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IGP 2 extended Board documentation



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IGP 2 extended Board documentation 2013 IGROSOFT, LLC Features 16 independent games, each of them is a five-reel video slot machine game with bonus and super bonus games (not all of them), with an additional
IGP 2 extended Board documentation 2013 IGROSOFT, LLC Features 16 independent games, each of them is a five-reel video slot machine game with bonus and super bonus games (not all of them), with an additional possibility of increasing reward in a risk-game Player can choose games available Operator can select games, available to players Credit and accounting are common for all the games Independent game statistics Two channels of SAS 6.02 are supported (control, accounting, legacy bonusing, AFT and TITO) Installing the bill acceptors using the protocols Pulse (up to 8 channels), ID-003 (BDP), EBDS and S.S.P. is supported Installing coin slots using the protocol Pulse (up to 8 channels) Installing the hopper using the protocol Pulse Support for ticket printers (currently printers FutureLogic GEN2 and Ithaca Epic 950 are supported) Support for credit charging via TITO (bill acceptor supporting Bar Code is required) Support for accounting denomination from 0.01 to Support for promo credits (cashable and non-cashable) Support for up to 5 door sensors that work even if the power is off Full electrical and physical compatibility of the connectors with the IGROSOFT IGP 1 boards (legacy board) Support for the second screen Detect disconnection of two counters Support for touch screen devices 1 Table of contents FEATURES...1 TABLE OF CONTENTS...2 INSTRUCTIONS FOR GAMING MACHINE OPERATOR...3 SWITCHING ON AND OFF OF THE MACHINE...3 CREDIT ADDING AND CANCELING...3 ACCOUNTING...3 INSTRUCTIONS ON SERVICE AND SETUP OF THE MACHINE...4 ACCOUNTING...5 Page Page Page Page Page GLOBAL SETTINGS...10 Main Parameters...10 Equipment Settings...11 Game Selection...12 SAS Settings...12 Ticket settings...12 Security...13 INITIALIZATION OF THE MACHINE (INIT)...13 EVENT LOGS...14 SET CLOCK...14 GAME STATISTIC...14 GAME OPTIONS...15 TESTS...15 GAME SELECTION...16 TOUCHSCREEN...16 APPENDIX I: PROBLEM SOLUTION...17 APPENDIX II: EVENTS...18 APPENDIX III: POSSIBLE SETTINGS VALUES...19 GLOBAL SETTINGS...19 Main Parameters...19 Equipment...20 SAS Settings...21 Ticket Settings...21 Security...21 GAME OPTIONS...21 APPENDIX IV: CONNECTION DIAGRAMS...22 Connector X Connector X Socket X Socket RS Socket RS Cable scheme for connecting to RS APPENDIX V: ERRORS OF THE BILL ACCEPTOR...25 APPENDIX VI: ERRORS OF THE TICKET PRINTER...26 APPENDIX VII: SUPPORTED PRINTER VERSIONS...27 APPENDIX VIII: TITO SETTING UP...28 REQUIREMENTS...28 INSTALLATION...28 SETTING...28 TEST...28 APPENDIX IX: SUPPORTED SAS EXCEPTIONS...29 APPENDIX X: SUPPORTED SAS COMMANDS...31 APPENDIX XI: SUPPORTED SAS METERS...33 APPENDIX XII: CONNECTING BILL ACCEPTORS...36 HISTORY OF CHANGES Instructions for gaming machine operator Switching on and off of the machine To set up the board it is necessary to connect it to the direct current with the +5 V and +12 V voltage. After giving power supply the board the system condition check will start. It will be accompanied by illumination of game-machine buttons. That is necessary for preliminary diagnosis of board faultiness. If testing is successful, an inscription HARD TEST PASSED will appear which means that the board is in order and is ready to work. After the accomplishment of actions stated above the machine should launch a playing or demonstration mode. If that does not occur, go to appendix 1: problems solution. It is strongly prohibited to allow customers to use the machine that have not launched a playing or demonstration mode! If there is an inscription CALL ATTENDANT on the screen, probably, one of the buttons is sticked. To enter the buttons test mode, one should push the button (turn the key) short statistics. Exiting the text is in a few seconds after the re - leasing all the buttons or after resetting. If the credit has been equal to zero before the machine switching off, after the switching on it should launch a demonstration mode. Besides, the machine enters this mode if there is a zero credit during some period of time. Playing mode is launched just after entering credit. If after the machine switching off the prize is not taken away, after switching on the machine launches the previous game. If a three-color indicator of working mode is connected to the machine, then: red technical mode (setup and statistics); yellow an attendant interference is required; green demonstration mode; a credit entering is awaited; all are extinguished playing mode. The game machine can be switched off at any moment after switching it on the gaming machine returns to mode, in which it was before switching off, but state of machine will be lost. If gaming machine was powered off in the bonus game then player may lose his win not shown in Total Win field. So if the machine needs to be switched off, it