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  R&S ® S4200 XU 4200 VHF Transceiver Operating Manual 6166.5368.02 – 01    O  p  e  r  a   t   i  n  g   M  a  n  u  a   l   R  a   d   i  o   C  o  m  m  u  n   i  c  a   t   i  o  n  s   S  y  s   t  e  m  s   D   i  v   i  s   i  o  n  The Operating Manual describes the following R&S®S4200 XU 4200 VHF Transceiver models and options: ●  6144.7300.02 ●  6144.7300.12 ●  6162.4409.02 (GS4201-XU) OCXO ●  6162.4480.02 (GS4202-XU) E1-Interface ●  6162.4609.02 (GS4203-XU) VoIP ●   DS4200V R10.0x  6164.6744.0y (DS4200V SW-CD R10.0x) Radio SW Package 6164.6721.0y (DS4200V R10.0x) Bin-File © 2012 Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG 81671 Munich, Germany Printed in Germany – Subject to change – Data without tolerance limits is not binding. R&S ®  is a registered trademark of Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG. Trade names are trademarks of the owners. The following abbreviations are used throughout this manual: R&S ® S4200 is abbreviated as R&S S4200.   R&S XU 4200 0.1 6166.5368.02.01 O V E R V I E W 1 User Information   General Features, Explanation of a Model, Required Power Supply, Design,  Functioning, General Data,  Accessories  2 Preparation for Use  Safety Precautions, Unpacking and Checking, Installation into a 19 Rack, Basis Cabling, Switching On/Off , Mechanical Interface Description, Function Test 3 Operation  Control Elements and Interfaces, Introduction, Configuring with the R&S ZS 4200, Local Control (Local Mode), Remote Control (Remote Mode), Main/Standby Operation (1:1), External Automatic Filters, In-Band Signaling, RSSI Output Characteristic,  ACARS Mode (External Modem), Best Signal Selection,  Audio via E1 Interface (Optional), External Power Amplifier , Radio in VDL Mode 2,  Audio via VoIP (Optional), Software Download  4 Malfunction  Visual Inspection, Troubleshooting  5 Maintenance  Scheduled Maintenance, Fan Maintenance, Cleaning  6 Technical Information  Specifications, Interface Description, Remote Control Commands  7 Index 8  Appendix  General Data, Specifications, Accessories, Mechanical Interface Description  R&S XU 4200 6166.5368.02.01 0.2
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