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SEMHIE Overview for MIHIN Sub-State HIE Panel


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1. SEMHIE Proprietary and Confidential 6/25/2012 2:28 PM, slide 1Advancing Quality HealthcareThrough National, State and Local Community CollaborationMiHIN HIE Day:…
  • 1. SEMHIE Proprietary and Confidential 6/25/2012 2:28 PM, slide 1Advancing Quality HealthcareThrough National, State and Local Community CollaborationMiHIN HIE Day: Sub-State PanelAnn Arbor, MIJune 20, 2012
  • 2. SEMHIE Proprietary and Confidential 6/25/2012 2:28 PM, slide 2SEMHIE Organization & Membership• Michigan non-profit membership corporation,incorporated in 2008• Filing for 501(c)(3) status• Membership is diverse:– six major health systems, payers, employers,providers, medical societies, quality organizations,safety-net providers, universities, governmentalentities and healthcare professional associations
  • 3. SEMHIE Proprietary and Confidential 6/25/2012 2:28 PM, slide 3SEMHIE Officers, Board, & AdvisorsOfficers Group• Robert Jackson, MD, CMM, President(Western Wayne Physicians)• Jeanette Klanow, Vice-President (St.John Providence Health System)• Michael (Mick)Talley, Treasurer,Project Manager (University Bank)• Paula Smith, Secretary (OakwoodHealth System)• Helen Hill, Immediate Past President(Henry Ford Health System)Board Members• Lee Hawkins (Wayne County MedicalSociety• Julie Moran (Trinity Health)Board Members (cont.)• Gary Petroni (SEMHA)• Carole Pritchard (Henry Ford HealthSystem)• Dr. Gary Assarian (JVHL)• Carla Smith (HIMSS)Advisors• Jackie Rosenblatt, MPRO• Nancy Walker (MHIMA)• Stephen Lange Ranzini, UniversityBank• Howard Burde, Legal Counsel
  • 4. SEMHIE Proprietary and Confidential 6/25/2012 2:28 PM, slide 4SEMHIE’s Mission and Vision• The SEMHIE Consortium will advance the implementation of anintegrated, interoperable health information exchange across theregion, supporting the data needs of physicians, health systems/hospitals, patients, employers, health plans and other regionalconstituents• The exchange will provide a platform for the delivery and sharing ofelectronic health information in a secure and timely manner toauthorized users across organizational boundaries• SEMHIE stakeholders are dedicated to:– Enhancing patient care quality and safety– Increasing effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare delivery– Reducing healthcare costs
  • 5. SEMHIE Proprietary and Confidential 6/25/2012 2:28 PM, slide 5SEMHIE’s Objectives• Establish a sustainable, self-sufficient business model for theSEMHIE that aligns costs with benefits for the stakeholders• Provide for secure, private, and efficient cross-institutional exchangeof clinical and administrative healthcare data• Create a secure, ubiquitous, and interoperable health informationtechnology infrastructure consistent with recognized international,state and federal standards/guidelines• Link to national and regional efforts through use of a common trustframework, business & operating rules, technical infrastructure, andgovernance models for federated identity management andinteroperability• Develop and maintain an environment of trust among stakeholders
  • 6. SEMHIE Proprietary and Confidential 6/25/2012 2:28 PM, slide 6Recent SEMHIE AccomplishmentsSSA e-Disability Claims:• Authorized NwHIN participant, certified NwHIN Gateway• Certified C32 Standard CCD exchange between providers and SSA– Patient Summary Information – structured demographics,medications, labs, radiology & ancillary results, allergies,problem lists, encounters, etc –– Provides complete range of patient authorized dates of service• Completing SSA contract July 6, 2012• Designated as Pay-for-HIT site for SSA – ongoing funding sourceNwHIN Coordinating Committee:• Mick Talley named to Privacy-Security Committee• Helen Hill named SEMHIE SSA Rep on Coordinating Committee
  • 7. SEMHIE Proprietary and Confidential 6/25/2012 2:28 PM, slide 7Recent SEMHIE AccomplishmentsONC Standards & Interoperability Framework:• Designated as Reference Implementation Site for Transitions ofCare Discharge Summary Use Case• Selected to demo in ONC Interoperability Showcase at 2012 HIMSSAnnual Conference, Las Vegas NV, Feb 2012• Invited to demo at S&I Face-Face, Alexandria VA, April 2012NSTIC:• Mick Talley, Stephen Ranzini, Helen Hill invited to participate inNSTIC Workshop at NIST, Gaithersburg MD, March 2012
  • 8. SEMHIE Proprietary and Confidential 6/25/2012 2:28 PM, slide 8Looking AheadOpportunities: Ability to Expand Better, Cheaper, Faster• SEMHIE’s HIE infrastructure, hosting, tools & services allow– Standard, flexible, rapid and cost-effective expansion– Add more providers for SSA (Pay-for-HIT)– Add more business services for SEMHIE members• Further Develop and Expand Transitions of Care Service• Member-Member Document Submission Service provides opportunity fordevelopment / acquisition of many new member services following TOC• Rules for data extraction are easily modified for additional use cases(such as DoD/VA VLER; CMS Innovation projects; S&I Framework esMD,Query Health, etc.)