is recommended to do in demonstration mode. If at least one of the doors of the machine is opened or serious errors are made by the acceptor (protocol connected), the game is stopped immediately and the corresponding message is displayed. To launch the play mode it is necessary not only to close the doors but to turn the service key. Credit adding and canceling Credit can be added by a coin acceptor (only pulse protocol is supported), bill acceptor (protocols supported: ID-003 (BDP), S.S.P., EBDS and pulse), credit key, tickets and AFT. A credit key has two work modes direct (appointed in settings value is added to credit when key activated) or keydriven (the amount of credit entered while the key is activated depends on player button, pressed by the operator: 1LINE=1000, 3LINES=100, 5LINES=10, 7LINES=1, 9LINES canceling of the credit; there is a mode, in which the canceling is only working). For each bill acceptor or coin slot there is a setting value of a bill or a coin/token in credits. The credit canceling is accomplished with the service button KEY OUT (only when player pressed PAYOUT button), a CREDIT KEY in a key-driven mode by the 9LINES button, or a button PAYOUT, which is used by player for a payout by a hopper, cashless, or ticket. Accounting Using the STATISTIC KEY the operator can access the Periodic Accounting. It can even be reset if this is allowed in the Security settings. 3 Instructions on service and setup of the machine To enter the service mode an operation statistics key should be used. The offsetting over the main menu is accomplished with buttons HOLD1 * up and HOLD2 down. The changing of settings is accomplished with buttons HOLD3 (the previous meaning) and HOLD4 (the following one). The necessary entry is chosen with the button START, exit with the button CANCEL (BET). Below the screen there is always a clue about working buttons and their purpose. The main menu contains the following entries: ACCOUNTING long statistics; GLOBAL SETTINGS total settings; INIT machine initialization; EVENT LIST register of events; SET CLOCK date and time adjustment; GAME STATISTIC the statistics of plays; GAME OPTIONS game adjustment; TESTS tests of sound, connector contacts and event register; EXIT exit to playing or demonstration mode (depends on credits available); MACHINE LOCKED lock/unlock the machine (similar to the operation SAS Lock Out Play) At the top of the screen is an information line with the name and version of the game, and the current date-time. Below is an example of decoding an information line: GAMECOCKTAIL XGCM-xxxxxx :00 Current time (hh:mm) Current date (dd.mm.yy) Program version Program name If support of devices which require authorization prior to usage (e.g. bill acceptor using protocol S.S.P) is turned on and the device connected at the moment is not authorized, instead of the main menu there will be the requirement to confirm the device. The identifier of this device and the protocol used will be indicated. The operator is to choose one of two items: CON- FIRM or INHIBIT. After this the main menu will be opened and the question will not be set anymore. In addition, the operator has the opportunity to get to the main menu without having to decide whether to allow or ban the device work - for this just click on the button BET. In this case the request will appear at the next entry into service mode. * Hereinafter HOLD1 corresponds to the button 1LINES, HOLD2 3LINES HOLD5 9LINES 4 Accounting The board supports two accounting - Master and Periodic. The Master one is maintained since the initialization of the gaming machine, and the periodic one can be reset at any time (for example: collection, new shift, once a month...) if this is not prohibited in the security settings. There are no other differences. The entrance to the accounting is carried out through the service menu, but in the periodic one you can directly access using the STATISTIC KEY. The accounting department consists of five pages, which are switched by means of the buttons HOLD1 and HOLD2, and the output by the START button. The zeroing of periodical accounting is done with the BET button. All pages display the date-time of the last zeroing of the accounting department. All values are presented in two forms - in credits and in currency (if denomination and country/currency are set in the machine settings). Page 1 TOTAL IN BILLS IN CASHLESS IN COINS IN KEY IN TICKET IN TOTAL OUT CASHLESS OUT COINS OUT HANDPAY TICKET OUT CURRENT CREDIT PROFIT MACHINE YIELD SUM OF BETS SUM OF WINS TOTAL GAMES TOTAL GAMES WON total in credits; credits in by bill acceptor; credits in through SAS AFT (except bonuses); credits in by coins/tokens; credits in by operator (also known as remote in ) using CREDIT KEY; credits in by tickets/vouchers; total out credits credits out through SAS AFT; credits payed by coins/tokens; credits canceled by operator using CREDIT KEY or KEY OUT; credits payed by tickets/vouchers; current credit value; gaming machine profit (Total_In - Total_Out - Credit); current payout rate; sum of all bets; sum of all