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Preserving and Managing Valued Places



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Landmark Society of Western New York 2012 Preservation Conference, Rochester, New York Local Historic Cemeteries: Temple of Heaven, Beijing China Preserving and Managing Valued Places Local Sarah Historic
Landmark Society of Western New York 2012 Preservation Conference, Rochester, New York Local Historic Cemeteries: Temple of Heaven, Beijing China Preserving and Managing Valued Places Local Sarah Historic LeVaun Cemeteries Graulty 21 Patricia April 2012 M. O Donnell Sarah LeVaun Heritage Graulty, Heritage Landscapes Landscapes LLC LLC Presentation Summary Cemeteries in cities and towns provide a tangible record of our forebears and record historic aesthetics, trends, and choices. Drawing on a range of cemetery scales and types, this presentation discusses research, planning, and management components for historic local cemeteries. Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo Outline Topics: Research Documentation Historical Analysis & Identification of Issues Landscape Preservation Treatment Examples: Family Cemetery, Castine, ME Civil War Cemetery, Washington, DC Prospect Cemetery, Jamaica, Queens, NY Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY Old North Cemetery, Hartford, CT Issues & Challenges General Issues: Understanding history & evolution Perceived community value Limited funding Limited maintenance Specific Issues: Available resources Cemetery landscape integrity Support for action Availability of needed skills Old North Cemetery, Hartford Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester Mount Hope Cemetery Cultural Landscape Report Research & analysis based document Part I: History, Existing Conditions, Analysis Part II: Preservation Treatment Part III: Record of Interventions Yields comprehensive understanding of landscape Identifies significant landscape character & features Analyzes change over time Addresses integrity & significance Establishes preservation goals Provides for phased implementation ti Staff initiatives Volunteer undertakings Funded projects Provides interpretive content Guides management & maintenance Aids in project support & funding Recent Cultural Landscape Reports Research Document physical character, features, & details Document landscape character at key periods Sources may include: Ground & aerial photographs Cemetery plans, maps & surveys Official cemetery records Published books and reports Unpublished sources: notes, journal entries, correspondence Detailed spreadsheet tracks historic document files Mount Hope Cemetery Cemetery Context Position cemetery within historical context Trends in cemetery planning & design Local, regional, national events Informs I f history hi t & character h t off cemetery t Example: Rural Cemetery Movement Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris Local Historic Cemeteries Mount Auburn Cemetery, Massachusetts 21 April 2012 Sarah LeVaun Graulty, Heritage Landscapes LLC Landscape Character-Defining Features Spatial Organization & Landscape Patterns Views & Visual Relationships Landforms, Topography Vegetation (trees, turf, garden beds, shrubs) Circulation (walks, drives, parking areas) Water Features (shaped lakes, pools, creeks, springs) Landscape Structures (bridges, walls, fences, mausoleums, etc.) Furnishings (benches, lights, signs) Decorative Objects (sculpture, grave markers, urns, planters) Small-Scale Elements (signs, lighting, benches) Forest Lawn Cemetery Landscape Units/ Character Areas Discrete landscape character areas Informed by history & evolution Define frame to examine continuity/change Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo Forest Lawn Cemetery 1. Rural Cemetery Welcome 2. Scenic Creek & Lake Valley 3. Picturesque Rural Cemetery 4. Memorial Park Garden Documentation: Tree Inventory & Condition Assessment Old North Cemetery 67% or 102 old trees greater than 25 diameter 51% or 78 trees requiring substantial care 11% or 16 trees requiring removal Documentation: Tree Inventory & Condition Assessment Forest oestlawn Cemetery etey Arboretum-quality tree collection Heritage Landscapes & cemetery staff trained local foresters Inventoried, GPS located & entered over 3,000 trees into database for ongoing gcare Documentation: Gravestone & Monument Overview Old North Cemetery: Focused study area 407 stones General observations Broad treatment defined Specific projects identified Mount Hope Cemetery: ete Arrangement of trees & gravestones Dramatically undulating ground plane Network of curvilinear drives Design of cemetery structures Existing Landscape Character Existing Landscape Character Forest oestlawn Cemetery ete Memorial Park Gardens (LCA 4): Distinct burial areas developed in a memorial park style during 20 th century Level & sparsely planted Low profile & uniform burial markers Separate memorial gardens, community mausoleums & blocks of veteran burials Internal cohesion & defined boundaries Continuity & change over time Landscape character-defining features Landscape integrity Landscape Analysis Example: Trace of lostdi drive at Old NorthCemetery Old North Cemetery Landscape Preservation Recommendations Consider: Historic integrity & significance Historic & existing character Available human & funding resources Define future landscape character List proposed physical interventions List interpretive and/or program directions Lay out achievable maintenance effort Mount Hope Cemetery Old North Cemetery Annual inspect/ maintain protocol Respectful, low level of maintenance Trim vegetation to ensure no woody growth Mow edge Stabilize fence as needed Family Cemetery, Maine St. Elizabeths Hospital Civil War Cemetery Federal agency ownership Documentation Basic stabilization & respect Respect what you inherit No return to earlier era Address unmaintainable landscape Remove volunteer growth Remove tree hazards & invasive vegetation Open cemetery for inventory Catalog & map broken, fallen stones Remove markers, conserve, return Finely grade surface Seed lawn with hardy grasses for minimal regular maintenance Prospect Cemetery Balance natural & built resources Circulation Monument conservation Furnishings Signage, wayfinding & interpretation Additional burial areas Maintenance & staffing Vegetation recommendations Gardens Ground plane Steep slopes Individual tree management Woodland management Mount Hope Cemetery Mount Hope Cemetery Mount Hope Cemetery Preserve historic landscape character & features Conserve gravestones, monuments &plot fence Circulation & access Maintenance Structures & site furnishings Drainage Signage, wayfinding & interpretation Vegetation management Organizational Community initiatives Old North Cemetery Identify partners Create/reinforce community advocates Create burial plot database Promote appropriate use of grounds Publicize planning & implementation projects Seek planning grants Enhance Community Support Engage local community & youth Shape volunteer events Host programs & special events Offer community-led tours Organize clean-up events, skillbuilding opportunities Coordinate school-aged volunteer efforts with local history curricula Hold technical workshops to train volunteers Explore successful models to better develop community-based programs Community Initiatives Thank You! Sarah LeVaun Graulty, MSHP, Project Manager g Patricia M. O Donnell, AICP, FASLA, Principal Heritage Landscapes LLC
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