  • 9. SEMHIE Proprietary and Confidential 6/25/2012 2:28 PM, slide 9Looking AheadOpportunities: Ability to Expand Better, Cheaper, Faster• SEMHIE is authorized by ONC to provide NwHIN CONNECT services –first HIE in state – business opportunities to be evaluated• Provide Semantic Interoperability service (through Clinical Architecture)to members, prospects• Many privacy-security, mobile health, financial services opportunities
  • 10. SEMHIE Proprietary and Confidential 6/25/2012 2:28 PM, slide 10SEMHIE’s SSA e-Disability Claims ContractBrief Overview
  • 11. One of 12 National SSA e-Disability Contracts1.Center for Healthy Communities, Wright State University,Healthlink, Dayton, OH2.Central Virginia Health Network / MedVirginia, Richmond, VA3.Community Health Information Collaborative (CHIC), Duluth, MN4.Douglas County Individual Practice Association, Roseburg, OR5.EHR Doctors Inc., Pompano Beach, FL6.HealthBridge, Cincinnati, OH Lovelace Clinic Foundation (LCF),Albuquerque, NM7.Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, Marshfield, WI8.Oregon Community Health Information Network (OCHIN),Portland, OR10.Regenstrief Institute, Inc, Indianapolis, IN11.Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Reston,VA12.Southeastern Michigan Health Assoc. (South East MichiganHealth Information Exchange), Detroit MI
  • 12. SEMHIE Proprietary and Confidential 6/25/2012 2:28 PM, slide 12HIE Core Services Delivered to SEMHIE thru SSA ContractPortal (patient search, workflow processing, system monitoring)Transaction engineRLS and MPINHINConnect gatewayCCD creation capability (extract and share clinical data: results,allergies, problem lists, medications, care summaries, etc.)Semantic interoperability engineClinical terminology mapping engine/toolsXDS A&B repositories, registriesService Oriented Architecture (SOA)Hosting services w/24x7 support, security, backup/recoverySecure message routingSecure, encrypted exchange with NwHIN and a federal agencyOpen source interoperability standards and run time software (modeldriven messaging interoperability)
  • 13. Improved Patient access to Healthcare:Shortening the Determination Cycle With SSA e-DisabilityClaims Process from 489 Days to 1-2 Weeks
  • 14. SEMHIE SSA e-Disability Claims: Benefits• Quicker eligibility determination for applicants in bad economy– Reduces cycle from 459 day national average to under 1 week– 40,000 disability claims await final determination in the Detroit area (Detroit Free PressJuly 2010)– Speeds access to needed healthcare, funding for approved patients• Reduces provider & SSA time, labor, cost to get data for claims review– Speeds payment for approved healthcare claims – 45% reduction in SSA time– Retains current reimbursement for data gathering– Ongoing funding stream for SEMHIE (Pay-for-HIT)– SSA/MedVirginia study (Kay Center for eHealth Research) shows significant ROI toproviders ($2.1 million)• Meets Stage 1 Meaningful Use Criteria for HIE Interoperability• Provides funding to build SEMHIE’s health exchange infrastructure• Demographics, allergies, problem lists, medications, labs, radiology and other ancillaryresults, encounters and other key clinical data– Connects to SSA and NwHIN through NHINCONNECT• Available for extension to all state and regional healthcare providers
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