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The Messenger Key of G Linkin Park Intro Acordes: G D/F# Em7 C9 G D/F# C9 G D/F# ...When you feel you're alone Em7 C9 ...Cut off from this cruel world G D/F# C9 ...Your instincts telling you to run G D/F# ...Listen to your heart Em7 C9 ...Those angel voices G D/F# ...They'll sing to you C9 They'll be your guide Back home ...
  Page 1 Key of G The Messenger Linkin Park Intro Acordes: GD/F#Em7C9GD/F#C9G ...When you feel you're al D/F#   one Em7 ...Cut off from this cr C9   uel world G ...Your instincts D/F# telling you to C9 run G ...Listen to your D/F# heart Em7 ...Those angel v C9 oices G ...They'll sing to D/F# youThey'll be your C9 guide   Back home ...When G life D/F# leaves us bl Em7   ind C9G Love D/F# keeps us C9 kindIt keeps us G kind ! D/F#Em7C9GD/F#C9G ...When you've suffered enough D/F# all Em7 ...And your spirit is C9 breaking G ...You're growing D/F# desperate from the C9 fight G ...Remember you're l D/F# oved Em7 ...And you always C9 will be G ...This melo D/F# dy will bring  Page 2 You C9 right back homeWhen G life D/F# leaves us Em7 blind C9G Love, D/F# keeps us C9 kind!When G life D/F# leaves us Em7 blind C9G Love D/F# keeps us C9 kind! G Ohhhhhhhhh D/F# oh! Em7 Ohhhhhhhhh C9 oh! G Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh D/F# ohhhhhhhh C9 h!(este parte se repite) G ----------------------- KEY/CLAVE: Left Side Numbers = Fret numbersBottom Numbers = Finger numbers (index finger is 1, middle finger is 2, ring finger is 3, pinky is 4)X on top = don't play the string, mute it'O' on top = this string is played openlyIf theres not a number on the bottom (usually on the 6th string, the fat one), this means to useyour thumb if you can.Numeros al izquierda = los trastesNumeros debajo = los dedos (primer dedo, segundo dedo, tercer dedo, y el dedo chico que vienesiendo el cuarto dedo)'X' arriba = No toques esta cuerda, que no suene para nada'O' arriba = esta cuerda se toca al aire o abierta - Si no hay numero debajo de la cuerda (la sexta cuerda, la cuerda mas gorda) esto quiero decirque uses tu dedo pulgar si es que puedes.  Page 3 G 213412345 D/F# 1312345 Em7 123412345 C9 213412345
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