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Operability and Reliability Success Factors of Rural ICT Infrastructure 360 D. Suhardi,Ayu Wulandri


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2009 International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Informatics (ICEEI2009) Bangi, Malaysia 5-7 August 2009 Volume 2 Pages IEEE IEEE Catalog Number: CFP0977H-PRT ISBN:
2009 International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Informatics (ICEEI2009) Bangi, Malaysia 5-7 August 2009 Volume 2 Pages IEEE IEEE Catalog Number: CFP0977H-PRT ISBN: TRACK III INFORMATION SYSTEM/NETWORKS The Impact ofcrm on Customer Retention in Malaysia 298 Akbar Dehghani GhahfarokhiMohamadShanudin Zakaria An Integrated E-Marketplace Framework: A Case Study of Wood-based Products Industry in Malaysia 303 Mttriati Mokhtar, Yazrina Yahya, Norleyza Jailtmi, Salha Abdullah,Zuraidah Abdullah Information and Communication Technology for Decision-Making in the Higher Education in Yemen: A Review 310 Muneer Alsurorijuhana Salim A Framework for Knowledge Management System in Higher Learning Institution: A Case Study of National University of Malaysia 314 AHA. Zahrawi,Yazrina Yahya Digital Libraries Interoperability Issues 318 Maizura Hani Sarip MaarofYazrina Yahya Pattern Extraction for Islamic Concept 322 Saidah Saad, Naomie Salim.Hakim Zainal Logistic E-Marketplace For Agro-Based Industries In Malaysia 327 Nur Azmiza Mohd Salleh, Muriati Mitkhtar, Noraidah Sahari Ashaari Knowledge Retention in Knowledge Management System: Review 332 Akbar Deghani GhahfarokhiMohamadShanudin Zakaria Automatic Extraction of Performance Indicators from Financial Statements 337 Siti Sakira Kamaruddin, Abdul Razak Hamdan, Azuraliza Abu Bakar.Fauzias Mat Nor Novice Difficulties in Selection Structure 340 Abdul Rahman Mohamad Gobil, Zarina ShukurjtazaAfiani Mokhtar Employability and Service Science: Facing the Challenges via Curriculum Design and Restructuring 346 Muriati Mukhtar, Yazrina Yahya, Salha Abdullah, Abdul RazakHamdan.Norleyza Jailani Engaging the SSME Challenge: An Agenda for Research at the Faculty of Information Science and Technology 351 Yazrina Yahya, Salha Abdullah, Muriati Mukhtar, Hasannudin Saidin, Abdul Razak Hamdan, Norleyza Jailani.Zuraidah Abdullah Design of RK-X Meta: A Methodology for Data Warehouse Development with Metadata Management Support 356 Hira Laksmiwali.Pocut Vicarunnisa Operability and Reliability Success Factors of Rural ICT Infrastructure 360 D. Suhardi,Ayu Wulandri Mining Association Rules from Structured XML Data 365 AshrafAbazeed, AH Mamat, MohamadNasir.Hamidah Ibrahim Introduction to Semantic Search Engine 369 Junaidah Mohamed KassimMahathir Rahmany Inferring Functional Dependencies for XML Storage 376 Kamsuriah Ahmad.Hamidah Ibrahim Enterprise Architecture for E-Government in Indonesia 382 WahyuA. Arifiyanto.Kridanto Surendro Asessment for Knowledge Management Readiness 388 Lovinta Happy Atrinawati.Kridanto Surendro B2B E-Commerce Readiness Assessment Based on the Critical Success Factors 394 NorjansalikaJanom,Mohamad Shanudin Zakaria A Study of Routing Protocol for Topology Configuraton Management in Mobile Ad Hoc Network 400 Zahian Ismail, Rasilah Hasan, Ahmad Patel.Rozilawati Razali Computation of Private Key for LUC Cryptosystem 406 Zulkarnain Md. All, MohamedOthman, MohdRushdan MuhdSaid.MdNasirSulaiman An Approximation Approach for Free Space Wave Propagation 411 MX. Hasan, J. Sulaiman.M. Othman A Comparative Review of IPv4 and IPv6 for Research Test Bed 415 Mohd. Khairil Sailan. Rosilah I1assan,AhmedPatel A Generic Framework for Developing Map-Based Mobile Application 422 Haslinda Harun, Norleyza Jailani, MariniAbu Bakar, Mohamad Shanudin Zakaria.Salha Abdullah Observation of Medium Scale Travelling Ionospheric