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Orphic Hymns



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Orphic Hymns
  Orphic HymnsORPHIC HYMNS CONTENTSHYMNS 1 - 400. To Musaeus1. To Prohyraea!. To Ny #Ni$h%&. To 'ranus #he S(y%4. To )eher*. To Proo$onus+. To )sron #he Sars%,. To Heius #he Sun%. To Seene #he Moon%/. To Phusis #Naure%10. To Pan11. To Heraces1!. To Cronus1&. To Rhea14. To eus1*. To Hera1+. To Poseion1,. To Puo1. To eus o2 Thuner1/. To eus o2 3i$hnin$!0. To Nepheae #Cous%!1. To Thaassa #Sea%!!. To Nereus!&. To he Nereis!4. To Proeus!*. To aea #Earh%!+. To Moher o2 he os!,. To Hermes!. To Persephone!/. To 5ionysus&0. To he Curees&1. To )hena&!. To Ni(e #6icory%&&. To )poo&4. To 3eo&*. To )remis&+. To he Tians&,. To he Curees&. To Cory7as&/. To 5emeer o2 Eeusis40. To Moher )naeaHYMNS 41 - +41. To Misa4!. To he Horae #Seasons%4&. To Semee44. To 5ionysus 8assareus4*. To 5ionysus 3icnius4+. To 5ionysus Pericionius4,. To a7a9ius4. To Ippa4/. To 3ysius 3enaeus  *0. To he Nymphs*1. To Trieericus*!. To )mphieus 8acchus*&. To Sienus: Sayr: 8acchae*4. To )phroie**. To )onis*+. To Hermes Chhonius*,. To Eros #3o;e%*. To he Moirae #<aes%*/. To he Charies #races%+0. To Nemesis+1. To 5ice #=usice%+!. To 5icaeosyne #E>uiy%+&. To Nomus #3a?%+4. To )res@+*. To Hephaesus++. To )scepius+,. To Hy$ea #Heah%+. To he Erinyes #<uries%+/. To he Eumenies,0. To Meinoe,1. To Tyche #<orune%,!. To he 5aemon,&. To 3eucohea,4. To Paaemon,*. To he Muses,+. To Mnemosyne #Memory% ,,. To Eos #5a?n%,. To Themis #Cusom%,/. To 8oreas #Norh Ain%0. To ephyrus #Aes Ain%1. To Nous #Souh Ain%!. To Oceanus&. To Hesia #Hearh%4. To Hypnus #Seep%*. To he Oneiri #5reams%+. To Thanaus #5eah%THE ORPHIC HYMNS 1 - 40: TR)NS3)TE5 8Y THOM)S T)Y3ORTO M'SB'S)en Musus o my sacre son$: an earn ?ha ries o sacri2ice 7eon$.=o;e Deus I in;o(e: he Earh Daia: an Soar 3i$h DHeios:he MoonFs DMene pure spenor: an he Sars o2 ni$hGThee Nepune DPoseion: ruer o2 he sea pro2oun: ar(-hairF: ?hose ?a;es 7e$irhe soi $rounGCeres D5emeer a7unan: an o2 o;ey mien:an Proserpine DPhersephone in2erna PuoFs DHaies >ueenThe hunress 5ian D)remis: an 7ri$h Ph7us rays: 2ar-arin$ o: he heme o2 5ephic praiseG)n 8acchus D5ionysos: honourF 7y he hea;Fny choir:an ra$in$ Mars D)res: an 6ucan DHephaisos $o o2 2ireGThe mi$hy po?Fr ?ho rose 2rom 2oam o i$h: an Puo poen in he reams o2 ni$hGAih He7e youn$: an Hercues he sron$: an you o ?hom he cares o2 7irhs DEieihyia 7eon$=usice D5i(aisune an Piey DEuse7ia au$us I ca: an much-2amF nymphs: an Pan he $o o2 a.  To =uno DHera sacre: an o MemFry DMnemosyne 2air: an he chase Muses I aress my prayFrGThe ;arious year: he races DJharies: an he Hours DHorai:2air-hairF 3aona D3eo: an 5ioneFs po?FrsG)rme Curees: househo os DJory7anes: Jourees: Ja7eiroi I ca:?ih hose DSoeroi ?ho sprin$ 2rom =o;e Deus he (in$ o2 aThF Ian os: he an$e o2 he s(ies: an ri$heous Themis: ?ih sa$acious eyesGAih ancien Ni$h DNy : an 5ay-i$h DHemara I impore:an <aih DPisis: an =usice D5i(e eain$ ri$h aoreGSaurn DJronos an Rhea: an $rea Theis oo: hi in a ;ei o2 7ri$h ceesia 7ueI ca $rea Ocean DO(eanos: an he 7eaueous rain o2 nymphs: ?ho ?e in cham7ers o2 he mainG)as he sron$: an e;er in is prime: ;i$Frous Eerniy D)ion: an eness TimeDJhronosGThe Sy$ian poo DSy : an paci os DMeii(hoi 7esie:an ;arious enii D5aimones: ha oFer men presieGIusrious Pro;ience DPronoia: he no7e rain o2 mon 2orms: ?ho 2i hF heria painGOr i;e in air: in ?aer: earh: or 2ire: or eep 7eneah he soi $roun reire.8acchus D5ionysos an Semee he 2riens o2 a: an ?hie 3eucohea o2 he sea I caGPamon 7ouneous: an )rasria $rea: an s?ee-on$uF 6icory DNi(e: ?ih success eaeGrea Escuapius D)s(epios: s(iF o cure isease:an rea Miner;a D)hene: ?hom 2ierce 7aes peaseGThuners D8ronoi an Ains D)nemoi in mi$hy coumns pen:?ih rea2u roarin$ sru$$in$ har 2or ;enG)is: he moher o2 he po?Frs on hi$h: an 2air )onis: ne;er oomF o ie: En an 7e$innin$ he is a o a: hese ?ih propiious ai I $eny caG)n o my hoy sacri2ice in;ie: he po?Fr ?ho rei$ns in eepes he an ni$hGI ca Einoian Hecae: o;ey ame: o2 earhy: ?aFry: an ceesia 2rame:Sepuchra: in a sa22ron ;ei arrayF: easF ?ih ar( $hoss ha ?aner hroF he shaeGPersian: uncon>uera7e hunress haiK The ?orFs (ey-7earer ne;er oomF o 2aiOn he rou$h roc( o ?aner hee ei$hs: eaer an nurse 7e presen o our riesPropiious $ran our Lus esires success: accep our homa$e: an he incense 7ess.D1 I. TO THE O55ESS PROTHYRB)The <umi$aion 2rom Sora .O ;enera7e $oess: hear my prayFr: 2or a7our pains are hy pecuiar careGIn hee: ?hen srechF upon he 7e o2 $rie2: he se as in a mirror ;ie? reie2.uar o2 he race: enue ?ih $ene min: o hepess youh: 7ene;oen an (inG8eni$nan nourisherG $rea NaureFs (ey 7eon$s o no i;iniy 7u hee.Thou ?eFs ?ih a immani2es o si$h: an soemn 2esi;as are hy ei$h.Thine is he a( o oose he ;ir$inFs 9one: an hou in e;Fry ?or( ar seen an (no?n.Aih 7irhs you sympahi9e: hoF peasF o see he numerous o22sprin$ o2 2eriiyGAhen rac(F ?ih naureFs pan$s an sore isressF: he se in;o(e hee: as he souFs sure resG<or hou aone canFs $i;e reie2 o pain: ?hich ar aemps o ease: 7u ries in;ainG)ssisin$ $oess DEieihyia: ;enera7e po?Fr: ?ho 7rin$Fs reie2 in a7ourFs rea2u hourG Hear: 7esse 5ian D)remis: an accep my prayFr: an ma(e he in2an race hy consan care.  D! II. TO NIHT DNYThe <umi$aion ?ih Torches.Ni$h DNy : paren $oess: source o2 s?ee repose: 2rom ?hom a 2irs 7oh os an men arose:Hear: 7esse 6enus DJypris: ec(F ?ih sarry i$h: in seepFs eep sience ?ein$ E7on ni$hK5reams an so2 case aen hy us(y rain: peasF ?ih he en$hFne $oom an 2ea22u srain.5isso;in$ an ious care: he 2rien o2 Mirh: ?ih ar(in$ coursers riin$ roun he earh.oess o2 phanoms an o2 shao?y pay: ?hose ro?sy po?Fr i;ies he naFra ay 8y <aeFs ecree you consan sen he i$h o eepes he: remoe 2rom mora si$h<or ire Necessiy ?hich nou$h ?ihsans: in;ess he ?or ?ih aamanine 7ans.8e presen: oess: o hy suppianFs prayFr: esirF 7y a: ?hom a ai(e re;ere:8esse: 7ene;oen: ?ih 2rieny ai ispe he 2ears o2 T?ii$hFs rea2u shae.D& III. TO HE)6EN DO'R)NOSThe <umi$aion 2rom <ran(incense.rea Hea;Fn DOuranos: ?hose mi$hy 2rame no respie (no?s: 2aher o2 a: 2rom ?hom he ?or aroseHear: 7ouneous paren: source an en o2 a: 2ore;er ?hirin$ roun his earhy 7aG)7oe o2 os: ?hose $uarian po?Fr surrouns hF eerna Aor ?ih e;er urin$ 7ounsGAhose ampe 7osom an encircin$ 2os he ire necessiy o2 naure hos.Bheria: earhy: ?hose a-;arious 2rame a9ure an 2u o2 2orms: no po?er can ame. )-seein$ Hea;Fn: pro$enior o2 Time DJronos: 2ore;er 7esse: eiy su7ime:Propiious on a no;e mysic shine: an cro?n his ?ishes ?ih a i2e i;ine.D4 I6. TO <IRE D)ITHERThe <umi$aion 2rom Sa22ron.O E;er unamF <ire D)iher: ?ho rei$nFs on hi$h in =o;eFs DeusF ominions ruer o2 he s(yGThe $orious sun ?ih a99in$ usre 7ri$h: an moon an sars 2rom hee eri;e heir i$hG) amin$ po?Fr: heria shinin$ 2ire: ?hose ;i;i 7ass he hea o2 i2e inspireThe ?orFs 7es eemen: i$h-7earin$ po?Fr: ?ih sarry raiance shinin$: speni 2o?Fr:O hear my suppian prayFr: an may hy 2rame 7e e;er innocen: serene: an ame.D* 6. TO PROTOON'S: OR THE <IRST-8ORNThe <umi$aion 2rom Myrrh.O Mi$hy 2irs-7e$oen DProo$onos: hear my prayFr: ?o-2o: e$$-7orn: an ?anFrin$ hroF he air:8u-roarer: $oryin$ in hy $oen ?in$s: 2rom ?hom he race o2 os an moras sprin$s.Ericapus DEri(apaios: cee7rae po?Fr: ine22a7e: occu: a shinin$ 2o?Fr.
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