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Oro Gold Presentation 2011



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24 Karat Gold Cosmetics♥ Brilliant Facials for Brilliant Skin. P R E S E N T A T I O N C O N C E P T Since its introduction, Oro Gold Cosmetics has unveiled its exclusive 24 Karat Gold Cosmetics line and has been thriving in the market. Oro Gold Cosmetics stores can now be found worldwide, including Canada, Mexico, Dubai, Turkey, Spain, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom, to name a few. With new locations in the works in Italy, France, Japan and countless other countr
  24 Karat Gold Cosmetics ♥ Brilliant Facials for Brilliant Skin.  Since its introduction, Oro Gold Cosmetics has unveiled its exclusive 24 Karat Gold Cosmeticsline and has been thriving in the market. Oro Gold Cosmetics stores can now be ound world-wide, including Canada, Mexico, Dubai, Turkey, Spain, Singapore, South Arica and the UnitedKingdom, to name a ew. With new locations in the works in Italy, France, Japan and countlessother countries. The act that Oro Gold is made with real 24 karat gold, in itsel sets it apartrom other brands in the market. Once you enter into an Oro Gold Cosmetics Store, you willdiscover an exclusive, beautiully high-end boutique. Unique to the Oro Gold experience areour well-trained sales representatives who will assist the customers in customizing our productsto match their beauty needs. A client may comortably spend as much time in our stores asthey need in order to try and sample to their hearts delight, until they nd the perect matchor their skin. Oro Gold Cosmetics has developed a customized line o cosmetics that is builtinto various series, each series serving a separate issue and designed or a dierent skin typeand/or condition.  Under the infuence o gold, the skin improves its rmness, regaining elasticity and reshness,enhancing the body’s natural responses or healing and regeneration. Throughout history,gold has been recognized or its luxurious and beautiying properties. The anti-aging benetso gold can be traced back 5,000 years to Queen Cleopatra the last Pharaoh o Egypt, who isknown to have slept in a gold acemask every night to enhance the suppleness o her complexionand preserve its natural luminosity. In ancient Chinese medicine gold was a key to youth, asqueens used a gold massage roller on their ace every day. These gold acials were also usedin ancient Indian cultures and are said to rm the skin, give it a glow and reduce wrinkles. Inancient Rome, the warriors used to put golden compresses on their eet to speed up the healingo battle wounds. Oro Gold Cosmetics has modernized these ancient traditions into a line o cosmetics that is truly timeless. Made with real 24 karat gold that is imported rom Italy to theUnited States, and then manuactured in our lab to produce our various Oro Gold series. Thebeauty products create an eortless transormation that will treat and maintain ones youth andbeauty or years to come.  Oro Gold’s revolutionary concept, using the highest quality ingredients with 24 karat gold hasno equal. It is incomparable to the large cosmetics chains such as Sephora or Mac as the storeis exclusive to Oro Gold Cosmetics and the line is luxurious and within a price point that targetsan entirely dierent audience. Oro Gold Cosmetics stands apart rom all other high-end cosmeticsthat are comparative in price and quality, such as La Prairie due to its conceptually distinctinclusion o 24 karat gold and Oro Gold’s demonstrational store experience. Most importantly,Oro Gold Cosmetics’ dedicated store locations oer an intimate environment that cannot bematched in any department store.Today, Oro Gold store locations can be ound throughout the United States o America withstore locations open or opening in: Los Angeles, California:   Sacramento, California:San Diego, California:Las Vegas, Nevada:Chicago, Illinois:Boston, Massachusetts:Tucson, Arizona:Dallas, Texas:Alberta, Canada: Century City, Santa Anita, Glendale Galleria, Irvine Spectrum, Main Place and Southbay Galleria.Arden Fair and The Galleria at Roseville.Horton Plaza, Plaza Bonita and North County.Caesar’s Palace, Forum Shops, Rio Hotel and Planet Hollywood.North Brook and Water Tower.Copley Place . Tucson Mall.Dallas Galleria.West Edmonton Mall.
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