Disturbance Using GPS SUGAR 429 Ali Asnawi, M. Abdullah.M.A. Momani Bit-Error-Rate (BER) for Modulation Technique using Software Defined Radio 433 Muhammad Islam, HA. Hannan, S.A. Samad,A. Hussain Load Balancing in Energy Efficient Connected Coverage Wireless Sensor Network 436 Mina Mahdavi, MahamodIsmail,Kasmiran Jumari Application of SANTAD in Network Monitoring and Fault Detection offtth-pon 441 NgBaon Chuan, Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, Aswir Premadi.Kasmiran Jumari Restoration Scheme Implementation in Automatic Protection Unit for FTTH Passive Optical Network 447 SitiAsma Che Aziz, Mohamad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, SitiRahayu Hassan.Kasmiran Jumari Application of PIC Microcontroller for Online Monitoring and Fiber Fault Identification 451 Aswir Premadi, Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, Ng Boon Chuan, MohamadNajib Mohamad Saupe.Kasmiran Jumari Temperature-Pattern Dependence of Initial Carrier Density of High-Speed Digitally Modulated Uncooled Semiconductor Laser Diodes: Theoretical Analysis 456 Mohammed Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman,Mazen R. Hassan Lock-on Range of Infrared Heat Seeker Missile 460 Mohammed Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman,Mazen R. Hassan High Mobility Data Pilot Based Channel Estimation for Downlink OFDMA System Based on IEEE e Standard 466 Savilri Galih, Riafeni Karlina, Fifin Nugroho, Ade Irawan, Trio Adiono.Adit Kimiiawan Generic Data Model Patterns using Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM) 472 FazatNur Azizah, Guido P. Bakema, BenhardSitohang,Oerip S. Santo Very Fast Pipelined RSA Architecture Based on Montgomery's Algorithm 479 K. Iput Heri, N. Asep Bagja, Randy S. Purba.Trio Adiono Implementation of Video Voice Over IP in Local Area Network Campus Environment Mohd Nazri Ismail Finite Difference Approach on RBF Networks for On-line System Identification with Lost Packet 484 NurAfny C. Andryani, Vijanth. S. Asirvadam,N.H. Hamid Recognizing Deviants in Social Networking Sites: Case Study Fupei.com 490 Alfa R. ohannis,husni Sastramihardja TRACK IV ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Development of Voltage Acceptability Curves for Fluorescent Lighting Systems 496 Hussain Shareef, Azah Mohamed.Khodijah Mohamed Transient Stability Assessment of a Large Actual Power System using Probabilistic Neural Network with Enhanced Feature Selection and Extraction 502 NoorIzzri Abdul Wahab.Azah Mohamed lxn Self-Made Polymer Optical Fiber Based Splitter for POF-650nm-LED based Application 508 Mohd SyuhaimiAb-Rahman, Hadi Guna.Mohd Hazwan Harun Performance Study of Core2Duo Desktop Processors 515 Abduljalil R.A. Saif.Kasmiran Jumari Motion Detection Using Lucas Kanade Algorithm and Application Enhancement 520 Lee Yee Siong, Siti Salasiah Mokri, Aini Hussain, Norazlin Ibrahim.MohdMarzuki Mustafa Comparative Analysis ofpower Efficiency ofhandmade 1x12 Polymer Optical Fiber-Based Optical Splitter 526 Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, MohdHazwan Harim.Hadi Guna Properties of RBDPO Olein as A Candidate of Palm Based-Transformer Insulating Liquid 530 Abdul Rajab, Edi Suwarno,S. Amimiddin Interpretation Target Pattern of a Buried Basic Object on Surface Ground Penetrating Radar System 535 Nana Rachmana, Hendrawan, Sugiharlono,Andriyan B. Suksmono. Lightning Protection System Improvement on Extra High Voltage 500 Kv Transmission Lines in Indonesia using Extended Mast Terminal 541 Reynaldo Zoro, Tultis Leo QPSK Reflector Based on Textured Surface Technology 546 Achmad Munir, Vincent Fusco Impedances and Surface Conditions of Naturally Coastal-Polluted Epoxy Resin Insulators 550 NgapuliI. Sinisuka, Waluyo, Edi Suwarno.Maman A. Djauhari Electrical Equivalent Circuit