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Solos for Young Violinist 3 Violin



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  VOLUME ano Part  Addition al M ateri als by Solos for Young Violinists andSolos for Young Violists re grad-ed series of works, rangingfrom elementary o advancedlevels, hat represent n excitingvariety of styles and techniquesfor violinists and violists. Theseseries re valuable esources orteachers and students of allages. Many of the works inthese ollections ave ongbeenrecognized as stepping-stonesto the major violin and violarepertoire, while others arenewly published pieces or fur-ther choices f study. tsBN 0-87487-990- lux  n78087 4il8799021 Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4Volume 5 Scales orAdvanced iolinists(8010x) CD(8018) (801e)(8020)(8021)(8022) Other Titles by Barbara Barber: TwinkleVariationsFestivalAnangement (8017) The practice of scales eed never be monotonous tales for Advanced Violinists andScales or Advanced Violists are user-friendly scale books with each of the twelvekeys complete on two facing pages. Dozens of bowings and rhythmic variants areoffered o develop and improve evenness, larity, agrlity, speed and intonation. Aninnovation ntroduction o double-stops akes he guess-work ut ofthis important technique. TheCircle of Sths explains k.ysignatures. he books nclude hreeoctave major, melodic minor,harmonic minoç alpeggios, roken3rds and chromatic cales. ouble-stops n octaves, hirds, sixths andharmonics are presented n twooctaves. These are the only scalebooks that most violinists andviolists will ever need SUMMY-BIRCHARD NC.Distributed yAlfred Publishing Co., nc.15320 Roscoe Blvd., Suite 10OP.O. Box 10O03Van Nuys, CA 9141(Hn03alfred.com lllllll|| Barbara Barber: Solos orYoung Violinists Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4Volume 5Volume 6Book (0e88)(0e8e)(Oeeo)(Oee1)(0ee2)(0ee3) CD(8011)(8012)(8013)(8014) (801s) (8016) Solos orYoung Violists Book(18400)(185e0)(1,8670)(18750)(18830) Scales orAdvanced iolists(8023) L-  TNTRODUCTION Solos or Young Wolinists s a six-volume series of music books with companion CDs fea-turing more than 50 pieces or violin and piano. Many of the works in this collection havelong been recognized as stepping stones o the major violin repertoire, while others arenewly published pieces hat offer further choices or study; most are recorded n this seriesfor the very first time. Compiled, edited, and recorded by violinist Barbara Barber, Solosfor Young Wolinists s a graded series of works ranging from elementary o advanced ev-els and represents an exciting variety of styles and techniques or violinists. The collec-tion has become a valuable resource or teachers and students of all ages. The piano trackrecorded on the second half of each CD gives the violinist the ôpportunity to practice withaccompaniments.Abbreviations and SymbolsL.H. - Lower HalfU.H. - Upper HalfFr. - FrogTip - TipMid. - Middle,^. - Half Step - Left Hand Pizziçl1s1- - Finger remains on string- Finger covers 2 strings  Contents . .g,, ,, , TempodeMinuetto . ..'Kreisler... ...:.r. .'....,'.r.'.,;.4Airvarié, p.89, o.5... .. Dancla . - r ..:.'., . . ........6Mazurka .Mlynarski. .....9Perpetuo Mobile,from ittleSuite,No.6 ....Bôhm âïHî il*;; 3fiT ïïll i ConcertoNo. inAMinor ...Accolay.. .....18 ;,=, 'o ,':a,t' li
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