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NEURAL NETWORKS FOR INSTRUMENTATION, MEASUREMENT AND RELATED INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS NATO Science Series A series presenting the results of scientific meetings supported under the NATO Science Programme. The series is published by IOS Press and Kluwer Academic Publishers in conjunction with the NATO Scientific Affairs Division. Sub-Series I. II. III. IV. V. Life and Behavioural Sciences Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Computer and Systems Sciences Earth and Environmental Sciences Science
  NEURAL  NETWORKS FOR  INSTRUMENTATION, MEASUREMENT AND  RELATED INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS  NATO  Science Series A  series  presenting  the  results  of  scientific  meetings supported under  the  NATO Science Programme. The  series  is  published  by IOS  Press  and  Kluwer  Academic Publishers  in  conjunction  with  the  NATO Scientific  Affairs  Division. Sub-Series I.  Life  and  Behavioural Sciences  IOS  Press II.  Mathematics, Physics  and  Chemistry Kluwer Academic PublishersIII. Computer  and  Systems Sciences  IOS  Press IV.  Earth  and  Environmental  Sciences  Kluwer  Academic Publishers V.  Science  and  Technology Policy  IOS  Press The  NATO  Science  Series  continues  the  series  of books  published formerly  as the  NATO  ASI  Series. The  NATO Science Programme  offers  support  for  collaboration  in  civil  science  between scientists  of countries  of the  Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council.  The  types  of  scientific meeting generally supported are  Advanced Study Institutes and  Advanced Research Workshops , although other types  of meeting  are  supported  from  time  to  time.  The  NATO Science  Series  collects together  the  results  of these meetings.  The  meetings  are  co-organized  by  scientists  from  NATO countries  and  scientists  from NATO's Partner countries  -  countries  of the CIS and  Central  and  Eastern Europe. Advanced Study  Institutes  are  high-level tutorial courses  offering  in-depth study  of  latest advances in  a  field. Advanced  Research  Workshops  are  expert meetings aimed  at  critical  assessment  of a  field,  and identification of  directions  for  future  action. As a  consequence  of the  restructuring  of the  NATO Science Programme  in  1999,  the  NATO Science Series  has  been re-organized  and  there  are  currently  five  sub-series  as  noted above. Please consult  the following  web  sites  for information on  previous volumes  published in the  series,  as  well  as  details  of earlier  sub-series: http://www.nato.int/science http://www.wkap.nl http://www.iospress.nl http://www.wtv-books.de/nato_pco.htm Series III: Computer  and  Systems Sciences  -  Vol.  185  ISSN:  1387–6694  Neural Networks for  Instrumentation, Measurement and  Related Industrial Applications Edited  by Sergey Ablameyko Institute  of  Engineering Cybernetics,National Academy  of  Sciences  of  Belarus, Belarus Liviu  Goras Department  of  Fundamental Electronics, Technical  University  of  lasi, Romania Marco Gori Department  of  Information  Engineering, University  of  Siena,  Italy and Vincenzo Piuri Department  of  Information  Technologies, University  of  Milan,  Italy IOS Press Ohmsha Amsterdam  ã  Berlin  ã  Oxford  ã  Tokyo  ã  Washington,  DC Published in  cooperation  with  NATO  Scientific  Affairs Division
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