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Qi Men Dun Jia is a system that is use by the ancient sages and the great Emperor of Emperial China.



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Qi Men Dun Jia is a system that is use by the ancient sages and the great Emperor of Emperial China. In the modern era, it is used by elite in society, asian business tycoons and master of success to manifest
Qi Men Dun Jia is a system that is use by the ancient sages and the great Emperor of Emperial China. In the modern era, it is used by elite in society, asian business tycoons and master of success to manifest and co-create their future. This is not just about awakening your destiny, but it is also about how you are going to utilize it and designing your own destiny. As such, we will need to understand about our Guardian of Destiny. 10 DEITIES The power of your subconscious mind Each person are guarded by one deity. Each deity has different ability and power. The more you practice or train it, the more access you have toward the ability of your Guardian of Destiny. If your Guardian of Destiny are performing at higher level or intensity, they could create the miracles that you desire in life. Thus, we need to understand the ability of each deity to fully utilize them for our desire. 符 CHIEF HEAVENLY YI GOD Regal Winning Nobleman Mentors luck Natural-born leader Minimises problems Leader of the 10 Forces Protected by positive energies Spiritual abilities and connections Ability to achieve everything that is desired High moralistic value Purpose is to help, protect and serve 合 HARMONY GUARDIAN OF CONNECTION Soft Flexible Partnership Seeking love Good networker Cheerful & calm Represents peace, collaborations, relationships and warmth Favours unions and bonding activities Promotes connecting with people who matter Favourable for achieving goals through co-operation 陰 GREAT MOON GUARDIAN OF KNOWLEDGE Secretive Dual persona Deep in thought Vital information Hiding Intentions Seeking knowledge Represents knowledge, inspiration, ideas, uprightness, thoughtfulness, altruism, creativity and mystery. Access to secret and helpful knowledge and formulas. Calm, independent and able to do things stealthily. Helpful when acquiring solutions and achieving goals using knowledge. 地 NINE EARTH DEITY OF PERSISTENT & PERSEVERANCE Nurturing Respectful Gentle & quiet Kind & humble Resourcefulness Creating opportunities Represents material, wealth and assets. Kind-hearted, delicate, calm, supportive, mindful, caring, humble and warm. Charitable deeds. Ability to create businesses which benefit society. 天 NINE HEAVEN GOD OF VALIANT Energetic & active Charisma & influence Charisma and influence Meaningful coincidences Right place at the right time The power of visualization Represents dynamism, important matters, clarity of thought, premonition, openness, insights and excellence. Makes excellent outcomes, wealth and possible fame. 虎 WHITE TIGER FEROCIOUS GOD Incriminating someone else Summoning great stamina & strength Getting other involved through trickery Represents perseverance, determination, drive and maturity. Strong and courageous fighter. Leadership skills. Rarely fall sick (able to recover quickly) Infinite amount of energy and stamina. 雀 RED PHEONIX GOD OF DEBATE Contract Written rules Documentation Also called Fire Deity or Diety of Culture. Concealed part of Black Tortoise. Represents arguments, debates and public hype. Ability to communicate and win arguments easily. Articulate, quick-witted, influential and inspirational. Governs manifestation through mantras and words. 陳 GRAPPLING HOOK GOD OF VENGEANCE Deploy Physical tactic to victory Attaining the shortest path to victory Take-no-prisoners approach to winning. Represent one s ancestors. Gifted with healing powers. Deep understanding of culinary art, medical herbs and medicine. Exploratory mind. Ability to see past lives or alternate selves. 蛇 SURGING SNAKE GOD OF MYSTIC ARTS Violent Practical Two-faced Surprise attack Gloomy & eccentric Finding items or land Hypocritical & scheming Known as the sorcerer or wizard. Naturally sensitive to environmental energies and the emotions of others. Able to redirect the energy from around the environment Can control economy and market conditions if strong enough. Ability to sense spiritual entities. 