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Seminar Project- Energy Efficient Final



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Seminar Project- Energy Efficient Final
  SCHOOL OF PLANNING & ARCHITECTUREHYDERABAD. 󰁓󰁅󰁍󰁉󰁎󰁁󰁒 󲀓 󰁉󰁉 ENERGY EFFICIENT DESIGN 󰁂󰁙 󰀺 󰁎󰁁󰁍󰁅 󰀺 󰁓󰁒󰁉󰁋󰁁󰁎󰁔󰁈󰀮󰁄󰁒󰁏󰁌󰁌 󰁎󰁏 󰀺 󰀱󰀰󰀰󰀳󰀰󰀱󰀸   The Site Located in Srinagar colony, fully residence area.  This Site Have three sides road, which is north, east & west sides. East road is main road.  On south side neighbor plot with single floor residence.  East & West sides have almost 25’-0” height tress shading on both sides of the building  In side building upto G+ 1 will be cool comparing to the next levels.  All Ways less traffic Flow & Less Sound Pollution  After first floor levels heat will reacts in full swing, where as Ground Floor & First floor will be reduce the sun heat by trees.  Air movement is good on four sides. SITE LOCATION & DETAILS:   The Site is Architect’s Office with almost 140members staff.  Office Having Architecture Department, Interiors department, Landscape department, Multimedia department, Business devolvement and Accounts departments.  Total Six department.  Each depart will have each floor & separate space. With good ventilation.  Office starts from 09:30am to 07:00pm. Almost 08 hours will be office running time.  Almost 130 computers will be used daily.  Daily Minimum Official 5 meeting will happen & chit chat (such as product material vendors, car painters) will be 20 members.  Architect Office having branch’s in Bangalore, Chennai and bhuvaneswar and Mumbai. Head office is Hyderabad branch.  They are doing projects all around India. OFFICE DETAILS:  SiteEast Side Main RoadNorth Side Road SITE LAYOUT :
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