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La Familia



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  Material: Paper, pencil, pictures, blackboard, computer. 1. Revise colours/numbers  (around 10 minutes)-The teacher show a picture and the students, in groups, must write down all the coloursthat the can see in there in !panish. The group which will be able to write more colourswill win one point. The acti it can go on with more pictures.- The teacher will ask #uestions about this last pictures. $or e%ample: &ow man peoplecan we see in that picture' The team which know the answer will go to the whiteboard and write the answer. Goal:  e ise colours and numbers (writing and speaking). . Who is (she/he)?  (around 0 minutes)*n the same groups, the teacher gi e one role about the +amil to each student. $or e%ample: groupsroup 1: Main character: rother /our Mumm/our add/our rann/our sister roup :Main character: !ister /our Mumm/our randpa/our rother /our rannach group will present himsel+2hersel+ in nglish, e%plaining what the like to do2where the work. The groups must guess the role o+ e er +amil member in !panish, answering the #uestion 3ho is she2he' The leader who gi e the right answer will win one sticker +or each member o+ his2her group. 4t the end, each group ha e to sum up what the know about other teams in !panish and write it down. *n addition, the ha e to speak about their own team. $or e%ample: Team 1: !he is his sister, he is our dadd, etc.Team : This is his sister, this is m dadd, etc. oal: e ise +amil members and possessi es (M2our2his) (speaking and writing). 3.Last activity:  !ong about the +amil (around 5 minutes)This song is #uite #uick, so the teacher will e%plain be+ore e er character who is going to appear. 6ater, e erbod ha e to sing and dance as the people in the ideo. P: This song has a nglish ersion. *+ necessar, we can listen the nglish song +irstl.  Goal:  &a e +un and moti ate themsel es while the remember some words and learn some !panish names (speaking).
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