wins; total number of games (spins) played; total number of games with wins. 5 Page 2 MONEY TO DROP total credits diverted to the drop box; BILLS TO DROP banknotes (all banknotes); CASHLESS IN electronic transfers via SAS AFT; COINS TO DROP coins/tokens (all except which diverted to the hopper); KEY IN credits in by operator using CREDIT KEY; TICKETS TO DROP tickets/vouchers (all tickets); HOPPER LEVEL current hopper level; COINS TO HOPPER credits diverted to hopper from coin acceptor; COINS OUT credits payed by hopper; HOPPER REFILL credits added to hopper; HOPPER DUMP credits dumped from hopper; KEY IN credits in by operator using CREDIT KEY; CASHABLE cashable credits; CASHABLE PROMO cashable promo credits (always 0); HANDPAY credits canceled by operator using CREDIT KEY or KEY OUT; CASHABLE cashable credits; CASHABLE PROMO cashable promo credits. 6 Page 3 TICKET IN CASHABLE CASHABLE PROMO NON-CASHABLE PROMO TICKETS ACCEPTED TICKET OUT CASHABLE NON-CASHABLE PROMO TICKETS PRINTED CASHLESS IN CASHABLE CASHABLE PROMO NON-CASHABLE PROMO CASHLESS OUT CASHABLE CASHABLE PROMO NON-CASHABLE PROMO credits in by tickets/vouchers; cashable credits; cashable promo credits; non-cashable promo credits; total number of tickets/vouchers accepted; credits out by tickets/vouchers; cashable credits; non-cashable promo credits; total number of tickets/vouchers printed; total credit in through SAS AFT transfers; cashable credits; cashable promo credits; non-cashable promo credits; total credits out through SAS AFT transfers; cashable credits; cashable promo credits; non-cashable promo credits. 7 Page 4 HANDPAY total credits payed by operator using CREDIT KEY or KEY OUT; CANCELLED CREDITS cancelled credits payed by operator; REGULAR WIN regular win payed by operator (always 0); EXTERNAL BONUS external bonus payed by operator; TOTAL WIN WIN TO CREDIT WIN TO HANDPAY TOTAL BONUS CASHABLE CASHABLE PROMO CURRENT CREDIT CASHABLE CASHABLE PROMO NON-CASHABLE PROMO total win generated by this gaming machine; win added to credit; win payed by operator; total external bonus credits in; cashable credits; cashable promo credits; total current credit; cashable credits; cashable promo credits; non-cashable promo credits. 8 Page 5 Contains table with hopper information: Coin channel# coin acceptor channel (if coins from this acceptor drops to hopper); Value currency cost of coin/token; Coins current quantity of coins/tokens in the hopper; Credits total cost of all coins/tokens in credits; Total total cost of all coins/tokens in currency. And information about some critical events (quantity and date-time of most recent): Machine initialization Global settings change Game settings change Power on Slot door open door #1 Card cage open door #2 Drop door open door #3 Cashbox door open door #4 Belly door open door #5 Previous service Periodic accounting clear Last view master accounting Last view periodic accounting 9 Global Settings Entering this section of the main menu, you will get to a sub menu, which contains seven entries: MAIN PARAMETERS options for the main parameters; EQUIPMENT options for coin- and bill acceptor and other equipment; GAME SELECTION selection of games, available to the player; SAS SETTINGS SAS parameter settings; TICKET SETTINGS ticket parameter settings; SECURITY security setting (access to the statistics entries); EXIT exit to the main menu. Main Parameters General parameters of the machine can be set in this section. MACHINE NUMBER machine number printed on all tickets; ASSET NUMBER property number of the machine used in AFT; COUNTRY/CURRENCY current country (currency), if it is set, it is displayed on the screen of game selection. May influence to note accepting of some bill acceptors; DENOMINATION * denomination of the machine (for transference of monetary items into credits and back); SHOW DENOMINATION enables or disables machine denomination showing on game selection screen; LIMITS settings related to some limits; KEY IN AND HANDPAY settings related to handpay and credit key; SPEAKER VOLUME volume of the speaker; SWITCH GAME MODE means of switching to the select game display (there are always two way available: SWITCH GAME button and BET in the reference mode; but in addition the regime can be activated by simultaneous pressing of the two buttons HOLD2 and HOLD4 on the main screen); DEMO TYPE demo type mode: standard or game selection screen only. CREDIT LIMIT WIN LIMIT EVENT LIST BARRIER MAX TOTAL BET CREDIT IN LIMIT EVEN HANDPAY HANDPAY LIMIT Limits maximum amount of credit, if it is exceeded, the corresponding announcement will be displayed on the screen and the machine will not let play until the credit is loaded. It is used for limiting maximum winning prize, paid out to a player according to the game arcade rules. maximum amount of win, which can be doubled in the risk game; game events with credit parameters which are less than ones specified by this setting are not fixated in the journal. Do not set the amount of this setting very low this can lead to fouling of journal with excess information. maximum