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Nokia Final Report- PBM



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This report is on Product Brand Management of Nokia .
  Nokia Brand Equity Analysis1 Nokia Brand Equity Analysis PBM 2012IILM for Higher Education “ Submitted in partial fulfillment of the course Product and Brand Management”    Submitted to: Monica MorSubmitted by: Pallavi Gogoi (PG20102228), Rishi Raj Bora(PG20102297)  Nokia Brand Equity Analysis2 OBJECTIVE The main objective of the analysis is to find out brand equity of the customer towards Nokiaby using different branding tools like customer based brand equity pyramids and brand equitymeasurement. The analysis mainly focus on sustainability of Nokia as a brand in the volatilemarket of mobile brands with competing brands like I phone ,Samsung and change intechnologies like androids and customer preferences, perception and trend towards theBrand.Factors like Brand loyalty, trend settings, personality perception, pricing are some of the keyfactors which plays vital role in influencing the Brand image. Through this few keys we aretrying to understand the Brand management of Nokia in the whole analysis.The analysis lays emphasis upon what strategies can they stick to? Which group should thebrand concentrates like demographic factor of age class? Where and When should createbrand penetration to market for reigning as a market leader  Nokia Brand Equity Analysis3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Nokia as a brand in India has created its unique presence in the minds of Indian customers forits utility and durability. But it is also facing threats in technological advancement of competitor brands like androids of Samsung (eg wave 2 and X6 of Nokia).Other majorchallenge is to regular innovation of features to stop customer from diverting from Nokiabrands to other brand. The fear of being obsolete can be a major hindrance to competitiveBrands like Nokia.As per capita income has increased the standard of living has increased and more of youthfulpopulation trends keep changing the crowd is ready to experience blooming brands likeblackberry, Iphone to suit the personalities and other uses like business. Nokia has theadvantage that its products are handy in use and durable therefore majority of populationstill prefer Nokia Brand. But in current year these features are not enough to create brandimage as number of competitors in mobile are arising in Indian market with similar features atfast rate. Therefore create positioning among customer .Perception about the Brand Nokia isthat it is low cost provider so many brand conscious people may not desire Nokia as firstpreference to suit the personality which is one disadvantage for the brand. Blackberries areconsidered status symbol and Nokia as common people phone is most common saying.Nokia asa brand should remain sticking to younger population through various promotional activitiesdepicting youth activities with the brand.The project report in the subsequent pages outlines some of the ways through whichNokia can accomplish this. Nokia has to keep a good handle on the pulse of the market and itsB2B customers and end users. It must build its brand around its core competency of branddifferentiation and technological leadership. Nokia also needs to bring new products tomarket, and, as the market is showing signs of saturation, shift its focus onto the replacementmarket. Finally, by forming strategic alliances withvarious stakeholders (viz. operators, consumers, scientist, developers and researchcommunity, government and communities), Nokia can ensure maximizing its brand awareness andbrand image to the end- user. As long as Nokia is open to reworking its branding strategies, itstands a good chance of remaining the dominant player in the handset market and perhaps canregain and consolidate its lost glory in terms of high brand equity valuation.  Nokia Brand Equity Analysis4 METHODOLOGY: We have referred to secondary data provided by Nokia through internet research. Severalconcepts were taken from the book Product Brand Management R.Lehman and KLK.The datainformation are diagonised as per the brand equity analysis.The following are the steps-1)   Collecting through secondary data like internet sources2)   Compiling and brief discussion towards the datas for correct outcome3)   Diagonasis and Analysis of the data information4)   Conclusion and Recommendation INTRODUCTION:NOKIA INDIA Nokia as a brand needs no specific introduction in India as People are highly aware of theBrand in India Nokia has played a pioneering role in the growth of cellular technology in India.Nokia started its Indian operations in 1995 and presently operates its offices in five maincities namely, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmadabad. Its Indian operations includehandsets and network infrastructure business in which Nokia Siemens (Nokia merged itstelecom network operations with Siemens. They also agreed to merge their equipmentdivision into a joint company) has made a significant progress in realizing businessopportunities and increasing market share. The Nokia Siemens Network is a key supplier to allthe top GSM operators including Bharti, BSNL, Vodafone, IDEA, BPL. Since then the Nokiabrand has been steadily growing and has gained wide acceptance in the Indian market.India is the third largest market for Nokia, in terms of its net sales as of 2006. It is the mosttrusted brand in India and leads other cellular phone brands in terms of market share,advertising and customer service.The market share is 54.21% as per 2009 year data.Besides, Nokia was the market leader in mobile communication devices in India. The companyhas been carrying out sales & marketing, customer care and research & developmentactivities in the country. Nokia considers India to be one of its most important markets. The
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