of Ceramics Insulators with RTV Silicone Rubber Coated and Computer Simulation of Leakage Current 556 Fori Pratomosiwi.Edi Suwarno Application of RTV Silicone Rubber Coating for Improving Performances of Ceramic Outdoor Insulator under Polluted Condition 562 Edi Suwarno,Fari Pratomosiwi The Application of Input Constrained Controls on a Power Plant Model 569 AriefSyaichu-Rohman DVB-T Synchronizer Architecture Design and Implementation 575 TrioAdiono, Willy Anugrah Cahyadi.Amy Hamidah Salman Pollution Index ofthe Outdoor Insulators in Switchyard Area at PT. PJP Papua Indonesia 581 Lily S. Patras, NgapuliI. Sinisuka.EdiSuwarno Effect of Pressure on Discharge Current Harmonics ofporcelain Insulator Specimen 585 Waluyo, I.S. Ngapuli, M.P. Parouli, EdiSuwamo.A.D. Maman, S.P. Lily Reduced Stall MIPS Architecture using Pre-Fetching Accelerator 592 M. Zulkifli, Y.P. Yudhanto, N.A. Soetharyo.Trio Adiono Analytical Prediction ofthe Inductances of Slotless Axial-Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Using Quasi-3D Method 598 Qamaruzzaman, A, Pradikta.P.A. Dahono Dual Band Switchable Substrateless Frequency Selective Surfaces 605 Achmad Munir, Vincent Fusco A New Approach to Synthesis of Static Power Converters 609 Agus Purwadi, Kits Adi Nugroho, Arwindra Rizqiawan.Pekik Argo Dahono Performance Evaluation and Control Technique oflarge Ratio DC-DC Converter 615 Agus Purwadi, Kus Adi Nugroho, Firman Sasongko, Kadek Fendy Sutrisna,Pekik Argo Dahono The Simulation of Static Load Balancing Algorithms 622 Hendra Rahmawan, Ytidi Satria Gondokaryono Scalable Pipelined CORDIC Architecture Design and Implementation in FPGA 628 Trio Adiono.Randy Saut Purba VLSI Architecture Design for Inverse-CABAC on H.264 Decoder 632 Trio Adiono, A. K. Maria, A. S. Hamidah 64-point Fast Efficient FFT Architecture Using Radix-23 Single Path Delay Feedback 636 Trio Adiono, Muh Syafiq Irsyadi, Yan Syafri Hidayat,Ade Irawan Harmonic Current Impact to Capability of Transformer #7 Pulogadung Sumaryadi, Tona Indora,Ngapuli Irmea Sinisuka s/s 641 A Study of Combined System of Capacitor Bank and Shunt Active Power Filter 645 Tri D. Rachmildha, Arwindra Rizqiawan, Yanuarsyah Haroen Partial Discharge Diagnosis of Gas Insulated Station (GIS) Using Acoustic Method 649 Edi Suwarno, P. Caesario, P. Anita Determination of FACTS Placement using Differential Evolution Technique 654 Bongkoj Sookananta Design of a Reconfigurable Computing Platform Justin John Papu, Ong Hang See Feasibility Study of Solar Power Massive Usage in Indonesia: Yield Versus Cost- Effective Made Andik Setiawan Performance Analysis of Si Schottky Diode Family N.Z. Yahaya.F.H. Ramie in DC-DC Converter 658 Robust Chattering Free Adaptive Neuro Sliding Mode Control for SVC System 663 Dimitri Mahayana, Sabat Anwari Design of a Compact Dual Band Microstrip Antenna for Ku-Band Application 670 Norbahiah Misran, Mohammad Tariqul Islam, Nuimahirah Muhamad Ynsob,Ahmed Toaha Mobashsher Dual-Polarized Patch Antenna for Wireless Communication 674 Norbahiah Misran, Mohammad Tariqul Islam, Lim Lay San,RezauI Azim Reduction of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) in the Human Head with Materials and Metamateriai 678 Mohammad Tariqul Islam, Norbahiah Misran, Tan Sue Ling, Mohammad Hashed Iqbal Faruque Optimization of Microstrip Patch Antenna using Particle Swarm Optimization with Curve Fitting 682 Mohammad Tariqul Islam, Norbahiah Misran, Tan Omen Take, Mohd. Moniruzzaman Study and Implementation of Energy Conservation in a Small Cottage 686 Nana Heryana, Firman Sasongko.PekikArgo Dahono A Metametadata Taxonomy to Support Semantic Searching Algorithms in Metadata Repository 691 Amirah Ismail, Mike S. Joy, Jane E. Sinclair,Mohd Isa Hannah Author Index
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