玄 BLACK TORTOISE STEALTH GOD Bribery Espionage Insider trading Mystical powers Secret negotiations Underhanded dealings Traditionally known as the Master Magician. Ability to mesmerise and influence others. Can attune oneself to the thought and feelings of others. Ability to manipulate surrounding energies. 氣 Qi Known as LIFE FORCE ENERGY IT IS THE ESSENCE OF ALL LIVING BEINGS IN THE FORM OF WEALTH, HEALTH, HAPPINESS OR RELATIONSHIP. ACCESSING YOUR GUARDIAN OF DEITY 1 Get your mind to exist at a specific point, called the Point of Equilibrium. 2 Learn how to control your mind. *There are 3 state that your mind could exist in on its own. 3 STATE OF MIND EARLY HEAVEN (PAST) A state where the mind constantly replace previous dramas or memories. Tend to think about the past and what could have done. Thus, results to depression and sadness. PRESENT Position yourself here. The point of Alpha. The Point of Equilibrium. This is the state where the past and future are fused as one. This is where your mind will be at peace, not worrying about the future or analysing the past. LATER HEAVEN (FUTURE) Constantly thinking about the future, tends to worry and fear about what could happen. As such, the quality of your life is affected and mind is not at peace. Note: In Qi Men Dun Jia, it s all about the system of Warcraft. For eg. You are the General and your mind is the Soldier. Issue a specific command and it has to be followed. PRESENT STATE OF MIND THE STATE OF ALPHA Center your mind at the Point of Equilibrium, stop analysing the future and past. Position yourself at the present and at the point where past, present and future combined as one. That state of Equilibrium is known as: SAGE PATH To achieve the sage mode. Go into the state of perfect mindfulness. Slow down your brain wave to the point of Alpha level. Control your state of mind to exist only at the present. At this state the Past and future disappears only the present exist. Being at this state, opens up your conscious mind and have a pathway directly into your subconscious mind where you could initiate your command. CHILDREN / INVESTMENTS ROB WEALTH Wu SELF CAREER / PARENTS HURTING OFFICER Wu FRIENDS / GRANDPARENTS DIRECT OFFICER EPISODE 2 HERE S THE STEPS ON HOW TO ACHIEVE SAGE MODE STEP 1 Identify your Sage Path Direction in your Qi Men Destiny Chart. NICK :30PM MALE PATHFINDER FORECASTER NATAL DESTINY CHART 天干 HEAVENLY STEM EARTHLY BRANCHES 地支 時 HOUR 丁 DING YIN FIRE 劫財 酉 You ROOSTER 金 YIN METAL 日 DAY 丙 BING YANG FIRE 午 Wu HORSE 火 YANG FIRE 月 MONTH 己 JI YIN EARTH 傷官 未 Wei GOAT 土 YIN EARTH 年 YEAR 癸 GUI YIN WATER 正官 酉 You ROOSTER 金 YIN METAL Destiny Palace Guardian of Destiny Star of Destiny Door of Destiny Life Stem 7 Star 東九天天柱驚門丙 E NINE HEAVEN HEAVENLY PILLAR FEAR BING Yang Fire FIVE NATAL QI MEN DESTINY CHART WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL NECK SE 巽 4 木 Wood Xun 離 S 9 火 Fire Li 2 土坤 Earth Kun SW 乙 心 地 壬 蓬 玄 丁 任 虎 Heart Earth Grass Tortoise Ambassador Tiger Yi Xin Di Ren Peng Xuan Ding Ren Hu Nobleman Intelligence 酉 亥 申 ROOSTER BOAR MONKEY E 震 Zhen 3 木 Wood 空 DE 空 DE 己開 Ji Kai Open 丙柱 庚驚 辛 芮 4 戊癸休辛生 Gui Xiu Xin Sheng Rest 9 Life 2 天 戊 庚 沖 合 Bing Zhu Tian Wu Geng Chong He Pillar Heaven Destructor Harmony Geng Jing Fear 3 戊 Wu 丙 Bing 傷 Shang Harm 7 JOEY YAP 符 癸 英 蛇 己 輔 陰 Grain Chief Hero Snake Assistant Moon 戊 Xin Rui Fu Gui Ying She Ji Fu Yin W 兌 Dui 7 金 Metal Peach Blossom 卯 RABBIT Sky Horse 申 MONKEY Sage Path Direction Day Constellation 3 VICTORY PALACE 三勝 Divine Light 東胃西南 EAST STOMACH SW YOUR SAGE PATH DIRECTION NE 丁死 Ding Si Death 8 壬 Ren 景 Jing Scenery 1 乙 Yi 杜 Du Delusion 6 坎 1 水 N Kan Water 乾 Metal QianNW 艮 8 土 6 金 Gen Earth BOW Divine Blessing 東 E Divine Force READ THIS 西南 SW STEP 2 Sit in a position where your Back of Head faces the Sage Path Direction. For example, if your Sage Path Direction is East, then your front will face West, and your back will face East. (Get a compass to identify the direction) STEP 3 Sit in a relaxed position and calm your mind. Think of nothing for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Countdown from number 64 to 1 64, 63, STEP 4 The moment you counted to 1, this is the state where you entered the Sage Mode. STEP 5 At this mode, instruct your guardian of destiny to help you get whatever you want. *Note: The command have to be within the capability of a specific deity. Be specific about your wishes. In the next episode, Power of Foresight. Find out the ability to forecast the outcome of your action and decision.
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