders see into the future Clearer, Fartherand Bigger.Yes—Greater than Penicillin!Vision:The Bio-Replenishment of the youth protein lactoferrin is the greatest health discovery of all time!ent: BioReplenishment turns old Bio-Replenishment: turns old into young! Lactoferrin: A Novel Bone Growth Factor [Clinical Med & Research Vol. 3 Num. 2 pg93-101We are used to young tissue turning into old, but never before have we turned old into young.How big is this discovery??@50 Million Americans have Arthritis 1/6th of your friends!Now you have hope for them.30 Million have GI disorders. 1/10th of your friends!An you hold a miracle for them.Over 50% of all women and 30% of all men will experience a fracture due to bone lossAm J Obstet Gynecol. 2006 Feb;194(2 Suppl):S3-11.But--No one ever has to break a hip again! When that message gets out to the women of America you will never worry about money again.PiMag WaterAir Wellness Power 5Biaxial Rotation (PowerMag)Sleep SystemsInsolesOrganic SkincareOrganic Whole FoodsBioReplenishmentThe Wellness HomeNikken is:AValidProfitableHomebased businessIn HealthcareWith a computerized Wholesale Rebate System90 days to saveSales Kit $35 +shipping• 25% retail markup profit.• Begin to build a personal group by sponsoring others.Special discounts for 90 daysPower Pack Bonus of$150With 2 packs in one month.Best packProfessional Pack $2600 pts [save $960] +$150 a/s credit [BioReplenishment] Power Pack Bonus of$100With 2 packs in one month.Better PackBusiness Builders Pack $1520 pts [save $512] 75pts a/s credit [BioReplenishment] Power Pack Bonus$50With 2 packs in one month.Good PackBusiness Starter Pack $512 pts {Save $60} 25pts a/s credits [BioReplenishment]Grasses/Jade GreenzymesMushrooms/ImmunityAutoshipCreditsFruits/CiagaMilk Proteins/OsteoDenx &Lactoferrin Gold1-2 consultants1,500 pts with 500pts min/youin a calendar month.{Busines Builder Pack}Senior is one of the most important levels.1-5Consultants• Achieve 5,000 PGV in a calendar month. 10% permanent rebate.Certified Wellness Home purchase [Professional pack + sleep system]5-10 consultants10,000 pts in a single monthUsually 5-10 in the group15% Rebates20-25 in Personal Group31. 20,000 points in one month +3 Seniors front lineor2. 25,000 pts over 4 months +3 Seniors front line + 3 more+Humans Being More Training33 Silvers make a Gold Auto/Home Bonus starts hereNearly 18% of all Nikken leaders are Gold or above!!Money-Car-HouseYou CAN beat the system![At the Gold level or above]3927[Money, Car, House]When your 3 Silvers reach GoldTheir 9 silvers want to be GoldWhich could give you 27 silvers on your third level. This will eventually earn you over $30,000 3 Golds make a Platinum3 Platinums make a DiamondNote: Over the past 10 years Nikken has been developing over 1 Diamond per month!By 2011, 1 Diamond per Week3 Diamonds make a Royal DiamondThe products won’t let you down.The company will not let you down.Only one person can let you down.Do you know who that person is?-Guard your vision.-Expect your vision to unfold.-Healthcare in America will suffer without your success. -Demonstrate products directly-Tell true and exciting stories-Have a wellness home-Show this presentation to everyone.-And you will beat the economic system and change the health of America.
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