bet. Limits the diapason of changing of other parameters, which assign possible amounts of bets. Changing of this parameter can lead to modification of other parameters; the maximum amount of the credit, at the time of which all sources of credit replenishment are blocked (if disabled then CREDIT LIMIT settings is used); the multiplicity of handpaid credit (if 20 is set, after hand payout of 153 credit, 13 left and the statistics will indicate payout of 140 credits); limit of credit cancel by handpay operation. Key in and handpay settings CREDIT KEY FUNCTION credit key takes several numerical and two special values. Credit key can operate in two modes: direct and button. By default the button mode is set ( BUTTONS ), but it can be changed to any other; EVEN HANDPAY the multiplicity of handpaid credit (if 20 is set, after hand payout of 153 credit, 13 left and the statistics will indicate payout of 140 credits); HANDPAY LIMIT limit of credit cancel by handpay operation; PERMIT HANDPAY CANCEL permits player to cancel handpay mode by pressing PAYOUT button. * Hereinafter parameters highlighted by italic font requires initialization for changing. 10 Equipment Settings In this section the equipment the board works with can be set. Each type of equipment is set in its own section: BILL ACCEPTOR bill acceptor settings; COIN ACCEPTOR coin acceptor settings; TICKET PRINTER ticket printer settings; HOPPER hopper settings; MECHANICAL COUNTERS mechanical counter settings; TOUCHSCREEN touchscreen settings. Bill Acceptor Settings This section is intended for bill acceptor settings. To do this it is necessary to choose work protocol and port (at pulse connection port does not matter). Then it is possible to specify the denomination and stacker number for each channel. PROTOCOL used protocol; SERIAL PORT used serial port; TOKENIZATION denomination of channels (all values are in credits; if the advanced parameter auto-denomination is turned on, the original denomination of bill acceptor has priority); STACKER SETTINGS setting of used stacker for each channel (only ID-003); ADVANCED SETTINGS advanced settings depending on selected protocol. Coin Acceptor Settings This section is intended for coin acceptor settings. To do this it is necessary to choose work protocol. Then it is possible to specify the denomination for each channel. PROTOCOL used protocol (only pulse protocol is available); TOKENIZATION denomination of channels (set in credits, but not in currency!); ADVANCED SETTINGS advanced settings depending on selected protocol Ticket Printer Settings To activate the device it is necessary to select protocol and a serial port that is connected to the printer. PROTOCOL used protocol; SERIAL PORT used serial port; PRINT TEST TICKET printing the ticket of chosen type for checking the printer. PROTOCOL COIN CHANNEL CAPACITY COIN OUT PULSE EDGE HOPPER REFILL HOPPER DUMP HOPPER UNLOAD Hopper Settings used protocol (only pulse protocol is available); coin acceptor channel number, whose coins get to the hopper (it is possible to set some unconnected coin channel if no coins diverted to hopper); maximum amount of coins which the hopper can pay out without replenishment; pulse front according to that coin output from the hopper must be accounted; this function must be selected at direct inserting coins in the hopper (for adequate account of available coins number); this function must be selected at direct dumping from the hopper (for adequate account of available coins number); automatic unloading of all coins from the hopper ( the hopper turns on and works until it unloads all or the operation is not stopped by the operator). In addition in this section the number of coins that are in the hopper (computed value) is displayed for convenience. If coins are inserted or dumped directly, the actual number of coins may be different. To do this it is necessary to use the func - tions Refill or Dump. Mechanical Counters Settings COUNTERS RATE settings for two mechanical counters of entered credits (credit key and general one) and two taken credits (key and general one); BET COUNTER RATE settings for the counter of lost bets; CNT#n DISCONNECTED action at disconnection of counter n (see diagram connector X2). Parameters set the price of counter item in credits. I.e., if BET COUNTER RATE is set equal to 50, the corresponding counter rate increases by an item only after the sum of stored bets increase not less than by 50. PROTOCOL SERIAL PORT CALIBRATE Touchscreen Settings used protocol; used serial port; device calibration it is necessary to touch in turn the two red crosses on the screen. 11 Game Selection This section of parameters is intended for selecting games available to the player. By default all the games are avail - able. At any moment it is possible to start any number of games, as long as at least one game is available. Excluded games will be highlighted in red on the main screen and unavailable to the player. If only one game is left included, the select game screen will not be av
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