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Office of Black Diasporan Culture Keith Simmonds, Ph.D., Director Osubi Craig, Coordinator; Avis Simmonds, Staff Advisor 108 Foster-Tanner Art East (FTAE) Florida A&M University Tallahassee, FL
Office of Black Diasporan Culture Keith Simmonds, Ph.D., Director Osubi Craig, Coordinator; Avis Simmonds, Staff Advisor 108 Foster-Tanner Art East (FTAE) Florida A&M University Tallahassee, FL or JUNKANOO SCHOLARSHIP GUIDELINES All students attending FAMU are eligible to apply for the Junkanoo* scholarship currently offered by the Office of Black Diasporan Culture. The attached application form must be filled out completely and returned to this Office by May 15 for Fall Semester and November 12 for Spring Semester. Students belonging to the Rhythm Rushers Bahamian Junkanoo group are expected to be on time and to attend all practices held at the shack (1841 S. Monroe St., Unit C), perform in all events (approximately eight to nine per semester), and decorate costumes as needed. They may participate in a number of different capacities: free dancer, choreographed dancer, beller, drummer (tom-tom), drummer (bass), bicycle horns, or brass section (clarinet, tuba, trombone, trumpet, saxophone). If they do not participate as expected, students may be placed on probation and suspended from the group. Students are expected to find their own transportation to and from the shack and to and from local performance sites. If the performance is out-of-town, students will travel by bus, along with advisors, and must sign a waiver of liability form as required by the university. The current cost for international students to attend FAMU is $30, (based on 15 hours fall and spring semesters, and 9 hours summer; $5000 living expenses; $177 health fee; $5500 other expenses; and $15 new student orientation). With the scholarship, which allows them to pay in-state tuition rather than out-of-state, the total cost per year is $14, Thus, the value of the scholarship each year is $15, For more information about the scholarship, contact the Office or go to *for information on Bahamian Junkanoo, see Florida A & M University, Office of Black Diasporan Culture RHYTHM RUSHERS JUNKANOO SCHOLARSHIP GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS The following form is provided and should only be completed for those persons interested in or already attending Florida A&M University AND wish to submit a scholarship application to the university s Office of Black Diasporan Culture for participation in the Rhythm Rushers Junkanoo Group. Scholarship applications must be submitted and received by the published deadlines for the appropriate semester. Each applicant will receive notification confirming the receipt of an application that will also indicate whether the application package is complete or highlighting any deficiencies. Any missing or omitted information will delay the processing of an application, and supplemental material must be received prior to the deadline. Incomplete or late applications will be considered during the next application period. The Cover Letter and requested information should be carefully printed or typed in the spaces provided unless otherwise instructed. Applicants are responsible for ensuring all information contained in the application especially personal and reference contact information is accurate and current. Providing false or misleading information is sufficient grounds for immediate disqualification and any future consideration for a scholarship or membership with the Rhythm Rushers. For Applicant s Use Please use the following checklist to ensure that all requested information is provided with each application: REQUIREMENT COMPLETED (Initials) Completed application including: Cover letter indicating interest in group (3) Signed reference letters. Proof of interest in Junkanoo participation (previous experience in Carnival activities, including photos) Narrative Current GPA Return Application Package to: (1) Office of Black Diasporan Culture, Attn: Rhythm Rushers, 108 FTAE, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, FL ( ; ; For Official Use: Date Received: Name: Florida A & M University, Office of Black Diasporan Culture SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM (Due May 15 for Fall Semester; November 12 for Spring Semester) A. About You (Personal Information) Name: Phone (day): (evening): Parents' Phone (day): (evening): Tallahassee Address: Permanent Address: Address: Date of Birth: Age: Sex: F M Race (optional): Major at FAMU: B. Your Previous Junkanoo Skills, Experiences & Photos (if available): i) Previous Junkanoo Experience? Yes: No: Group s Name: Years Participated: Role in group: C. References* Provide the following information and reference letters from at least three (3) adult non-relatives who are familiar with you and who can attest to your talent, creativity and discipline (attach letters to this application). *(Current or former members of Rhythm Rushers cannot be used as references) Office of Black Diasporan Culture C. References (continued) 1. Name: Occupation: Phone:(day): (evening): Address: 2. Name: Occupation: Phone (day): (evening): Address: 3. Name: Occupation: Phone (day): (evening): Address: D. Extracurricular Activities List extracurricular activities or organizations you have participated in other than academic work, especially those pertaining to music, dance, or Junkanoo activities: Office of Black Diasporan Culture E. Narrative On a separate sheet of paper, describe what you think you would like to do in the Junkanoo group (free dancer, choreographed dancer, bass drummer, tom-tom drummer, beller, bicycle horn player, brass player, costume builder/decorator) and what you think you have to offer the group in terms of your own interests. (Please attach no more than one (1) sheet) Applicant s Signature: Date: Projected Graduation Date: Cumulative GPA: Note: Applicants Do Not Write Below This Line (To be completed by Office of Black Diasporan Culture) Recommendation: (please check one) Highly recommend Recommend Recommend with reservations Do Not Recommend Signature: Title: Date:
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